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SOCOM Gear Daniel Defense M16 Omega

One of the new SOCOM Gear items now available at RedWolf Airsoft… "The M4 is an infamous weapon to the Airsoft scene and yet remains the mainstay go-to gun for many milsim enthusiasts for a weapon that is iconic, modifiable and functional as it is wildly prolific. It takes the form of the world famous M4 carbine, the real steel variant taking the world by storm ever since its original inception in the 60s; making use of the 5.56mm round, it became the chief carbine variant for the Armalite family of weapons and see?s use in many armed forces all around the world.

Love them or hate them, no Airsofter can argue for lack of accessory and modification options for the M4; it is generally considered to be the most modifiable AEG ever made with internal and external alteration options that boggle the mind. From 2 inch barrel SBRs to 20 inch barrel DMRs, from short midcap mag fed CQB to electric drum feeding, from high powered precision to high volume plastic storm guns, the M4 weapon is a platform for building pretty much anything your imagination can conceive.

SOCOM GEAR puts to use the classic Version 2 gearbox in their M4, making these weapons as modifiable as any other but enjoys a pre-built quality and performance status giving you a great weapon out of the box. Clocking in at 400 FPS, featuring a 12 inch Daniel Defense Omega-X rail system, licensed Noveske flashider and caked in licensed realistic markings, this M4 is a full service skirmish carbine right out of the box."

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Inokatsu M4 MTW CQBR Super Version

Something to really make your wallets open and part with all the bills and coins with this airsoft rifle from Inokatsu at RedWolf Airsoft. This will set you back by US$890… "With this SUPER version, INOKATSU has vastly improved upon their M4 GBB even beyond the initially released 2009 version which was made available earlier this year in limited quantities.

We had originally taken pre-orders for the 2009 version, which proved unsatisfactory according to RedWolf standards and therefore we did not ship it out out customers. Instead, we worked with Inokatsu designers to refine their mechanism to deliver an unparalleled gas blowback experience that generates good usable power, while providing customers with a choice of light or heavy recoil through the use of a removal weight in the bolt! This is a first in the world if Airsoft, and is now available in this SUPER version, exclusively available at RedWolf Airsoft! Do not confuse this with the earlier 2009 version which does not have this weight adjustable bolt!

The bodywork as usual is top notch, and with their SUPER version, they have even gotten a fully licensed forged aluminum receiver with licensed Colt markings. Manufacturing process and coating of the receiver is the same as the real steel version (forged + CNC), making the Inokatsu M4 one of the most realistic looking airsoft guns available today, the color and finishing is spot on. Needless to say, each and every bit of its licensed body work had been expertly engraved into the body, the M4 MTW CQBR of course has its own unique serial code. Realism even shows on the way the selector lever operates, such as not being able to flip the switch from semi / full auto to SAFE position unless the gun is cocked. This is the same as on the real M4. In the spirit of this being a training weapon, the barrel thread is the same thread and measurement as the REAL M4 for realism, but Inokatsu includes an adapter thread if you want to screw on your 14mm CCW (negative thread) silencer or other aftermarket airsoft flash hiders.

The CQBR SUPER Version of the INOKATSU M4 is extremely well made and put together with pinpoint precision, making the INOKATSU extremely robust. The entire gun is SOLID with no wobbles and shakes. It feels like a real gun when you pick it up. Featuring a weight adjustable bolt carrier, the M4 kicks like a 9mm real steel weapon every time you pull the trigger with the weight installed (kick is just as strong as previous version Inokatsu M4). On the semi-automatic firing mode, the INOKATSU M4 CQBR is able to completely fire off all 50rds from its magazine. But if you are a skirmisher and want a faster rate of fire and don’t care about the recoil as much, remove the weight from the bolt and the M4 can easily finish 50 rounds in full auto. To obtain this performance while maintaining a VERY strong recoil kick, Inokatsu had to dial down the power from the originally planned 460fps to approximately 390fps – 400fps. This still generates a lot of stopping power. If you leave the weight in the bolt and run it at full auto, you may get less than 50 rounds on one charge of gas but you’ll enjoy a much stronger recoil for a more memorable shooting experience (rate of fire will be lower though). Regardless, each and every shot with the INOKATSU CQBR would more than definitely put a smile on your face! The sound is loud and if you put your face against the gun for automatic fire, your ears will ring!

For best results, use with the WA Super Version magazine and Excel BBs. KSC and Marui BB's may crack during automatic fire in some extreme situations, but we found that Excel BB's work much more reliably in the SUPER Version M4."


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Deep Fire M4 7 inch MRF-C-Carbine

Titanium! That’s what this new Deep Fire baby has, which costs US$415 at RedWolf Airsoft… "Featuring a full Titanium standard torque gear set gearbox this Deep Fire M4 has been fitted with a 7 inch MRF (Modular Railed Forend), a 4 position telescopic butt stock, an ergonomically comfortable pistol grip, as well as a medieval style steel flash hider.

The flip up rear sight is removable revealing an integrated 20mm rail for the attachment of your preferred optics and accessories. The outer barrel is X inches long making this a Y length M4.

This version includes Deep Fire's hop-up unit similar in design to SYSTEMA's PTW style hop-up. It takes PTW style barrels instead of regular AEG barrels and is adjusted by allen key via the hex screw inside the magwell. This system provides a more stable flight path for the bb ensuring you get your hits at further range in addition to being very stable giving you the confidence to shoot time and time again with minimal chance of the hop-up slipping out of position."

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Western Arms SV Infinity Miami Tiki

Better have that Testarossa and Espadrilles ready when you get this airsoft pistol from RedWolf Airsoft (though this was used in the movie not the TV series)… "Shibuya Custom Works brings us the tiny SVI TIKI-T sidearm, perfect for covert operations or conceal carry applications as seen being used by Crockett in the 2006 Miami Vice movie. The Real Steel Tiki-T is a custom made concealable sidearm made by SVI, this unique looking pistol is ranked amongst the elites in the custom concealable sidearms registry.

Unlike traditional pistols, the TIKI-T features an extremely low profile utilizing the unique four-dot sights system. Hidden in deep pockets and viewable only by the operator along channels from the rear of the slide to the front, these Ergonomically positioned sights are placed in the operator’s optimal focal point. A center channel from the rear to the front of the slide to the muzzle is the daylight sighting system that ensures instant target acquisition with a wide viewing area.

The WA SCW SVI TIKI-T features a polymer frame with a polymer slide all in a silver finish, weighted nicely, it produces minimal recoil per shot with a distinct noise. The SCW TIKI-T is capable of firing its entire load of 15rds consistently at 200fps. Though at the lower range of power, slight modifications can be made with existing WA/SCW parts (Not Included) to up the power to a skirmish-able level. "

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Viva Arms M1919 Machine Gun Version 2 Limited Edition

Only 300 units products for the worldwide market, so if you’re eyeing one for your use then better not hesitate. This is now on pre-order for US$890 at RedWolf Airsoft… "NOTE: Version 2 comes with reinforced internal gears / parts to deliver 380fps – 400ps, which is more powerful than the Version 1 (330fps) model. All customers who pre-ordered here for the Version 1 will instead receive the Version 2 model at the Version 1 Pre-Order price. Viva Arms will no longer produce the Version 1 model."

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Tanaka Browning High Power M1935 Military Steel Finish

This is one airsoft guns that will really make you reach into your pocket to add to your collection. Available for US$183 at RedWolf Airsoft… "A true classic, this Tanaka version of the Browning is a pretty looking pistol. It comes with wood-style grips, and looks just like the real thing. With a steel lookalike finish, this is one pistol that will fool all but the highly trained eye to think it is metal.

Tanaka make pretty looking replicas, and this is a fine example also. However, it only takes HFC134A gas, giving a modest 205fps performance as standard. We would strongly recommend NOT using Top Gas with this gun."

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Airsoft Surgeon Special Custom Single Stack Open Class

This is sweet, but will set you back by US$1,436 when you get it at RedWolf Airsoft… "Airsoft Surgeon's Special Custom Single Stack Open Class is an all silver TM MEU based competition pistol. This creation comes with absolutely stunning authentic Monster Grips, Springfield marked silver polished frame, Brazos Custom Pro Sx Limited Edition Ported and compensated slide and fixed barrel set featuring a cocking handle on the right side of the slide.

Mounted to the frame is a gray RD Dynamic C-More reflex sight, matching the color of the gun and providing a crisp, clear dot for rapid target acquisition and aiming, with an Airsoft Surgeon C-More Scope Mount in silver.

More subtle features on this gun that really make it stand apart from your average race pistol are the custom hammer, chromed slide stop, and burnished magwell.

Firing this quicksilver beauty is indeed an amazing experience. With Airsoft Surgeon’s quality installation of parts and the amazing care that has gone into making everything fit together perfectly, there is little to no noticeable play on any of the parts. The Airsoft Surgeon custom made internal components make the trigger pull light and crisp and the slide action snappy. Buffers have been installed on the spring guide to shorten the stoke and quicken the firing cycle.

A single stack 1911 with Monster Grips makes this Airsoft Surgeon piece a more eccentric animal of it's class, an ideal choice for the competitor looking to spice up his shooting. "

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Milspex ELCN 4x Red / Green Illuminated Reticle Scope

This one’s a more reasonably priced ELCAN replica. You can get this at RedWolf Airsoft for US$75.90… "Go Canuck with this 4×32 ELCN scope with both red and green illumination modes. With a durable shock resistant rubberized shell and back up iron sights on top, this scope is a great choice for any railed gun. With an extremely easy to see reticule, and red and green illumination for low light situations, this replica ELCN scope is great for rapid target acquisition.

This scope even features an anti-stripping knob on the clamp to prevent over-tightening.

This scope makes a great alternative to an ACOG, not to mention it’s much less cliche.

How about it eh? "

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Airsoft Innovations Tornado Crash Impact Grenade Pre-Order

RedWolf Airsoft is now accepting pre-orders of this and you have already watched the video demo we've shown in our IWA 2010 reports… "The original Airsoft Innovations Tornado Grenade brought us the first reliable area effect yield airsoft pellet grenade to date. The original utilized a timed delay element that utilized an air choke to reliably delay the trigger. This variant of the Tornado Grenade utilizes a similar trigger but does away with the air choke and replaces it with an impact trigger assembly that causes the grenade to immediately detonate upon hard contact with a solid surface

The original grenade replicates real steel function by utilizing a pre-determined period of time prior to detonation requiring an operator to either time his throws or ‘cook off’ some delay in order to successfully hit a target; this is tricky on best of days. This new version removes delay entirely allowing the operator to simply throw the device for immediate effect on contact.

Whilst a timed grenade is much better for defensive uses such as combining the advantages of area effect and time delay to put distance between the operator and opfor, the impact variant is much more suited for offensive uses such as taking advantage of it’s immediacy as a convenient quick-draw force multiplier. Conversely, the design maintains the robustness and reliability of a well greased version 3 gearbox, ensuring that it goes off in opfor’s face instead of your own. While the original may have had slightly unpredictable timing, this variant of the Tornado Grenade forgoes the timing element entirely for a new, far more consistent mechanism guaranteed to go off on any hard surface.

This version of the Airsoft Innovations Crash Impact Grenade is Rage Red

For more details and a general product review do be sure to check out our review video on Redwolf TV:”


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Action EOD RAS Assembly IV

Give your Steyr Aug from either Marui and Jing Gong a mean look with this EOD RAS assembly IV kit made by Action and available at RedWolf Airsoft for US163.50… "Action does it again for AUG enthusiasts extending the EOD RAS family with the ASSY III. Including a chunky, squared off railed front end that looks formidably industrial yet is extremely light at only 690 grams thanks to the 6063T5 grade aluminum. The robust free floated outer barrel comes in at 11 inches; making this a good choice for those looking to convert their AUGs INTO AN ANTI AIRCRAFT ARTILLERY DOOMGUN!

Compatible with Tokyo Marui and JG AUG civilian/railed-top versions only, WILL NOT FIT MILITARY/SCOPED VERSION. "

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