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AEG Burst Wizard Airsoft MOSFET


For those wanting a versatile AEG can check the AEG Burst Wizard from AEG Wizard. This is a great plug and play MOSFET with no modding necessary such as soldering it to install it in your AEG. You can easily place this on any AEG that you have as long as it fits properly and can adjust the ROF as needed. The good feature is the full auto lockout option for games that require single shot modes, especially CQB airsoft games. 

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DAI Burst Wizard Video Update

Delta Airsoft International Burst Wizard

Benny of Delta Airsoft International has released a video update of their Burst Wizard, which is an easy to install system to your AEG if you need to adjust your firing modes and have an efficient use of power for your airsoft gun. Check the video out to learn how to use it… “This AEG burst wizard can allow special burst mode firing from 1-7 shots per burst. It enforces LIPO battery low voltage protection. This works for LIPO, NIMH and NICD batteries at voltages up to 16VDC. It does soft starting of the motor every time the triggered is pulled to protect your motor and gear box. No modification to your AEG is required. It is in-line with your battery to motor connection. Two modes included in this bust wizard: sniper mode and normal mode, user can easily to set up as shown in the video.”

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