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King Arms – Kit CAA Tactical RONI pour Glock

Redwolf se fait le porte-parole de King Arms en dévoilant en exclu cette photo du prototype d’un kit CAA Tactical RONI pour Glock 17/18C. Sortie prévue pour cette année, sans plus de précisions pour le moment.

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Airsoft Tactical RONI Glock Carbine Kit

Airsoft Tactical RONI Glock Carbine Kit

It has been just less than a month that we featured the EMA Tactical RONI Glock to Carbine conversion kit and here is EB Airsoft now posting a photo of an airsoft version. There are now pricing and other details yet. But two things are for sure: Tokyo Marui Glock18c gas blowback pistols can fit and will be available by the end of October. Personally, I prefer this setup better than the Magpul PTS FPG though the latter can offer you concealment when transporting such.

EB Airsoft is not taking pre-orders yet and we are hoping that no modifications at all to fit the pistol inside. We are looking forward to having this like the real deal version which you can convert the glock pistol to a carbine one in under 6 seconds.

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