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So How Does 500D Really Fare in Combat?

There has been a lot of conjecture as to whether or not 500D Cordura is up to the task for use on individual equipment, particularly armor carriers. When I spoke with Mayflower Research and Consulting about this issue, they were able to provide me with these images of an Low-Profile Assault Armor Carrier, an early modded UW GEN I Chest Rig, and Assaulter Back Panel worn in Iraq for the past six months by an Assaulter. If that isn’t a rough environment, I don’t know what is. As you can see, the kit is stained with weapon oil but overall is none the worse for wear. The vest only came back for the addition of the new ITW Quick Attach Surface Mount buckles as well as new custom shoulder pads.

Mayflower Research and Consulting's LPAAC

Mayflower Research and Consulting LPAAC

My opinion? You are going to get a you money’s worth out of kit manufactured from 500D. It might just be a bit less expensive than 1000D and will certainly be lighterweight. The purveyor of Mayflower once asked me if I had ever had any kit wear out before you replaced it for a newer design. I answered that since we switched to Cordura from the old ALICE days I have not. And I think that answer says volumes on the subject.

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