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New Western Arms GBB releases inc. Norway’s Kongsberg M/1914 and Remington UMC 1911

Just some new Western Arms pistols releases. I don’t usually get excited about new batches of WA 1911’s but there is a couple of models that I’m a big fan of and would seriously consider plonking down some cash for them. First one is the Remington UMC (Union Metallic Cartridge) 1911 which has been reproduced beautifully, right down to the markings.

Western Arms WA Remington UMC 1911 

The "EEC" (indicating Edmund E. Chapman, Major from Aug. 1918 – Jun. 1919 for all Remington UMC pistols) stamp with the "Eagles Head/E28" on the frame. "E" on the trigger guard indicating it’s a lower serial number #15000 or less, and sure enough the serial is "NO8213" on this example. Western Arms has also coated this model with it’s ‘Carbon Black’ finish with simulated wear that just looks great.

Western Arms WA Remington UMC 1911 Western Arms WA Remington UMC 1911


Second, the Kongsberg M/1914 available in both ‘Blued’ or ‘Carbon Black’, Norway’s version of the venerable Colt 1911. Production of the Norwegian Model 1914 pistol began at Kongsberg in the summer of 1917, and the first pistols were assembled and tested in December of that year. Made in .45 ACP calibre, the designation was in millimetres as 11.25mm. The original nomenclature of "COLT AUT. PISTOL M/1912," was stamped on the left side of the slide. Between July, 1917 and June, 1919, a total of 500 pistols were fabricated at the Kongsberg factory. Beginning at #1, the serial numbers ran to 500, and the year of manufacture was also included.

Western Arms WA Kongsberg M/1914 

These pistols were identical to the Colt Model of 1911, except for a minor detail in the hammer checkering. During the two year period required to produce the first 500 pistols, a complete mass production tooling took place. By 1919, the Kongsberg Arsenal was ready to begin high speed quantity production of the pistol.

This is a replica of one of the final production pistols, serial #753 that exhibits certain design changes from the original 500 pistols. In this version, the slide stop is extended down and back, assuming a tail-like shape to make it easier to operate. This change required a cut-out in the left stock. Although this was the only significant change to the pistol throughout its production, the new version also had a new designation. The left side of the slide is stamped "11.25 m/m AUT. PISTOL M/1914."

Western Arms WA Kongsberg M/1914 Western Arms WA Kongsberg M/1914


And just a bunch of others, pics will link to product pages. Sigh…

svinew500 Western Arms WA SVI Infinity 6" Racegun Western Arms WA Beretta M92FS Carbon Black Western Arms WA TRP (Tactical Response Pistol) 1911 Western Arms WA MEU(SOC) DX Battle Damage Ver. Western Arms WA Tiki 'Hybrid' SVI 1911

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