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Field of Fire magazine 2011 issue 1 available now

The first issue of of free e-magazine Field of Fire for 2011 has just arrived in our inbox. To get your copy email Luke at  or to find out more check out their website:


(Field of Fire)

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Operator Magazine issue 2 available now

Issue 2 of Operator Magazine is available for download now:

Hey Guys,
Our second issue has just been released, and we wanted to let everyone know to go grab their free copy today! What’s featured in our 2nd issue?


* Tactics: Reloads
* Lock N’ Load: AK MILSIM
* Real Steel Review: Saiga-12 Followup
* Gear Review: ARES Mk16 MOD0 & ELGM
* Gear Review: TAD Ranger Hoodie
* Gear Review: Surefire Replica M900 Weapon Light System
* Gear Review: Safariland 6004 Holster
* Train as You Fight: Crossfit
* Kit List: JSOC & CAG Operators
* And much more included, photos, teams, discounts, and much more in our 140+ paged issue!
Download today at:
God Bless & Best Wishes,
Nick Petrus – Owner & Marketing Director

(Operator Magazine)

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ReconRag March edition–new look magazine

Recon-Rag is back with it’s new look March edition:

Our 100% FREE airsoft magazine just got bigger and better! We’ve had a bit of a face lift, but all the great features are still there

imageContent’s include
News from the Front
SRC – G36C Review
Reader’s Letters
My Favourite Scene
Browning Hi-Power Review
Cactus Hobbies’”‘ Templar Mask
SAC Ardeer Site Review
Browning 1911 – 2011
Gadget & Games
Undercover Buy & Sell
Airsoft Photography
Tech Talk
Spot the Sniper
Airsoft Mum
VSR-11 Review
Infant-ry report
Gangster Strip
modify M4 Tremors Review
Klarus Torch Review
Movie Time
60 Second Review
Mad Max Shotgun Review
BOL Tank Review
Recon News
KSC Glock 17 review

and now it’s even easier to advertise with us! Email : to find out. (Recon-Rag)

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Airsoft International: March issue now out

Paul, (Airsoft International) has sent over details of their latest issue:

imageThe March issue of Ai has just hit the stores. With this issue we have launched yet another two new sections.

The work Bench: Designed to help you find and fix common AEG and pistol faults.

That’s Pretty Ninja: Dispelling some of the Urban Myths surrounding Airsoft.

Ai is now and has for some time been the constant in Airsoft Publishing Each month (13 Times a year) we publish at least an 86 page Guide to the world of Airsoft. We are on sale in the worlds news trade and selected Airsoft retailers.


Join us on our face book page for great giveaways and stimulating  conversation.

Paul, (Airsoft International)

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Airsoft International: February 2011 issue

Here’s all the latest details of the latest issue of AI:

imageThe February issue of AI will soon be in store. Inside you’ll find:

  • The Gallery, A place for Airsofters to send in their own pictures, we?ll make you famous
  • Airsoft News, Keep up to date with the latest developments from around the World
  • Hardware on Display, Core KC Charger
  • Incoming! Your letters answered
  • Gears of War Part 3
  • Gear Up, So you wannabe Dusty
  • Pistol, Umarex USP
  • Game Report, Fuels of War : South Africa
  • Battlefield Bargains, NVA Uniforms
  • Tried and Tested, We try before you buy
  • UKARA News
  • UKARA Listing
  • You’ve got the Look, Local Load outs from the Airsoft Arms Fair
  • Hardware on Display, ICS MX5 Pro
  • UKAPU News
  • Project Perses
  • Gear Zone
  • Staff Shooters, Blast from the past Hudson Grease Gun
  • Head to Head, Thompson Twins
  • The Devil’s in the detail, Tokyo Marui Uzi
  • French Letter
  • Ready Room – Team Talk
  • Subscriptions
  • Group Test
  • Site listings

Next issue: With this issue we also launch the Gen 3 Ai shooters patch ( stocks are limited to 8,000)


Remember that it’s not just another patch as wearers will receive discounted admission to the Airsoft Arms fair and if we spot you out on the field you’ll also win a spot prize.

Talking about prizes join our thriving face book community. You have the chance to win at least 1 competition a week
The futures bright the future is Ai.

Paul, (Airsoft International)

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OpForce issue 3 out now

imageThe latest edition of OpForce, the new free e-magazine is available now:

Dear Arnie, We would like to happily announce, that the third issue of the OpForce Magazine is available in English language. OpForce Magazine is a magazine for a wide variety of airsoft players, especially those who are passionate about reconstruction and stylization. In each issue we present army units from different countries, their equipment and uniforms.

The magazine is completely free of charge. It is available in three versions: Page Flip to download, published at and the third one, containing video material, available to download to your computer.

You may find detailed information at out web page –

Other languages of the OpForce Magazine (German, Bulgarian, Russian, Hungarian,  Slovakian) are on the way.

Regards, Tomasz Niwinski


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BoltCatch issue 7 out now

Issue 7 of German magazine BoltCatch is out now:

Hallo Team Arnies News, The new Issue 7 Boltcatch is here.


-GSG Thompson
-Ruger P345
-Super Hawk
-GSG SIG 556
-Teamvorstellung: Team Tertia Unitas & Team S.T.A.R.S
und vieles vieles mehr. . .
VIel Spaß beim lesen wünscht euch das


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