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Tokyo Marui New Products Revealed at Shizuoka Hobby Show 2010

Tokyo Marui has revealed the 2010 line-up at the Shizuoka Hobby Show and there are definitely a few surprises.

With the show hosted in Japan, all videos and images are in Japanese so if you’re fluent in Japanese and want to add translations, use the comment section at the bottom of the post.

Most products revealed are as predicted with the Navy Seal RECON Rifle making an appearance all loaded up with lots of goodies from Daniel Defence and Larue Tactical with a few resin prototype GBBs also making an appearance(right), an HK45, XDM and S&W Military & Police. The ‘WAFFEN’ PPK turned out to be an addition to the ‘Gindan Dan Silver’ line. Check out the image galleries below thanks to LA Gunshop.


Glock 18C Gas Blowback

yalisqf1 uqgxr2it 4xkdqgah jlc4w4n4 


VSR-10 Pro Hunter

ch2dvloh c1swejcl eftxpxdh sems04vu 1cguk32f j112sssd tdzsdyn5 ow0envf2


Night Warrior Combat Custom GBB

zrruda2m xxc2gnqr vvnc0l02 rhxdwkhu 


Beretta PX4 Custom GBB

mpryq2j4 snrlqyae 5xn0ay5a nlykzjhl 1dtedu1z hwy5jbvl msvvq4g1 nq1uds0m


High Cycle M4 Variants AEGs

nams3ni1 yrs1hr0i jzeewbny nxqs1tkp


Navy Seal RECCE (RECON) Rifle ‘Recoil Shock’ Series AEGs

yysavvwg i1yg21o5 ccxb1ujb 2ivxml23 wsvkr3vq 4wd3plaz dbexuojj 3ynjq3a1


Resin Prototypes: Springfield XDM, S&W M&P, HK45

pxypfmth arsysb2j ycyi3mde hir5owzr


Gindan ‘Dan Silver’ Walther PPK SS and G26

CIMG0937 CIMG1014 CIMG0935


Tokyo Marui ‘Perfect Hit’ Biodegradable BBs

ti3cq3ni nydayfei qry5i4cu ej2k5mff in3qtozm bg1ymfxi oogmtcv1 24ker4iy


Parts: CQ Flash, EMOD and CRANE Stocks and Shorty Grip

CIMG0911 CIMG0918 CIMG0919 CIMG0920

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