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Blast From the Past From Marushin – Sig P210 Content*

The SIG P210 is the predecessor to the P220. This gun saw it’s hay day in Europe during the 50s and is a sought after collectors item for enthusiasts all over the world. Marushin have made an amazing airsoft replica of this fantastic and famous firearms icon, enjoy:

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Marushin Sig Sauer P210

Latest airsoft pistol available at Airsoft GI… "The Marushin Sig Sauer P210 Blowback Pistol Airsoft Gun is an exceptional replica of a classic pistol. Originally put into service in the 1940's, the P210 was mostly used by the Swiss military, and is currently used among competition shooters. This Marushin airsoft gun functions and looks exactly like the real gun.

The long frame guides the slide forward and back without allowing for unnecessary lateral movement. The slide release button is big and easy to reach, as is the safety. The magazine release is beneath the pistol grip, a feature not common on modern pistols, but it speaks to the accuracy of the build. The P210 is the predecessor to the P220 and features a single action trigger with a 12 round single stack magazine. This gun is a fantastic tribute to the current collectors item, and a great airsoft pistol.


  • Manufacturer: Marushin
  • Muzzle Velocity: 280-300FPS
  • Magazine Capacity: 12 rounds
  • Package Includes: gun, magazine, pistol case, manual"


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Marushin Anaconda Maxi8 X Cartridge Series 8 Inch

Your pistol packin` mama would love the silver version of this, for US$132 at RedWolf Airsoft… "An extremely beautiful and realistic revolver, the Marushin 8mm ANACONDA is a must for revolver lovers. Featuring removable metal shells that you can load an 8mm BB into, this 6-shooter (comes with 6 removable heavy weight metal shells each weighing an astonishing 28 grams!) operates in both single and double action.

A truly beautiful nickel plated silver finishing makes the gun look very real. Metal parts include trigger, hammer, cylinder lock, shells, front and rear sight, cylinder axis rod, and cylinder housing arm, and the cylinder itself. Spin the cylinder and it spins freely for about 5-6 revolutions for your Russian roulette games! Delivers a strong 250fps of power using 8mm BB’s with a loud pop running on HFC 134 Marui gas. 8 inch barrel keeps your opponents intimidated!

The most noticeable feature about this new revolver is the shells. The weight and heft of them make them feel like real bullets and provide a nice experience during loading. Adjustable hop-up allows you to tune the gun for maximum travel distance. Gas is charged into the pistol grip of the gun where the gas tank resides."

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Marushin Shell Ejecting M1911A1

Now if we get a personal loading system for these types of airsoft guns, then we’re on our way to having some nice practical shooting experience. Check this out at RedWolf Airsoft (and also your local laws if they will allow this)… "Marushin goes back to basics releasing their newest shell ejecting gas blowback pistol as the M1911A1. This railed 1911 pistol features a very realistically textured 'wooden' ABS grip plates, as well as interchangeable black tactical grip plates.

Though not recommended for skirmishing, this M1911A1 can be used for competition shooting as well as a movie prop. Comes included with 7 shells!"

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