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Tyr Tactical Sneaks into New 5.11 Video

5.11 Tactical produced an excellent video featuring Kyle Lamb using a full array of their clothing and equipment. However, Kyle’s plate carrier somehow went uncredited. Once we took a look at it we realized it was a Tyr Tactical LWPC. We will say that 5.11 makes a great line of tactical products and their new MultiCam lineup is very well designed. We particularly like their Rapid Assault Shirt. But, they are missing a plate carrier. We wonder if this isn’t an indication of things to come?

5.11 products are available from a wide variety of military and police outfitters. For info on their latest products visit For more info on Tyr Tactical visit

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Breaking News – Australians to Adopt MultiCam for Use in Afghanistan

In a shocking decision, the Australian military announced today that they are going to conduct an extended wear trial of the MultiCam pattern for troops serving in Afghanistan. Like in the US and UK, Australian Special Operations Forces have long used MultiCam due to its increased effectiveness. Following their lead, Minister for Defence Materiel Jason Clare announced the change to the new pattern today at the biannual Land Warfare Conference in Brisbane. By “change” we mean the extension of the SF wear trial that has been going on for years.

“Special Forces soldiers have said this is the uniform they want to wear,” Mr Clare said. “The camouflage pattern provides troops with greater levels of concealment across the range of terrains in Afghanistan – urban, desert and green. It also makes it easier for our troops to do their job.”

The plan calls for all Australian troops going ‘Outside the Wire’ will be outfitted in MultiCam. What is really interesting is that Mr Clare discussed issuing the same uniforms used by his SOF which are the Crye Precision combat uniforms rather than the standard DPCU in a different camo pattern. However, he also stated that “I have also instructed the Defence Materiel Organisation to pursue the purchase of a licence to provide for the potential manufacture of this uniform in Australia if the extended trial is successful,” Mr Clare said. Could this be the groundwork for an Australian MTPesque creation?

Furthermore, does this initiative mean the demise of the short lived Disruptive Pattern Midpoint Uniform unveiled earlier this year? The whole point of the DPMU was to alter the DPCU’s pattern slightly to be more effective in Afghanistan. Designed by the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO), it combined the colors of the two uniforms the Australian Army currently uses.

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MultiCam-tinged Flecktarn Abounds

In addition to TacGear’s MultiCam-esque Flecktarn offering, a new pattern has emerged in Germany called Arid-Flecktarn that is definitely inspired by MultiCam but features Black rather than the Dark Brown shade found in the real thing. It is purely a commercial pattern and has not been adopted for use by anyone. The garments are sewn in the same style as US-issue ACUs.

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MultiCam and Tan 499

Soldier Systems Daily has been informed that the Army will pair color Tan 499 with MultiCam for all findings. For those unfamiliar with the term, findings are binding tape, buckles, snaps, zippers, hook and pile tape, etc.

Tan 499 Chip from ITW Nexus Coyote Color Chip from ITW Nexus

Originally intended for use with the 3-color desert pattern, Tan 499 was the first IR Ghillie-tex color developed by ITW Nexus. Above are ITW Nexus color chips in Tan 499 and Coyote which are used in industry to demonstrate the colors. They are perfect for giving you an idea of the difference between the two shades.

MutliCam Printed Webbing from TexcelWhile MultiCam printed webbing is commercially available from Texcel, it is about twice as expensive as solid colored, solution dyed webbing. This has caused a bit of reticence on the part of the Government and they are weighing the decision on where printed webbing would have the most effect.

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New Spanish Camo – MultiCam Ripoff?

In January we published an article with the purported front runner for the new Spanish camo pattern. Since that article the US Army selected MultiCam for use in Afghanistan and shortly after the Spanish Army announced that they are going to adopt the two patterns below. A simple glance will bring one word to mind and that is, “MultiCam”. it appears, that unlike the UK and US, they wanted to do it on the cheap. Soldier Systems Daily has verified that the Spanish military did not consult with Crye Precision in development of these patterns. Oddly, the Spanish Army is referring to this new camo as “digitized” due to the squared off edges on some of the shapes but they could hardly be considered true digital patterns when compared to UCP or CADPAT.

Spanish Desert Pattern Spanish Woodland Pattern

Quite a few countries have jumped on the MultiCam band wagon. Some have licensed the technology and unfortunately, some have not. StrikeHold! has a great article on MultiCam derivatives.

Aside from the concern over the origin of the pattern the fit seems to be at issue as well. While this new uniform closely resembles the US ACU, apparently Spanish troops are a bit unhappy about the cut of the trousers, forcing them to go “Marcando Paquetorro”.

-Miguel en Canarias contributed to this report.

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Fleckcam from Tacgear

Germany’s Tacgear has released a preview of their upcoming flecktarn based camo pattern. Although the photo is small, the colorway looks surprisingly similar to MultiCam.

Fleckcam from TacGear

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Bulldog Tactical to Produce Gear in MultiCam

Post image for Bulldog Tactical to Produce Gear in MultiCam

Citing the Army’s decision to start issuing MultiCam to deploying troops in Afghanistan, Bulldog Tactical has just issued a press release stating that all their gear will now be available in MultiCam.

The Bulldog Tactical Mirage pattern, which you may remember from our Camouflage Comparison, isn’t going anywhere. We are, however, curious to find out if they’ll offer their unique uniform designs in MultiCam as well.

Check out the Press Release on their Facebook Fan Page here.

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It’s official: Army adopts Multicam for use in OEF

Multicam ACU

Updated: Now with more details from our Friday morning interview.

According to Matt Cox over at Army Times, the U.S. Army announced Friday morning that it will begin fielding Multicam ACUs to forces flowing into Afghanistan as soon as this summer. Program officials told us explicitly that we would begin to see Mulitcam fielding in August. The Army plans to begin the fielding in two overlapping stages.

The initial push will be to get Multicam on 4th Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, at Fort Polk, La., and the Iowa National Guard’s 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 34th Infantry Division, both deploying for OEF this summer. Once that effort is underway, the Army will then concentrate on getting new ACU-Multicam and selected OCIE to currently deployed OEF-A soldiers.


According to the Army’s test results, Multicam was the only camo pattern to rank first in all three categories of the Army’s photosimulation evaluation.

… UCP-Delta did well in the detectability, not as well as MultiCam, but pretty well. UCP-Delta did perform significantly better than UCP and it would have been cheap, but we didn’t want to go ‘cheap Charlie’ on the soldiers. If we can give them an edge, we wanted to give them an edge even if that meant spending some extra money.

Colonel Bill Cole, Project manager for Soldier Protection and Individual Equipment, US Army, PEO Soldier

The Multicam uniforms will have a few other improvements that are already headed for future ACU contracts. OEF-A bound soldiers will receive about $4,000 worth of gear including four sets of MultiCam uniforms, four combat shirts and matching combat equipment.

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MultiCam Site Updated

Days after being named by the US Army as the alternative camouflage pattern for operations in Afghanistan, the MultiCam brand website has received a new look.

MultiCam Pattern

Oakley Land, Sea, Air BootOne of their featured products is the Oakley Standard Issue Land, Sea, Air boot first exhibited at AUSA last year. It features cleated stipes and drainage holes. Interestingly, it still isn’t available for sale.


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New Crye Precision Catalog

For those of you that missed SHOT, here is the Crye Precision catalog in all its glory.

Crye Precision 2010 Catalog

Please do not contact Crye over and over asking when these products will be available. The more you harass them, the more you gum up the works. They are all expected to hit the market at various points over the course of this year. Special thanks to Ash from for getting this together.

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