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Dr. Airsoft on the Oakley SI Tactical FR Gloves

Dr. Airsoft on Oakley SI FR Gloves

The latest review of protective gear from Dr. Airsoft. He tests the Oakley SI Tactical FR Gloves which are popular among airsoft players. He tested at the knuckle protectors with an airsoft rifle at 295.8fps and they do the job. While he questions the practicality of the gloves for airsoft since it’s hard to pick-up bbs or load an airsoft magazine with it, we think he’s just nitpicking to find some fault with it. We usually remove our gloves while picking up bbs or use speed loaders and bb bottles to fill up our magazines.

Other than that, the gloves do protect your hands, especially the knuckles and finger join areas. If you have been hit on those areas when not wearing gloves with no reinforced areas, you know that they really hurt a lot and the pain stay longer than the usual BB welt or mark.

Watch the video below and finally, it’s hi-definition. We hope he tests some of knee and elbow pads that we use and how effective they are.

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