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LED Mini-Hakkero Attachment for your M134 Minigun

Nishiyan240 in his spare time loves tinkering with everything airsoft <grin> and has bestowed upon us0w2dx0qk his latest awesome creation, the LED powered Mini-Hakkero attachment for the airsoft M134 Minigun. Take one intimidating, black purveyor of white death and combine it with Japanese Pop-culture and the Magical Energy of the Mini-Hakkero plus a few LEDs, translates to pure awesomeness.

Note that Nishiyan doesn’t use Tracer BBs in this demonstration, the concentrated LED lighting down the stream of BBs gives the illusion of a tracer. Almost looks like a lazer. Pew Pew!

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I believe he is making these to order, quoting around ¥1600 with a three day production time.

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