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Viva La M1919!

The brand new Viva Arms M1919 machine is now for sale at Airsoft GI.  Own this amazing airsoft gun and work of art.  It’s mobile enough to use on the battle field and we built enough to enrich any era themed collection.



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Viva Arms M1919 Machine Gun Version 2 Limited Edition

Only 300 units products for the worldwide market, so if you’re eyeing one for your use then better not hesitate. This is now on pre-order for US$890 at RedWolf Airsoft… "NOTE: Version 2 comes with reinforced internal gears / parts to deliver 380fps – 400ps, which is more powerful than the Version 1 (330fps) model. All customers who pre-ordered here for the Version 1 will instead receive the Version 2 model at the Version 1 Pre-Order price. Viva Arms will no longer produce the Version 1 model."

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