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PenCott Muti-Terrain Pattern Next Production

Hyde Definition Pencott Bales

PRESS RELEASE. Building on the successes, and lessons learned, from the first preliminary run of fabric and field clothing, Hyde Definition has been gearing up for a number of major enhancements for the second production run.  To that end, we’re working with one of the world’s leading printers of camouflaged fabric to bring mil-spec quality materials to market in the hybrid PenCott multi-environment camouflage pattern. Fabrics will most likely be IIR-treated 50/50 NyCo ripstop for uniforms and 725-Denier nylon for equipment – subject to change if necessary.

We are initially focussing on the 3 colourways for which we’ve seen most demand, so we’ve set up a web page where interested parties can register their interest – including; which colourway (or colourways) are wanted, and also whether its finished clothing or lengths of fabric that are wanted. We’re not asking for any money upfront, or for an agreement to purchase a minimum amount. The registration page is accessible from our home-page – and of course we are standing by to answer any queries or requests.

Be sure to check out our latest news on the site as well – and/or follow us on our recently enhanced Facebook page.  We’ll have lots of exciting news in the months to come.

The PenCott Multi-Environment Camouflage pattern has been specifically designed to:

  • conceal more effectively at all typical engagement distances
  • conceal more effectively at much closer distances than other patterns
  • conceal more effectively in multiple environments and terrains
  • provide a dramatic improvement in concealment over currently-available patterns
  • be more natural-looking than other digital camouflage patterns

The complex, digital-fractal, design geometry of the PenCott pattern is harder for the human eye to process, and recognisable shapes such as limbs and head-gear – or the lines of pocket edges – become more difficult to detect and recognise. PenCott disguises the wearer so effectively that he or she appears to literally melt in to the terrain.

Next production run scheduled for early 2011 will feature a new uniform design and mil-spec-level clothing and equipment fabrics. Registration page now live on

About Hyde Definition Ltd:

Hyde Definition is a digital camouflage design company formed by Dominic Hyde in 2008. Dom is a member of the International Camouflage Uniform Society and has had a life-long interest in the art of concealment – having experimented with different camouflage techniques and patterns since childhood.

In 2008 Hyde Definition became one of the first companies in the UK to offer a consultancy service for site-specific visual signature mitigation requirements.  To this end, we were commissioned to design a camouflage scheme to reduce the visual impact of domestic wind turbines in the North of England.

Since February 2009, our PenCott™ Multi-Environment Camouflage pattern has been available on our own unique Pioneer field clothing range in the GreenZone™ colouration.

In 2010 Hyde Definition expanded to become a registered limited liability company, Dom’s wife Rachel joined the company as Finance Director; whilst business-to-business marketing consultant, camouflage expert and former paratrooper Lawrence Holsworth recently joined as Marketing Director.

International interest in Hyde Definition has come from many sources; including military and police special operations forces, hunting and wildlife management sectors and from airsoft and paintball enthusiasts.

For further details, visit or get in touch via

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New PenCott Colorways from Hyde Definition

Post image for New PenCott Colorways from Hyde Definition

Dom over at Hyde Definition just sent us over the first public photo of the new PenCott colorways they’ve developed.

These were designed to address arid, mountain, urban, snow and low-light operational needs. They look fantastic and we can’t wait to see the production versions! You may remember PenCott from our Camouflage Comparison a few months back.

Dom will be attending the Internationale Waffen Ausstellung (IWA), an annual trade-show for the shooting, hunting and firearms industry taking place in Nuremberg, Germany, from the 12th to the 15th of March 2010 to promote Hyde Definition and the new concealment solutions.

The IWA is the second largest trade show of its kind behind the SHOT Show in the United States.

Contact Dom here to obtain more information.

Larger image:

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