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RWC Magpul Masada Carbine

RWC Magpul Masada Carbine

You want to get a Magpul Masada ACR but don’t want it to look like the rest? Check this RWC Magpul Masada Carbine at RedWolf Airsoft. Just be prepared to cough up US$585 to look a lil bit different… “The Redwolf technicians have hit the work bench to put his spin on the Masada. Starting with a Magpul PTS Masada, right off the bat it begins with a top notch quality gun at its base. Complete with Magpul ergo stylings, it features flip-up back-up sights, a bolt which locks back and functioning ambidextrous bolt release as well as an ambidextrous magazine release.

A rail set for the ergo polymer handguard adds medium length rails to both side and the bottom, greatly amplifying the accessorizing options of the weapon. He also threw on an AFG because if there was only one gun that this belonged on, it has to be a Magpul Masada.

In true Redwolf twist, the masters added a custom made 10.5 inch outer barrel complete with Madbull Noveske KX3 Adjustable Amplifier Flash Hider (clockwise) which shortens the weapon just that little bit resulting in a flash hider that protrudes right out of the handguard. A little splash of uniqueness to an already pretty special gun without upstaging it either; nicely done guys. this is definitely the AEG assault carbine of choice for the Airsofter with both contemporary and quality taste.

Complete with a Magpul 120 round midcap PMAG, it clocks in at 330 fps making it a choice weapon for shorter ranges. If you want to crank up the juice, by all means talk to us and we shall see what we can do.”

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Czech ZB26 Light Machine Gun

Czech ZB26 Prototype 01

RedWolf Airsoft have posted photos of a prototype or a pre-production version of the Czech ZB26 light machine gun. While it can be considered already a period gun since it was first put into service in 1928, the ZB26 has seen various action in major conflicts from World War II up to the Vietnam War and can still be in the arsenal of former Warsaw Pact and communist countries. This is one of the discussed period guns that airsoft players and collectors would look forward to having an airsoft version. And one company is about to answer their prayers. Now what company? It could be ARES Airsoft, SHOEI, or even SRC, as they are known to have produced period guns. But RedWolf Airsoft would like to leave you guessing for now.

More photos below:

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MadBull Noveske Limited Edition Gold KX3

MadBull Noveske Limited Edition Gold KX3

Another BLING! BLING! from MadBull to those who are fascinated by gold and in this time of economic crises, people are looking into gold as a stable currency. Though this one you cannot take it to the bank. Costs US$41 at RedWolf Airsoft… “This Madbull Airsoft Amplifier Flash Hider is a fully-licensed replica of the Noveske KX3 Flash Hider. Made from high grade Aluminum with a Gold finish, it has the official Noveske logo and trademark etched onto the side.

One of the most interesting aspects of this product is the ‘sound adjusting’ feature found in the internal tube. What this means is that you can adjust it to make some your AEG emit augmented shooting sounds. The special design gives it a ‘Metal-Punching’ noise when shooting. Comes in a 14mm counter-clockwise / positive threading.”

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King Arms GALIL SAR Non-blowback Version

King Arms GALIL SAR Non-blowback Version

RedWolf Airsoft now has in stock the non-blowback version of the GALIL SAR Variant made by King Arms for those who prefer not much stress on their gearbox and still want it from King Arms… “The Galil is a family of Israeli small arms designed by Yisrael Galili and Yaacov Lior, produced by Israel Military Industries Ltd (now Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd). The weapon system consists of a 5.56 mm line chambered for the intermediate 5.56x45mm NATO caliber with either the M193 or SS109 ball cartridge and several 7.62 mm models designed for use with the 7.62x51mm NATO rifle ammunition.

The Galils design is based on the Finnish RK 62, which itself was derived from the Soviet AK-47 assault rifle. It was selected as the winner of a competitive bid for the Israel Defense Forces that included many other designs and was formally introduced into service in 1972. Depending on the barrel length, magazine capacity and accessories, the Galil is available in the following configurations: a carbine variant known as the SAR (Short Assault Rifle), a compact MAR (Micro Assault Rifle) version, standard-length AR (Assault Rifle) and an ARM (Assault Rifle and Machine gun) light machine gun.

The Airsoft replica is done by King Arms, and done very well it has been too! Constructed from a combination of Steel, Aluminum, and Nylon Fiber parts, the King Arms Galil SAR is very robust; due to the materials used, it has a near perfect weight distribution making it very comfortable to hold although replicated the real steels significant weight overall. Its full length form gives is a nice handling characteristic though, the weight befitting the size well.

The previous versions of this weapon featured a dummy bolt with cycled to simulate the blow back action but this newer version does away with that system instead keeping to a simplified version with no blowback feature to opt in favor of simplicity of use, maintenance and costs.

An officially licensed product; was Israel Military Industries Ltd., Trademark of UZI Brands International Ltd, used by permission of Cybergun. With 1:1 precise dimensions and specs, the King Arms Galil SAR is unparalleled in the world of replica Airsoft guns. It features a dummy left-side selector, and a Galil Specific Magazine which holds up to 130rds.”

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Western Arms SHIBUYA SVI 6.0 Gold Edition

 Western Arms SHIBUYA SVI 6.0 Gold Edition

AAAhhhhh!!! Gold! This new one at RedWolf Airsoft is from Western Arms… “A classic Infinity SV design in a sexy shake-up 6 inch slide and two tone Gold and Black. Skeletoned trigger and hammer, railed frame, optic fiber front sight and an adjustable rear sight. The icing on the cake of course, as a WA Hi-Capa you can always tune up its performance with after market parts if you want to squeeze out more power.”

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Gamma RPG-26 Aglen Rocket Launcher

Gamma RPG-26 Aglen Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher

Yebah! If you’re up for some tank-hunting then here’s a tool for you, Soviet-style, as long as you have the budget to get it at RedWolf Airsoft as they have it for US$282.50 without 40mm gas grenade shells included and you’ll need to purchase them separately… “Soviet RPGs have gripped the battlefield for over half a century with their cheap, mass produced technology finding their way into the hand of small, mobile infantry assets capable of raining down both anti-tank and anti-personnel force-multipliers with impunity. The RPG-7 is of course the classic model made famous by CNN and Hollywood alike but it is the later models that kept the forces of the cold war fresh on their toes. The RPG-26 was a compact launcher firing a 72.5mm high explosive anti-tank single shaped charge warhead capable of penetrating 440mm of armor, 1m of reinforced concrete or 1.5m of brickwork. With a maximum effective range of around 250m, the RPG-26 was a serious tool for urban operations.

Expand the strategic options of your cold war era games. While RPG-7s are a classic choice for urban guerrilla and freedom fighters, for true Soviet forces you really need to represent the specific niche of Russian cold war technology. When played such themed guns, special weapons like these can be used as special strategic marked weapons uniquely capable of ‘destroying’ special targets like ‘bunkers’ or ‘tanks’ which win game points when destroyed.

Alternatively you can use the launcher as the 40mm moscart grenade shower shell launcher it is and just use it to strike fear into the enemy. After all, what can be more pant-wetting then turning a corner to see someone with a launcher slung over the shoulder taking aim through the iron sights right at your general location.

Check out the various kinds of ammo we have available though, Madbull makes everything from high volume 6mm shells down to low volume 8mm and even rubber slug throwing shells. Pictured here is the big red XM993 60round high power BB shower shell capable of handling CO2 for very high power dispersion. Yes, we’ve heard the jokes about the look of this grenade, but don’t mock it! It’s a perfect partner for the Gamma RPG-26!

Have at it guys!

Let’s pop some tanks!”

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RWC Aliens M41-A Pulse Rifle

RWC Aliens M41-A Pulse Rifle

RedWolf Airsoft has taken pains to put a fully installed one in case you don’t want to do the modding yourself… “The Tokyo Marui M1A1 Thompson submachine gun combined with the ASC M41A KIT gives for one of the most eye catching AEGs available. The Redwolf engineers have worked out how to subject this gun with a weathering process which endows this sci-fi gun with an all too realistic down-to-earth used look giving this gun a gritty edge. After all, colonial marines where hardly the type to use shiny new guns; their veteran status was earned by using them hard. This gun is available in a classic movie olive drab as well as a more modern style tan color scheme to suit the taste of both classicists and modernists.

One of the best features of this gun is the functional digital shot counter that deducts automatically with each round fired. A sensor in the barrel actually detects when a BB goes through and deducts the counter by 1. Shoot full auto and the counter counts down rapidly according to the rate of fire. When it hits zero, it resets back to 99 and starts the countdown again!

To create the realistic movie look, our artists painstakenly hand-weathered the exterior to match the movie gun’s look. Great for display too!

And remember kids, they’re in the ducts!”

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Get Al Pacino's "Heat" Gun with the G&G GF76-S

RedWolf Airsoft offers you this G&G product that Al Pacino used in the moviet HEAT… "G&G joins the club, a small but proud little niche of Airsoft recreating this classic contemporary assault rifle. An all-metal weapon (with the exception of the polymer handguard), this weapon features fairly realistic properties.

The real steel comes in at about 3.8 kg (8.4 lbs) and 35/26 inches long (stock extended/folded), this piece is only a couple of inches off and a hundred grams or so heavy not to mention a magazine that is fractions of an inch off the real thing. The fire selector grouping includes both a full auto and 3-round burst position but this is only an aesthetic replication of the real steal, this weapons burst setting is just another full auto selector position.

Front wired, the interior cavity of the handguard snugly secures a small 8.4v on one side; a nunchuck style battery could easily be accommodated by straddling the cross-connect wire under the outer barrel storing the dual-stick battery symmetrically inside the foreguard. We did test, it will not fit an AK type stick 9.6v as the battery is just a little bit too long but there is theoretically enough space for 3 and a half cells on each side so you could accommodate two 8.4v batteries (or some nutty custom 16.8v for that matter). Furthermore, the capacious interior could more then likely fit the smaller sized LiPo batteries although exactly which ones you should probably check with us (as LiPo batteries come a broad variety of shapes and sizes).

Not including a battery, on 8.4v it shoots at a modest rate of fire and about normal on a 9.6v making it perform pretty benchmark medium out of the box but at 365 fps its power is certainly good enough to handle out ranges. That said, the internals are modifiable so custom work for custom performance is certainly possible. The weapon accepts standard STANAG type M16 magazines so purchasing additional ones will be easy as it gets.

The G&G GF-76 comes in different barrel length variants."

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Deep Fire Stun Grenade: Bang One, Bang 'Em All

So how good is this Deep Fire Stun Grenade? Just check this video from RedWolf Airsoft to judge for yourself… "Utilizing CO2 pressures of up to 1200 psi (MAX PRESSURE CO2!) and a burst disc made of thick plastic, this STUN Grenade from Deepfire is a BLAST! Generating over 100 Decibels of noise when at only 800 psi, this beast can be cranked up to 1200 psi for maximum noise.

Using a pressure driven and friction delayed timer system, you can adjust this grenade to go off immediately after the spoon is thrown, for booby-trap effect or to go off seconds after the spoon is thrown to act as a room clearing aid.

The blast from this grenade is so strong that in addition to the noise we were shaken from the concussion wave when we tried it here in the office.

The Grenade comes with 10 burst discs, one extra already installed onto the grenade and a replacement o-ring."


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VFC E Series Baby M4

A good CQB tool made by VFC which is now available for US$230 at RedWolf Airsoft… "At barely 16 inches long, the baby M4 is an incredibly compact little tyke and yet incorporates the entire working set that is an M4 albeit one with a very short barrel (about 5 inches). Built around the E-series M4, this weapon performs like an AEG but wields like a large pistol; stronger users will find it weight very manageable as a heavy pistol in one hand (Arclight attests to this).

Slap in a short VN hicap mag and you have a conceal carry SBR, alternatively it makes a nice compact secondary for a bolt action or an interesting dual-primary carry to compliment a machine gunners MG with something to switch to in tight quarters.

The short rail system incorporates the full four sides of rail allowing a host of accessory options far more then a normal pistol and its full length upper rail comes bundled with flip-up front and rear iron sights. The weapon itself is a good solid all-metal construction with all the right materials in the right places; most critically for such a build, the metal body is great quality and rock solid stable. The battery storage solution offered comes in the form of the included dummy PEQ battery box, the receiver end cap adds a nice rounded finish and the included trigger guard is of the ergonomic variety; all in all, quite the spicy little firecracker.

Many veteran Airsofters have planned such modguns for years and many actually go through and build them despite the pain of planning, building and not too shabby fortune of expense but now you can simply, easily and economically buy one good to go right out of the box!"

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