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Evolution 8: WE AWSS KAC PDW Review

Evolution 8: WE AWSS KAC PDW Gas Blowback Rifle

Latest video review from Pinoy Airsoft and they present the WE AWSS KAC PDW Gas Blowback Rifle… “WETTI offer a number of variants of the KAC PDW, with and without trademarks, in some color options and all in metal alloy. Even with the trademarks-less version we reviewed, the build quality and materials were very good. Construction is nearly all metal from the barrel to the stock (only the pistol grip is plastic), but it manages still to be very lightweight and compact. Inside as well as outside, the Advanced Weaponry Simulator System (AWSS) KAC PDW feels well built and incorporate some nice features such as what should be a more efficient closed bolt (more on this later) and a hammer with a roller bearing, and internal construction that is claimed to be CO2-ready (you must buy CO2 version magazines or a CO2 package).”

Read the rest of their review text here.

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