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MADBULL VIDEO: Daniel Defense Outer Barrel Comparison

Today we made a video at Madbull comparing our Daniel Defense outer barrel licensed for Airsoft with the real thing.
The matte black finish is identical to it’s real counterpart and along with the deep authentic engravings makes this barrel visually identical to the real thing.

Real Daniel Defense barrels are cold hammer forged barrels and designed to take anything you throw at it with unparalleled accuracy and durability.
The MadBull airsoft version is a faithful and beautiful replica.

Complete any AEG build with this barrel, long range, CQB, ideal for virtually any build. Complete it with a gas block, fixed sight, and gas tube for the utmost realism.
Simply put for the price you absolutely can not get the realism and quality.

Licensed by Daniel Defense
CNC machined aluminum makes this barrel extremely lightweight
Only true 1:1 scale in comparison with a real Daniel Defense barrel
Authentic Daniel Defense deep engraving markings
Authentic matte finish
Ideal for any M4 or M16 type build
Compatible with virtually any gas block and sight + gas tube combo
Negative 14mm barrel threads compatible with any barrel extension or style flash hider

*Note the MadBull outer barrels are only compatible with Airsoft guns and in no way are able to mount or use on a real gun. Our barrels are also impossible to convert to function on a real firearm.

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King Arms new Colt M16A3

Available soon from King Arms: The Colt M16A3! Including new licenses negotiated by Cybergun and will be distributed by Cybergun themself. More details available in the rest of the article or on the manufacturer’s website.

King Arms Colt M16A3
This AEG comes with full Colt Trademarkts which are engraved on the receiver of this Colt M16A3 rifle (licensed from Cybergun). The integrated bolt catch / release system makes the hop-up adjest easily accessible. The butt stock is capable to store up to a 12V A2 style battery. It comes with a Matech type 600m flip up rear sight and a 300 rounds magezine.



  • Name: Colt M16A3
  • Code: KA-AG-22-C
  • Weight w/o mag: 2.92 kg
  • Overall length: 101 cm
  • Barrel length: 50.8 cm
  • Main materials: aluminim and nylon fyber
  • Color: Black
  • Caliber: 6 mm BBs
  • Method of operation: Electric Power (AEG)
  • Battery type: A2 style battery
  • Fire mode: Safe/ Single / Full-Auto (no 3 burst modus)
  • Muzzle velocity: 320 – 340 FPS
  • Customer retail price: Unknown yet

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Now Available: Daniel Defense SA80 (L85) Rail System, Built By Madbull

Madbull Airsoft is proud to announce our fully licensed SA80 RIS for G&G and Army Armament SA80 (L85) AEGs.
ICS and WE conversion kit sold separately.
Daniel Defense was awarded the contract for the SA80 RIS by the UK MOD (Ministry of Defence) and is currently the sole producer for the UK MOD.

Complete your modern UK SA80 load out with our Madbull Daniel Defense SA80 fully licensed rails.


  • Fully licensed by Daniel Defense
  • True 1:1 scale
  • Swinging top rail for battery access
  • 6061 aircraft aluminum
  • CNC machined
  • Hard anodyzed coating
  • Used by British Armed Forces

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MADBULL PWS Mk-110 / Mk-112 Rails Now Available in Flat Dark Earth (FDE)

This innovative hand guard system by PWS utilizes a proprietary non-free float system that allows the end user or unit armorer to replace individual rails as needed without removing the barrel, barrel nut or even other rails. This system allows the user to attach numerous Picatinny rail mounted devices such as sights, lights, and laser aiming devices.

T6 6061 aluminum construction
Mk-110: 9.5″ / ~240mm
Mk-112: 10.5″ / ~267mm
Fully licensed by PWS for AR-15 / M4 series Airsoft rifles
Now available in FDE and Black

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KTW – Dongsan Winchester 1873



Quando un uomo con la pistola incontra un uomo col fucile, l’uomo con la pistola è un uomo morto.

(Gian Maria Volonte' "Ramon" nel film Per un pugno di dollari, di Sergio Leone)

When a man with a pistol meets a man with a rifle, the man with the pistol it is a dead man.

(Gian Maria Volonte' "Ramon" in the "For a Fistful of Dollars" movie, directed by Sergio Leone)

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NEW From Madbull: PWS and Daniel Defense Wrenches

These AR tools are designed to be used with Daniel Defense and Primary Weapon Systems barrel nuts and rails.
Properly install, seat, and mount your delta ring with the MadBull PWS wrench or MadBull Daniel Defense wrench.

– Fully licensed by Daniel Defense and PWS, respectively.
– PWS Wrench to be used with but not limited to the Diablo, Mk110, Mk112, and other PWS rail systems.
– Daniel Defense Wrench to used with but not limited to the RIS II, AR Lite, and Omega series free float rail systems.
– Steel construction.

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Sneak Peak: Barrett licensed REC7 kits will be available soon from MadBull!

MadBull Airsoft is proud to announce the Daniel Defense /  Barrett Firearms collaboration to bring you the complete Daniel Defense fore-end  incorporating the world famous Barrett REC7 gas system.

MadBull kit includes fully licensed Daniel Defense outer barrel, Daniel Defense Omega X free float rail system, and Barrett REC7 gas block piston system.

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