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TM Samurai Edge Chris Redfield Model

TM Limited Edition Biohazard Samurai Edge

Paddyspoint reports the observance of Tokyo Marui of the 15th year anniversay of the Residen Evil video game series and that they have come out with another gas blowback pistol with a long name. The Samurai Edge M92F Kendo S.T.A.R.S. Custom is the Chris Redfield Model and will be a limited release. The details are faithful to the design used in the video game.

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Hot Releases for April from SRC

SRC SR5 Value Series

Star Rainbow Comopany just released last week their SRC SR5 Value series. These are affordable SR5 AEGs which should be having the Gen III gearbox which is well received by those who use SRC products. Another upcoming release for this month from  SRC is the SR-1911 gas blowback pistol which is expected to be released on the 27th of April.

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Yosser Reviews The ASG CZ75 P-07 CO2 Pistol

ASG CZ75 P-07 Duty CO2 GBB Pistol Review Yosser

Yosser’s Airsoft Odyssey  just did a review on ASG's ASG CZ75 P-07 Duty CO2 GBB Pistol… "For some reason, which I can’t fully explain, I must confess to having a slightly less than positive perception of CO2 powered GBB pistols, especially considering some of the negative comments gleaned from various forums across the interwebs! Would this CO2 powered offering from ASG re-enforce pre-conceived ideas?"

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Tim Ellwood On The KWA Tokarev GBB Pistol

KWA Tokarev Tim Ellwood

Tim Ellwood, of No Airsoft for Old Men Blog, in his kindness, decided to make a review of this gas blowback pistol made by KWA… “This is an airsoft gun I am amazed that 10 companies don’t already make. I know there have been versions in the past, but as you all know these have been very hard to find. With the fact that so many choose a soviet loadout, I have always thought that some one was missing the bus on this.

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Tokyo Marui Strike Warrior GBB Pistol

Tokyo Marui Strike Warrior GBB Pistol

Latest gas blowback pistol release by Tokyo Marui. Called the Strike Warrior, this is inline with the 1911 series such as the MEU and the M1911A1 as previously released by the company. What is striking with this design is that Tokyo Marui has put in the Dragon-type compensator which is desired by real world operators for CQB situations. This costs JPY16,800 and is compatible with the MEU and M1911A1 TM pistol magazines.

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SRC AKS74U Gas Blowback Rifle

SRC AKS74U Gas Blowback Rifle

The latest gas blowback rifle in the market today made by the Star Rainbow Company (SRC). The SRC AKS74U  GBB is now available at Gunner Airsoft for US$259.00… “SRC released their GBB AK series Nov 2010, the first product is the AKS-74U. The gas system has the same concept as TM or KSC S7 system, it`s Much more stable than GHK AK gas system (which just uses a steel ball as a valve inside the nozzle). The gun will stop after the last round, (Unlike the GHK, which can still shoot empty shots). Chrono`d at 130m/s with Top Gas at 22 degree C.”

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WE G39C GBB Photos Released

WE G39C GBB Official Photo 01

As you’re saving up for an airsoft gun to gift to yourself by Christmas, there’s another one that should reset your brain as the G39C gas blowback rifle from WE, and it is also a highly anticipated one due to its being the most realistic among the gas blowback rifles made by the company. Some retailers are taking pre-orders of this and the price is around US$230.00. Not bad at all.

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EAC M4 MOE Carbine w/ ERGO Z-Rail GBB

EAC (G&P) M4 MOE Carbine w/ ERGO Z-Rail GBB

eHobby Asia have these customised G&P Gas Blowback Rifles with the Magpul PTS MOE furniture fitted with the ERGO Z-Rail for US$410 and you can choose between Foliage Green or Olive Drab colours… "Two Piece Replacement Handguard Rail System from ERGO Grip (Falcon Industries). We would like to introduce this unique light weight and low profile of Z Rail that makes it one of the most comfortable on the market. Equipped on G&P WOCX Airsoft Blow Back Rifle Series, this baby looks sexy with whatever tactical accessories on it.


  • Based on BRAND NEW WOC X-Series G&P Custom Gas Blowback Rifle!
  • 'X' stand for "Extreme Affordable", apart from original WOC Steel Version, this series adopt Lightweight Aluminum Parts to upgrade both internal & external assembly.
  • Made by aluminum alloy with special treated to enhance its strength & durability based on WA M4 Gas Blow Back Rifle System

  • Installed WA Complete Bolt Carrier (Negative Pressure) (WP113) – provide steadier output whilst reducing the chances of misfires
  • Functional Metal Bolt Carrier
  • All parts built from lightweight Aluminum Alloy, robust but yet affordable
  • Offer Powerful 380FPS (w/ Top Gas) without modification

Custom Works:

  • MAGPUL PTS MOE® Stock (MAGPUL-033) – featuring Friction Locking Function and the Ambidextrous Sling Mount Connection Points
  • MAGPUL PTS ASAP™ Sling Mount (MAGPUL-048) – Ambidextrous Design, 180 degrees range of motion of the sling attachment point
  • MAGPUL PTS Pistol Grip (MAGPUL-047) – Storage Compartment for small objects or batteries
  • Magpul PTS Back-Up Rear Sight (MAGPUL-076) – Spring Loaded Flip-Up system, release lever can be reached on left, right & top position
  • MAGPUL AFG™ Angled Fore-Grip (MAGPUL-073) – rail-mounted forward grip/index point designed to improve weapon ergonomics and increase shooter speed and efficiency
  • MAGPUL XT Texture Rail Cover (MAGPUL-009)
  • Don’t forget to choose MS2 Multi-Mission Sling to enjoy Fast transition from Single-Point® to Two-Point configuration”

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WE Type 91 Airsoft Gas Blowback Rifle

Nice thing about the WE is that they’re going for a good variety of gas blowback rifles, even though they’re still stuck with M4/AR-15 variants for their line up. Now the latest addition which is available at Airsoft Panda is the T91 Gas Blowback Rifle which is the Taiwan developed rifle and based on the AR-18. It’s still the same WE M4 magazine that you can use with, so no need to worry about a new set of magazines to purchase. You can get one for yourself for US$258.00.

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KJ Works Tanio Koba Designed M4 CQB Gas Blow Back Rifle

Another KJ Works Gas Blowback Rifle in the form of a CQB-R that is based on the design of Tanio Koba which features the C5 Magazine that was picked to minimise the "cool down" effect in gas blowback magazines. The RIS handguard is aluminium while the metal bolt carrier and reinforced nylon fibre nozzle with PU belt offer smooth and solid bolt action. Out of the box, this can reach a whooping 470fps velocity. No markings as usual, and costs USD$315 at eHobby Asia.

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