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MadBull Announces Price Increases

MadBull Airsoft Logo 700px

MadBull Airsoft will be raising prices for their product lines soon. So if you want the products at their present price, better hurry up before the old stock runs out as new stock would certainly reflect the new price increases. It’s tough, but they have a business to run.

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MadBull PWS Mk-110 / Mk-112 Rails FDE

MadBull PWS Mk-110 / Mk-112 Rails FDE

MadBull Airsoft announced yesterday that these are now available… “This innovative hand guard system by PWS utilizes a proprietary non-free float system that allows the end user or unit armorer to replace individual rails as needed without removing the barrel, barrel nut or even other rails. This system allows the user to attach numerous Picatinny rail mounted devices such as sights, lights, and laser aiming devices.


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MadBull Mysterium Photon BB Blaster!

MadBull Mysterium BB Blaster

How about that? MadBull Airsoft “accidentally” released a product image of perhaps the most radical, bestest, meanest, awesome, badass, kickass, scariest, and perhaps the most expensive airsoft gun of ALL TIME! The MadBull Mysterium Photon BB Blaster is guaranteed to literally blast the OPFOR to kingdom come with a 10,000 round magazine, 10,000 BB blast, tight bore cannon, force field, fires at 12,000 fps, and realistc Plasma blowback.

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MadBull Airsoft Sling Adapters Coming Soon

MadBull Airsoft Sling Adapters

Latest announcement from MadBull Airsoft with three types of sling mounts coming soon… "Madbull Airsoft series sling mounts. Our sling mounts are made of lightweight T6 6061 aluminum.  Our mounts include a hard matte black anodized coating for a durable finish.   Mounting screw is constructed of steel to provide secure mounting.


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People Airsoft On MB Surefire Suppressors

People Airsoft MadBull Surefire Suppressors Overview

Latest treat from People Airsoft as they gives us an overview on the licenced MadBull Surefire Mock Suppressors… “New Madbull Surefire mock suppressors. These are fully licensed and are top notch quallity. Although a bit more expensive than Madbull’s previous line of silencers these include the steel flash suppressors.

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MadBull Bio PLA and 10KG BBs Released

MadBull PLA Bio BBs

MadBull just goes on releasing BBs after BBs, care to carry around a sack worth of BBs at 10Kgs around?… “Right after we got bio-gradable ASTM D6954 certificate for our P-LIFE Bio BB, we decided to release the other kind of Bio BB which is very popular in Europe and some parts of USA. That is 100% PLA BBs. We will have 4 different PLA options: 0.20g, 0.23g, 0.25g and 0.28g. All of them are 3000 rounds and pack into 100% bio-degradable MILK cartons.

To be one of the Airsoft industry leaders, MadBull keeps putting its efforts on R&D and trying its best to keep it green.


  • 95% of MadBull package are using brown recycle carton


  • MadBull have both P-Life and PLA Bio BB. Both of them are well-known Bio materials


  • Now, we put PLA Bio BB into paper carton which is totally recyclable

Our One 10KG BB bag is equivalent to 20-25(depending on BB weight) 2000ct bottles. Save more! Buying in bulk keeps our cost down which also keeps your cost down! This is a great deal for hardcore Airsoft players who go through their BBs fast and for Airsoft retailers and fields.

These BB’s come in three different grades and two different weights:

  • Precision Grade: 20g & 25g
  • Match Grade:20g & 25g
  • Bio-Degradable: 20g & 25g

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P-Life Bio BB Gets ASTM D6954 Certification

MadBull Precision BB Series

MadBull Airsoft proudly announce that the MadBull P-Life Bio BB material approved by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden ASTM D6954… “Dear friends, We got ASTM D6954 certification which proof our Bio BB is true Bio-degradable. MadBull Airsoft has over 20 different BB and more verities than anyone else. Our factory OEM for top brand Japan BB for years!

Our P-Life Bio BB has been proved totally Bio-degradable and at competitive price. However, many players in Europe ask us to manufacturer PLA Bio BBs.  We may start to use PLA material and produce our PLA Bio BBs to give customers more choice. PLA BBs may be more expensive than P-Life BBs.

You can download the PDF document here.”

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Incoming PWS Products from MadBull Airsoft

MadBull PWS MK110 & 112 Rails

MadBull Airsoft is expecting a release of new products and interested parties who want to review these can request them. These are mainly products licenced under the Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) with versions of the PWS Diablo Compensator. You can also read more about the MK110 rails for M4 carbines. As for pricing and ETA, no details yet included in their email to us.

PWS Diablo Compensators (Diablo & CQB version)

PWS MK 110 & 112 Rails

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Gemtech Raptor II Dummy Suppressor

Gemtech Raptor II Airsoft Dummy Suppressor

The Gemtech Raptor II Airsoft Dummy Suppressor for MP5 airsoft guns will be released by MadBull Airsoft soon. No specified date and pricing were revealed, so as always, stay tuned… “The only licensed one special designed for MP5’s 3-lug adapter. The US version will be ATF approved light weight non-function barrel extension.

  • For Airsoft only
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Made By MadBull
  • US Ver.: Non-function
  • Barrel Extension
  • Materials: T6 6061 Aluminum
  • Finish Matte Black Oxide”

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MadBull Airsoft BB Showers at 6

MadBull BB Showers

MadBull Airsoft send in their gratitude for being patrons of their BB showers/shells and they look forward to serving you more… “About 6 years ago, MadBull started its business from a small BB shower, M381 6mm 18 rounds. 6 years passed, Madbull made more shells than anyone else in the world. MadBull also have more varieties than competitors.

MadBull have more than 15 different models:

  • Our calibers start from 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 0.68”, 40mm to foam rocket.
  • Our power sources start from green gas, red gas, to CO2.
  • Our capacities start from 1 rounds to 204 rounds.

All our products are using the highest quality materials and the ‘right’ materials. ‘We use the right materials on the right components’, Mr. Lee, Phd. Chief engineer said.

Thanks for all your support in the past 6 years.


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