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Inokatsu Colt 1911 Sets a New Standard For Gas Blowback Pistols

While making a big debut at a Paris Airsoft show earlier this year, Inokatsu has leaked additional photos of the upcoming all steel CO2 powered Colt 1911!  Licensed by Colt with official design input from the reknowned real steel firearms manufacturer, there are few other guns on the market that have benefited from such major input from a real gun manufacturer.  Chief Designer Domanic Lu, Founder and CEO of Inokatsu, is known for his passion in making guns that feel like the real thing.  Putting extensive focus on the shooting experience, Inokatsu’s past works have featured the collectible M60 series and the super realistic M4, the latter which still stands as the undisputed king of the gas blowback rifle category in terms of recoil and realism.

Inokatsu 1911 Blue Steel Finish is a beauty

Not satisfied with just an M4, Inokatsu teamed up with Colt to create the new 1911, which is released in time to celebrate the 100th year anniversary of the legendary 1911 pistol.

RedWolf Airsoft was lucky enough to test the prototype a few months ago, and all we can say is that it feels completely different from any other Airsoft gas blowback pistol on the market.  Constructed from high quality steel inside and out (yes, all internal parts are steel as well), the new 1911′s mechanical design was inspired by Tokyo Marui’s 1911, yet with modifications to increase the recoil significantly.  “Once you’ve shot an Inokatsu 1911, all other gas blowback pistols will feel like toys in comparison.  The recoil is at least 2-3 times stronger than anything on the market today”, says RedWolf Marketing Director Paul Chu.  “It will redefine the gas blowback category and change people’s expectation of what a gas blowback pistol should feel like”, quips RedWolf TV presenter Arclight.

Inokatsu Stainless Version (Unfinished / Unpolished)

Available in three unique colors, the Inokatsu 1911 comes in WW2 finishing, Stainless Steel, and Blue Steel.  Given the quality and real gun manufacturing processes involved in making this gun, it surely won’t be cheap. But then again, you never expect Inokatsu guns to be economical given their collectible appeal and low volume manufacturing techniques.

Expected release is before end of 2010.  Stay tuned for more information!

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