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ICS SIG Dark Earth Series Coming Soon

ICS SG Series DE

The ICS SIG AEG series are much well-received with crisp firing action and good accuracy. Now, ICS are releasing Dark Earth models of this series this year. These models 53 (551), 54 (552 Commando), 55 (551 LB), and 56 (552 LB) will be simultaneously released, but no details yet on actual release dates, but expect it to be in the latter part of this year.

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ICS : SIG Desert et ICAR Series

Double annonce de la part d’ICS, qui nous présente pour 2011 de nouveaux Galil AR et ARM (ICAR GR/GRM) ainsi que des déclinaisons couleur désert de sa gamme SIG-551/552. Toutes les infos actuellement disponibles sur les affiches ci-dessous.

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ICS-190 GLM – Lance grenades multiple

ICS nous présente de manière officielle son ICS-190 GLM, un lance-grenades multiple contenant jusqu’à six grenades 40mm standard ( type M203 ). La crosse peut adopter six longueurs et 3 angles différents. Tous les détails dans la suite de l’article. A noter qu’il avait été lancé en précommande sur Evike il y a 3 mois.

  1. The unprecedented SIX firing power IN A ROW
  2. Multiple shot, area target grenade launcher. Suitable for offense and defense suppressive fire purpose.
  3. Made from industrial high strength plastic material. Light weight, high portability & manoeuvrability, Suitable for airsoft war game.
  4. Reproduce the revolver structure. The operation is same to real steel.
  5. ICS GLM equips a M1913 quad rails handguard. It is compatible with accessories compatible with M1913 military standard.
  6. The stock can adjust 6 lengths and 3 angles. It is compatible with AR MOD retractable stock.
  7. ICS GLM comes with a quick slide on grip. Push one button to adjust the position or slide on/off. It’s compatible with M1913 Picatinny rail. There is a removable panel that you can slide out of the way to install pressure switches.
  8. ICS GLM is compatible with ICS MA-77 grenade and the 40mm grenade on the market.
  9. Reproduce the revolver latch. The shape and the function are same.
  10. There is safety lever. It is safe to use ICS GLM.

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3 round burst MX5 by ICS

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The Stuff We Missed for Week Ending June 13th 2010

It’s that time of the week where we try to catch up on all the news we missed or something we found interesting that didn’t deserve a full article. Here are the some things we didn’t get to discuss for week ending June 13th 2010.

This article, The Stuff We Missed for Week Ending June 13th 2010, was originally published by Everything Airsoft. Copyright 2010

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ICS: Grips MTS SIG et M4

Petites nouveautés côté accessoires chez ICS, avec ces deux grips MTS ( Module Tactical System ) en fibre de nylon disponibles au choix pour M4 ou SIG.

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ICS New Releases: S.F.S Stock and SIG-552 Quad Rail

ICS just released today two new cool looking items for you to use in your existing ICS AEGs, namely, their MX5 series, and the SIG-552. The first one is the SFS stock which is a radical-new design that’ll make your MP5 ubercool. The second one if is the Quad Rail for the ICS SIG-552 which will allow you to put accessories on this AEG from top, sides, to bottom.

ICS S.F.S. Stock

ICS MP-88 S.F.S. stock is designed to provide a most comfortable and most convenient operation experience. There are so many similar parts and accessories for MP5 style AEGs. You want something different. ICS S.F.S. is the only choice for you.

ICS MRS Quad Rail Tactical Handguard for the SIG 552

You are looking for dirrent parts and accessories for your SIG 552 but you can find few. ICS hear your demand and ICS is working very hard to design and manufacture this NEW SIG tactical handguard, ICS SIG MRS Quad Raol Tactical Handguard (MI-37). ICS SIG quad rail tactical handguard utilizes Module Rail System which is developed by ICS.

The material used to build the handguard is the aluminum allow for aerospace industry. There are rails on each side of the handguard.

It’s compatible with the M-1913 Picatinny standard. Whatever accessories compatible with the M-1913 can be installed on the ICS SIG MRS quad tactical handguard. Another feature is its modular design. You don’t need to be use gas valve to unlock the upper handguard. ICS designed a big battery room inside the SIG MRS quad rail handguard.

It can hold up to 12v Ni-MG battery (4-3-3_. There is a battery protect plate in the upper handguard. It can fix the battery inside the handguard and protect the battery from BB hits.

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ICS: Holster MS-36

Petite nouveauté chez ICS qui nous présente sur son site web fraichement refait un holster universel de cuisse, qui devrait pouvoir accueillir la majorité des répliques sur le marché ainsi que deux chargeurs supplémentaires. Pas de prix pour l’instant.

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