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Problems Of Improper Gearbox Shimming

Gearbox with SC Dual Sector Gear View

A new entry at the Raptors Airsoft blog which explains the issues regarding shimming your airsoft gearbox improperly. It’s a concise and clear story for those who want to be experts at airsoft gun maintenance, especially for AEGS. “Shimming your gearbox correctly is the most important task you are faced with when upgrading your AEG.

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Raptors Airsoft Guide To AEG Springs Video

Raptors Airsoft Guide To AEG Springs Vidcap

We have posted before about Raptors Airsoft Guide to AEG Springs, and they have made improvements to the presentation as Rob updated us that they have made a video of the Guide for those who prefer watching videos of instructional materials. You can just watch the video below, or go to the Raptors Airsoft website to learn more.

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