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Bomber MRP GBBr

Petit tour chez G&P qui nous présente une nouvelle réplique dans sa gamme de gaz blowback Bomber – basée pour rappel sur le mécanisme Western Arms – avec ce MRP sous licence LMT. Caractéristiques détaillées et photos dans la suite de l’article.

***Had licence from LMT***
**This product cannot sale to Japan**
**G&P Custom**
Magazine Capacity: 50
Length: 700mm / 790mm
Built Material: Metal & ABS & PA
134A Gas Muzzle Velocity: 285-295fps (0.9J)(0.25bb)(Room Temperature 20 degress)
-MRP Metal Body (Aluminum 6063)(CNC Process)
-WA MRP Steel Outer Barrel
-QD Front Sight
-MK18 DX Rear Sight
-WA M4A1 Spare Magazine (50rds)
-Stubby Raider Foregrip (Black)
-WA M16A2 Grip (Black) (WP44B)
-WA Multi Purpose Buttstock (Black) (WP104B)
-Aluminum Stock Pipe (CNC Process)
-QD Sling Swivel Set
-WA Hammer Set (WP11)
-WA M4 CNC Trigger Guard
-WA Steel Stock Ring (WP26)
-WA M4 Steel Sear (WP33)
-WA M4 Bearing Hammer Pin Set (WP34)
-WA Steel Bolt Stop (WP51)
-WA M4 Type Cocking Handle (CNC Process)
-WA M4 Hammer Lock (WP57)
-WA Steel Magazine Catch (WP65)
-WA Steel Selector (WP69)
-WA Steel Forward Assist (WP76)
-WA M4 Aluminum Buffer (WP81A)
-WA Complete Bolt Carrier (Negative Pressure) (WP113)
-RAS Slim Rail Cover (Black)

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A Viper MK18 Mod. 0 Gas Blowback Rifle in the works.

Viper Technologies, as reported yesterday, is making great strides in it’s efforts to produce a large and quality range of gas blowback AR-15 replicas such as the M16A1 and A2, XM-177 E1 and E2 and modern replicas such as the M4 and M16A4. Details emerged today that Viper is also now producing a replica of the NSWC-Crane Division Mk18 Mod 0 via their Hong Kong shop.

All the usual Mk18 CQBR accessories are present such as the 7" RAS, LMT rear sight, crane stock and it’s difficult to tell in the supplied images from but I’m sure I can see the quick release lever of the KAC type QD NT-4 suppressor.

Viper has also done some work in the finish and markings department with a more matt finish which should silence the critics of the black gloss in previous releases. Viper also works some magic with the markings, dutifully recreating a Colt look marking that cleverly integrates the Viper logo to avoid any trademark disputes and also recreates the manufacturing details giving us an odd mash-up of Viper, Hartford. Conn. and ROC (Republic of China) manufacturer markings. Although I am curious if it has the CRANE markings, or a version of, on the right hand side of the receiver.


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