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WE NPAS SCAR Gas Blowback Rifle

WE NPAS SCAR Gas Blowback Rifle

Another WE product fitted with the NPAS system from Gunfire Poland and comes with a new CO2 magazine… “The Replica of the SCAR MK16 MOD 0 is made of metal and resistant plastic – ABS. The upper part of the body of the replica, outer barrel, sight, and all the small parts like the trigger, magazine catch, RIS rails, and fire selector switch are made of metal. The lower part of the body, the stock, and contoured pistol grip are made of plastic.

A replica has the dimensions and technical solutions very much like the original. As in its counterpart, it can readily accept aiming devices. An alen key is included to disassemble the rifle.

The replica with gas CO2 capsule is loaded through a hole in the bottom of the magazine. During the shot-functioning system of Hard Kick Gas Blowback recoil makes it a much larger and more realistics than the replica with electric drive. Reocil and blowback are better and faster than the version on green gas.

In addition, this model is equipped with a tune-up package from RA-Tech. It is a complete set of metal nozzle with the NPAS (Negative Pressure Adjuster System) method of adjusting the valve allowing you to adjust the velocity of the bb when firing. Adjustment is done from the nozzle by using a key that is included and is much easier to control as compared to the original which is not fully adjustable.

Another modification made by RA-Tech system is that it is fitted with a steel pin valve opening in the magazine, as a standard mechanism often worked very hard woth the long life of the CO2. This is the element which has been specially designed to work with magazines supplied with CO2.

RA-Tech also installed a silicone rubber hop-up . Thanks to RA-Tech is a very good option who want to buy immediately market the best configuration available, fully adapted to the use of stronger that is CO2. A replica of course, can also benefit from a standard power supply through the use of magazines with green gas.

Measured on the chronograph at 300-480fps using MadBull .20 bbs and CO2 from Umarex.”

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