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Japan JGSDF Speckeled Camo Set

Now a good addition to the usual North American or European patterns, Royal Tiger Gear now has the Japanese Self Defense Forces pattern for your picking. This is a full Battle Dress Uniform set (blouse and trousers) and also comes with a belt. Available for US$147.00… "Japan JGSDF (Japan Ground Self-Defence Forces ) Camo – four-color camouflage pattern, which comprises black, earth brown and medium green clumps and dots on a tan background.


  • One set for Shirt and Pant
  • Brand NEW
  • anti Static-electricity treatment on clothes surface
  • Fast Dry Material
  • This BDU is a unique material and design.
  • JGSDF uniform is extremely difficult to get, especially a new one. We got a few set.


  • Two Chest Pockets with Velcro closure.
  • Left upper sleeves with 3 pen-holder pocket
  • Shoulder loop for rank patch / holding beret
  • camo tree branches loop ( 4 on each side ) on back of the uniform ( unique in Japanese Camo uniform )
  • Button Closure


  • Comes with a Camo Belt with Metal Belt Buckle
  • Front Pockets
  • Right Rear Pocket
  • Cargo Pocket

Material :

  • Polyester 65% Cotton 35%"

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