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KWA M4 SR5 CQB Full Metal Airsoft Gun

If you’re looking for this, then you can find one at Hitguns… "KWA's latest products include high quality LiPo-ready Airsoft Electric Guns (AEG), and great gas pistols. KWA features professionally crafted and manufactured airsoft at an affordable price. The KM4 CQB was designed and engineered especially for close quarters battle scenarios where a 350 FPS limit is imposed. Straight out of the box, the KM4 CQB shoots consistently at below 340 FPS but fires more than 20+ rounds per second using .20 gram BBs.

The KM4 CQB is "LiPo-Ready" and share all the standard features found on the KM4A1 plus several new enhancements like the new heat sink motor plate to dissipate heat build up generated by the high speed performance motor. All of the internal components have been finely tuned and re-calibrated to provide maximum rate of fire but maintaining the 350 FPS limit.

Special Features:

  • KWA 2GX Gearbox
  • KWA 2G High Performance Bucking
  • Machined, extruded aluminum 5" forend tube with four Picatinny rails
  • Full alloy construction
  • Adjustable flip up front and rear sights
  • 6 posistion collapsible stock with integrated battery compartment
  • Flat top receiver
  • Free Float Rail Adapter System
  • Semi and Full Auto selective fire
  • High speed calibration


  • Overall Length [Retracted/Extended] = 25"/28.5" [72.39cm/63.5cm]
  • Outer Barrel Length = 228.6mm
  • Barrel thread = 14mm* [Counter clock wise]
  • Inner Barrel Length = 263 mm
  • Inner Barrel Diameter = 6.05mm
  • Hop-Up: Adjustable
  • Magazine Capacity = 350 Rounds Hi-Cap magazine included
  • Caliber = 6mm BB
  • Velocity = 330 ~ 350 fps** with .20 gram BB’s
  • Rate of Fire = 20+ rps***
  • Weight = 6.5 lbs. [2.55 kg]
  • Power = 8.4V, 9.6V NiMh Battery, or 7.4V, 11.1V Lithium Polymer or Lithium Manganese Battery [Maximum 11.1 V, 20A continuous]"

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