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Dr. Airsoft On The Eye Tactical CM 110

Dr. Airsoft Eye Tactical CM 110

The latest from Dr. Airsoft as he reviews a new mask that can be used in airsoft… "Dr. Airsoft posted a video review of the Eye Tactical CM 110 mask, goggles, and helmet protection system made origianlly for simunitions and now modified for airsoft.  This is the first single mask and goggles combination product to effectively protect against any bb penetration since Dr. Airsoft started testing.  See the video at or watch below:

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Matrix Cactus Hobby Custom Airsoft Army Mask Pre-Order

Due to arrive at their shop on the 20th of February. Pre-order price of  US$89.99… " is proud to present you, the custom Army Mask by the designers at Cactus Hobby. These are durable light weight masks used in movies / video games such as ‘300’ and ‘Army of two’. This mask is the most intimidating mask available and the highest quality mask used by airsoft players all over the world. is now Cactus Hobby’s USA distributor.

Item Description:

  • The long awaited ARMY Masks are here! Flames or Metallic? The choice is yours!
  • Eyes are made out of 22 gauge wire mesh to prevent BB Penetration.
  • Comfortable Fit foam cushion pads are located inside the mask.
  • Spider-type 5-point strap Contoured design for maximum airflow Rubber coated interior to avoid "fiberglass smell"
  • 1st skull mask dimensions (LxHxW): 350-450 gms 272mm x 145mm x 185mm
  • 2nd skull: 250 gms 260mm x 110mm x 161mm
  • Withstood 500++FPS BBs at Point Blank Range
  • Never fog up mesh design.
  • Simple Goggles & Safety glasses are able to be worn under the mask.
  • *For games with bio-degradable bb and paintball, it is a must to wear a simple safety goggle under the mask."

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