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TM Samurai Edge Chris Redfield Model

TM Limited Edition Biohazard Samurai Edge

Paddyspoint reports the observance of Tokyo Marui of the 15th year anniversay of the Residen Evil video game series and that they have come out with another gas blowback pistol with a long name. The Samurai Edge M92F Kendo S.T.A.R.S. Custom is the Chris Redfield Model and will be a limited release. The details are faithful to the design used in the video game.

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[Guest Post] DIY How to Stipple a Pistol

[ This guest post was written by John ]

A short article on how to stipple a pistol. If you have ever trained while it was hot or rainy, you may have noticed that your polymer pistol (Glock, XD, M&P) becomes slippery. One remedy for this is to stipple your pistol. Note: Before stippling your pistol properly unload your firearm and remove the slide from the frame.


Here is a list of tools that you will need:

  • Soldering Iron ($20 from a craft store)
  • 220 and 400 grit sandpaper ($6 from any home improvement store)
  • Tape

How To

First you will need to decide where you want stipple on your pistol i.e. just the sides, just the back strap, or the entire grip. You can stipple anywhere on the frame. To start, I recommend just stippling the left and right sides of the grip; Glocks and XDs give you a nice box already outlined on the frame.

Once you have decided where you will stipple the pistol, cover the rest of the frame with tape to ensure you stay within the lines. Decide which attachment you will use and heat up the soldering iron. I recommend using the flat tip, if you search “stipple a Glock” on you can see the pros and cons of each. All you have to do is touch the soldering iron to the pistol and it will make the stipple. The harder you press the deeper the stipple, too hard and you could press through your frame. (Note: In order to press through the frame you would have to stand up and press the iron into the frame with the entire weight of your body.) By going slow you will ensure that the soldering iron remains hot, you will have to pause every so often in order for the iron to heat back up and will have to scrap the polymer off the soldering iron tip. Don’t worry about your pattern; once the stipple area is filled in the pattern will look fine. When using the flat tip, I like to make slanted lines over the entire area then go back over the area with slanted lines in the opposite direction.

The stippling is now complete. Let your pistol cool off then start sanding with the 220 grit sandpaper to smooth the rough edges, moving to the 400 grit sandpaper to finish off the sanding. Ensure there are no rough edges that could give you blisters or put holes in your shirt when carrying concealed.


Stippling is a great way to make your pistol have permanent grip. Remember, once you stipple your pistol you will not be able to change it, if you damage your frame by pressing too hard, the manufacturer will not replace your pistol. That said, I love my stippled pistol and feel that it is a great option for those of us that train very aggressively with our firearms

Questions and comments are welcomed below.

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Yosser Reviews The ASG CZ75 P-07 CO2 Pistol

ASG CZ75 P-07 Duty CO2 GBB Pistol Review Yosser

Yosser’s Airsoft Odyssey  just did a review on ASG's ASG CZ75 P-07 Duty CO2 GBB Pistol… "For some reason, which I can’t fully explain, I must confess to having a slightly less than positive perception of CO2 powered GBB pistols, especially considering some of the negative comments gleaned from various forums across the interwebs! Would this CO2 powered offering from ASG re-enforce pre-conceived ideas?"

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Tim Ellwood On The KWA Tokarev GBB Pistol

KWA Tokarev Tim Ellwood

Tim Ellwood, of No Airsoft for Old Men Blog, in his kindness, decided to make a review of this gas blowback pistol made by KWA… “This is an airsoft gun I am amazed that 10 companies don’t already make. I know there have been versions in the past, but as you all know these have been very hard to find. With the fact that so many choose a soviet loadout, I have always thought that some one was missing the bus on this.

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Tokyo Marui Strike Warrior GBB Pistol

Tokyo Marui Strike Warrior GBB Pistol

Latest gas blowback pistol release by Tokyo Marui. Called the Strike Warrior, this is inline with the 1911 series such as the MEU and the M1911A1 as previously released by the company. What is striking with this design is that Tokyo Marui has put in the Dragon-type compensator which is desired by real world operators for CQB situations. This costs JPY16,800 and is compatible with the MEU and M1911A1 TM pistol magazines.

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Punisher Compensator Silver & Matte Black

MadBull Punisher Compensator

Another new product from MadBull Airsoft… “Now available from Madbull is the Punisher Style Compensator for 1911 series pistols in a Matte Black or a Polished Silver finish. Originally featured in “The Punisher” on two classic Colt 1911s. Compensator are generally used to redirect propellant gases which effectively counters both recoil and unwanted barrel rise. Compensator are very useful for both combat and competition shooting scenarios.

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SRC SR92 Full Metal Gas Blowbacks

SRC SR92 Full Metal Gas Blowbacks

More M92 airsoft gas blowback pistols coming your way. Star Rainbow Company released these pistols last 25 November and you can choose from three different variants: Inox, Dula Tone, and Sahara. The finishing on these pistols as based onn the photo below sure looks nice and the dual tone or the Inox is getting my attention as there has been a proliferation of the tan M92 inthe airsoft market. No pricing yet and better wait from your retailers when they’re going to have these in stock.

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