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Issue #3 of REDDOT Magazine now out

Mike, (REDDOT Magazine) has reminded us that issue 3 of their magazine is now out:


We proudly present the 3rd Issue of our Airsoft Magazine “REDDOT”
* Interview: Jonathan Marmand
* Team Presentation: Team D.A.T.E.
* Airsoft International: Airsoft in Korea
* Weapon Review: Marushin M1 Carbine
* Team Presentation: Team  S.O.C.
* Column: Knut’s Leseecke-  Backup Weapons
* Playground: Harnekop
* Event Report: IWA 2010
* Special: First Aid in Airsoft
* HOW²: Helmet Paintjob
* Weapon Review:: WE Luger P08
* Special: Vereinsgründung Teil 1
* Weapon Review: HK USP .45 MATCH (KWA)
* Weapon Review: AGM STEN Gun MK II
* Patch History: 1st Cavalry Division
* Poster: AKS-74UN & M92 by Jonathan Marmand
* and many more…

Kingly Regards, Mike (REDDOT Magazine)

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