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Kobayashi Torque-Up Motor for TM AEGs

Kobayashi Torque-Up motor for TM SOPMOD/Recce/SOCOM/SCAR-L

Slowly, upgrade parts for the Tokyo Marui New Generation AEGs are cropping up. Echigoya have their custom hi-torque motor made for the TM SCAR-L, SOPMOD, RECCE, and SOCOM AEGs with shoot and recoil engine. This gives 77% power as compared to the TM EG1000 which is the standard motor in these AEGs. You can purchase this for US$75.00.


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Dr. Airsoft Reviews The Surefire Sonic Defender

Dr. Airsoft Surefire Sonic Defender Review Screencap

In the latest video episode of Airsoft Medicine, Dr. Airsoft reviews the Surefire Sonic Defender ear plugs. Apart from protecting your ears from extremely loud sounds such as pyros exploding during airsoft games, these earplugs also protect your ear from stray bbs entering your ear accidentally. Off the field, you can use it to protect yourself Rangemaster Larry whilst he plays with his drums.

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G&G GR16 Wasp Blowback Plastic Series

G&G GR16 Wasp Blowback

The latest release from G&G Armament. The GR16 Wasp Plastic Blowback Series feature the electric blowback system that you have seen in the recent GR16 series. What’s notable about this are the pointed flash suppressor, adjustable flip-up front sight which when flipped down blends with the rest of the flat top rail, battery stock tube, and it also has a removal rear sight.

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ICS SIG Dark Earth Series Coming Soon

ICS SG Series DE

The ICS SIG AEG series are much well-received with crisp firing action and good accuracy. Now, ICS are releasing Dark Earth models of this series this year. These models 53 (551), 54 (552 Commando), 55 (551 LB), and 56 (552 LB) will be simultaneously released, but no details yet on actual release dates, but expect it to be in the latter part of this year.

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SHOEI MP44 Series Model Gun News

Shoei Maschinenpistole 44

Tomio of Shoei has the latest news on their MP44 series for World War II reenactors and collectors as they are now going full production of these series this year. Expect these to be available by Summer of 2011. Pricing can be read at their website and interested resellers can contact Tomio as soon as you can… “Dear Friends, Thank you very much for your continued patronage.

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TM Samurai Edge Chris Redfield Model

TM Limited Edition Biohazard Samurai Edge

Paddyspoint reports the observance of Tokyo Marui of the 15th year anniversay of the Residen Evil video game series and that they have come out with another gas blowback pistol with a long name. The Samurai Edge M92F Kendo S.T.A.R.S. Custom is the Chris Redfield Model and will be a limited release. The details are faithful to the design used in the video game.

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MadBull Announces Price Increases

MadBull Airsoft Logo 700px

MadBull Airsoft will be raising prices for their product lines soon. So if you want the products at their present price, better hurry up before the old stock runs out as new stock would certainly reflect the new price increases. It’s tough, but they have a business to run.

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SOCOM Gear Cheytac M200 Video Tutorials

SOCOM Gear Cheytac M200 Disassembly Screencap

SOCOM Gear is now going all out with their promotion of the SOCOM Gear Cheytac M200 shell-ejecting airsoft sniper rifle. They already released a promotional video last week and now they just uploaded at Youtube two instructional videos for those interested in the airsoft rifle. These are mainly disassembly and spring change video tutorials.

“For all SOCOM Cheytac M200 fans!

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G&G Show Yourself Photo Contest 2011

G&G Show Yourself Photo Contest 2011

Better start snapping those wonderful airsoft photos as the G&G Show Yourself Photo Contest of 2011 is now on…. "Dear G&G’s valuable customers, the G&G annual photo contest 'Show Yourself' is back again! In order to receive more excellent photos. This year G&G has extended the due date up to 6 months , so why don’t you bring your camera and shoot for your favorite G&G product.

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Airsoft International Magazine May 2011 Issue

Airsoft International Magazine May 2011 Issue

Latest issue of Airsoft International Magazine now available… “How Time flies?.. Almost seven years ago both myself and Jay (our Tech Ed) were crouching in a bush engaged in one heck of a fire fight, when out of the blue I randomly suggested that I publish an airsoft magazine? At the time Jay’s response was something like ‘I’m nearly out dude throw me a mag!’ – He wasn’t listening? nothing new there then!

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