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Milsim Labs Reveal Tracer Foams

Milsim Labs 40mm Tracer Foam

when we received this photo in our inbox, our initial reaction was a glow-in-the-dark dummy mortar round and we are right. There are other products to be released by Milsim Labs and they will have the tracer grenades ready this December with the Mortar rounds and hand grenades that also glow by next year.  Hopefully you don't have to light them up before firing them since you will give away your position carrying these rounds around.

We don’t know yet how these will work, but we sure are looking forward to knowing more. So Milsim Labs, don’t scrimp on information, send us more, say a video.

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Cidasoft Airsoft Grenade Video Review

Micha sent in a heads up to us about an airsoft video review of the Cidasoft grenade done by CrazyNCman of Airsoft Answers. We missed this one out as we’re taking too much time watching online porn (kidding). crazyNCman emphasizes on the strength of the Cidasoft grenade which is the use of available household items, which you can find mainly in the kitchen. Just make sure you inform your mum you used up the baking soda and other cooking stuff.



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Deep Fire Stun Grenade: Bang One, Bang 'Em All

So how good is this Deep Fire Stun Grenade? Just check this video from RedWolf Airsoft to judge for yourself… "Utilizing CO2 pressures of up to 1200 psi (MAX PRESSURE CO2!) and a burst disc made of thick plastic, this STUN Grenade from Deepfire is a BLAST! Generating over 100 Decibels of noise when at only 800 psi, this beast can be cranked up to 1200 psi for maximum noise.

Using a pressure driven and friction delayed timer system, you can adjust this grenade to go off immediately after the spoon is thrown, for booby-trap effect or to go off seconds after the spoon is thrown to act as a room clearing aid.

The blast from this grenade is so strong that in addition to the noise we were shaken from the concussion wave when we tried it here in the office.

The Grenade comes with 10 burst discs, one extra already installed onto the grenade and a replacement o-ring."


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CidaSoft Airsoft Hand Grenade Demo at the Hooha Show

CidaSoft sent us a video on their demonstration of their Airsoft Hand Grenade during the last Hooha Military Toys Show that happened last February in Taipei. The Hooha Show showcases airsoft and militaria products and the Cidasoft guys are happy to inform you that their products have been very much well-received due to its safe operation. No details yet on availability of this at airsoft retailers.


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VFC Dummy M26 Grenade Gas Charger

More variety to the dummy grenade gas charger from Landwarrior Airsoft to make you looking tactical than the usual gas cans… "If you are like us, then you like to run out into the fields for your skirmishing, leaving behind your massive green gas / top gas bottles at base camp. The problem with that is when you use your gas blowback pistol in the field and run out of gas, you have to run back all the way to base in order to recharge your pistol. What a pain! But who wants to carry around a massive gas bottle that will destroy your style?

VFC came up with this nice aesthetically pleasing solution. This M26 fragmentation grenade is actually a mini gas charger. It works much like a cigarette lighter in that you first have to charge gas into through the valve on the bottom. The grenade itself acts as a hold reservoir until you need it to charge your gas pistol in the field. This dummy grenade gas charger holds enough gas for a complete refill of your pistol magazine. To charge your gas pistol, simply unscrew the top cap to reveal the charging nozzle. Use this grenade to charge your gas pistol and you are back in action! Screw everything back up and hook it back on your vest in style! The safety pin and spoon also work if you want to handle it like a real grenade!

High quality full metal construction."

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Airsoft Innovations Tornado Crash Impact Grenade Pre-Order

RedWolf Airsoft is now accepting pre-orders of this and you have already watched the video demo we've shown in our IWA 2010 reports… "The original Airsoft Innovations Tornado Grenade brought us the first reliable area effect yield airsoft pellet grenade to date. The original utilized a timed delay element that utilized an air choke to reliably delay the trigger. This variant of the Tornado Grenade utilizes a similar trigger but does away with the air choke and replaces it with an impact trigger assembly that causes the grenade to immediately detonate upon hard contact with a solid surface

The original grenade replicates real steel function by utilizing a pre-determined period of time prior to detonation requiring an operator to either time his throws or ‘cook off’ some delay in order to successfully hit a target; this is tricky on best of days. This new version removes delay entirely allowing the operator to simply throw the device for immediate effect on contact.

Whilst a timed grenade is much better for defensive uses such as combining the advantages of area effect and time delay to put distance between the operator and opfor, the impact variant is much more suited for offensive uses such as taking advantage of it’s immediacy as a convenient quick-draw force multiplier. Conversely, the design maintains the robustness and reliability of a well greased version 3 gearbox, ensuring that it goes off in opfor’s face instead of your own. While the original may have had slightly unpredictable timing, this variant of the Tornado Grenade forgoes the timing element entirely for a new, far more consistent mechanism guaranteed to go off on any hard surface.

This version of the Airsoft Innovations Crash Impact Grenade is Rage Red

For more details and a general product review do be sure to check out our review video on Redwolf TV:”


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Ultra Force 40mm Grenade Launcher Pistol

A pistolized grenade launcher for just US$160 at eHobby Asia. This is a QD pistol grip which it is interchangeable with any AEG pistol grip, full metal, in black colour, and comes with a 20mm rail accessory on the top or below to attache a sight on top, and a grenade launcher below (did we say that? **teehee**). We wonder if it can also be attached below any AR/M16/M4 AEG too.

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Airsoft Innovations Tornado Impact Grenade Video Demonstration

Airsoft Innovations has released a video of the new Tornado Impact Grenade in action. The ImpactAI-TI-RD-M-L grenade explodes on impact, compared to the Timer grenade that offers set back times of 1.5 or 3 seconds. The Impact Tornado explodes immediately once it hits a hard surface – from as little as one inch away on concrete, but will hold – even with the pin pulled – when you shake it aggressively in your hand!


    • Triggers at one inch drop to floor!
    • Propane powered! Can be configured for HFC134a too.
    • Completely re-useable. Just reload BBs and gas!
    • Blast 200 BBs 360 degrees!
    • Tough design survives gazillions of throws! 
    • Easy to quickly render safe for safezone handling.

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More on the Airsoft Panda Top Secret Product

Bodom Lee of Airsoft Panda sent in a little bit more information on their Top Secret product which we obviously know it’s an RPG-7. The pricing is still the same, at US$300++ and the first batch of twenty pieces will come with China-made Type-69 scope. No details yet on its actual release and if this will be a limited release. So just stay tuned for more details, especially those with mayhem in mind **teehee**. If you cannot wait, just go straight to their website and enquire more about further details.

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