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The G36K IdZ

Infanterist der Zukunft (IdZ) is the German Future Solider program. The program’s modernized carbine is the G36K IdZ.

Photos from official Bundeswehr Flickr

Along with the previous G36K accessories it also features …

  • Low profile upper picatinny rail with integrated BUIS.
  • XM8 style enlarged magazine release with drop-free capability.
  • XM8 style bolt release inside the trigger guard.
  • Flash hider for use with B&T suppressors.
  • New stock that is collapsible, foldable and has an adjustable cheek riser.

On a side note, the German Army Special Forces (KSK) and Military Police (Feldjaeger) will be holding a competition for a new carbine that feed from M16/AR-15 magazines. According to REMOV, next year H&K will introduce a new magazine well for the G36 that accepts M16 magazines as well as a translucent M16 magazine.

A big thank you to Kratisto providing the information in this blog post.

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