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IWA 2010, Who’s going to be there? Your guide.

IWA 2010 will happen on March 12th to 15th 2010 at the Nurenberg Exhibition Centre in Nürnberg, Germany. For those eligible to attend, I’ve compiled a list of known airsoft retailers or manufacturers who are going to have a presence at the show and where you will be able to find them.



image Redwolf Airsoft UK

Redwolf Airsoft’s UK office will have a booth at IWA 2010. They will no doubt be exhibiting a range of airsoft equipment from a range of high quality manufacturers. They are situated in Hall 3 in booth # 3-335 just left of the Hall 3 entrance.

Airsoft Evolution International S.r.l

imageAirsoft Evolution International will be here at IWA 2010, and are going to premiere and unveil their DSR-Precision fully licensed DSR-1 Sniper Rifle. Airsoft Evolution International claims that this is the the only fully licensed DSR-Precision DSR-1 available today so would be interesting to check out. According to IWA, they are in Hall 3, Booth #3-615 but they claim to be in Booth #3-623 but that doesn’t exist so I’m sure you’ll find them at booth #3-615.

image King Arms (Cybergun s.a)

King Arms will be present at IWA 2010 as they are every year with a selection of some of their more popular releases throughout the year such as the SIG 556 HOLO and Galil AR. King Arms will be situated in Hall 3, Booth #3-510.


Star Rainbow Toys Company (SRC)

imageSRC never shies away from the gun and toy shows and IWA is no exception. SRC will have a big presence at IWA 2010 where I expect they will be showing off the recently announced line of 2010 Gen III electric and gas airsoft products. Unlike most of the other airsoft companies, SRC is situated in the very far left of the Law Enforcement hall. Hall 6 Booth #6-402.


Guay Guay Trading Co. (G&G Armament)

imageG&G Armament has been making some exciting product announcements lately such as the RK-95 and FS2000 and MK14 EBR so I’d expect to see these and all the other new technologies such as the series 4 blowback system. Check them out in Hall 3, Booth #3-603.


That makes up the main exhibitors but leaves a select few that you may want to visit as well, I have listed them below. Remember, IWA 2010 is a trade show and is unfortunately not open to the general public.

Cybergun s.a. – Hall 3, Booth #3-511

ActionSportGames (ASG) – Hall 3, Booth #3-503

Mil-Force * Airsoft-One – Hall 6, Booth #6-138

S-Thunder – Hall 6, Booth #6-148

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