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Gamma RPG-26 Aglen Rocket Launcher

Gamma RPG-26 Aglen Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher

Yebah! If you’re up for some tank-hunting then here’s a tool for you, Soviet-style, as long as you have the budget to get it at RedWolf Airsoft as they have it for US$282.50 without 40mm gas grenade shells included and you’ll need to purchase them separately… “Soviet RPGs have gripped the battlefield for over half a century with their cheap, mass produced technology finding their way into the hand of small, mobile infantry assets capable of raining down both anti-tank and anti-personnel force-multipliers with impunity. The RPG-7 is of course the classic model made famous by CNN and Hollywood alike but it is the later models that kept the forces of the cold war fresh on their toes. The RPG-26 was a compact launcher firing a 72.5mm high explosive anti-tank single shaped charge warhead capable of penetrating 440mm of armor, 1m of reinforced concrete or 1.5m of brickwork. With a maximum effective range of around 250m, the RPG-26 was a serious tool for urban operations.

Expand the strategic options of your cold war era games. While RPG-7s are a classic choice for urban guerrilla and freedom fighters, for true Soviet forces you really need to represent the specific niche of Russian cold war technology. When played such themed guns, special weapons like these can be used as special strategic marked weapons uniquely capable of ‘destroying’ special targets like ‘bunkers’ or ‘tanks’ which win game points when destroyed.

Alternatively you can use the launcher as the 40mm moscart grenade shower shell launcher it is and just use it to strike fear into the enemy. After all, what can be more pant-wetting then turning a corner to see someone with a launcher slung over the shoulder taking aim through the iron sights right at your general location.

Check out the various kinds of ammo we have available though, Madbull makes everything from high volume 6mm shells down to low volume 8mm and even rubber slug throwing shells. Pictured here is the big red XM993 60round high power BB shower shell capable of handling CO2 for very high power dispersion. Yes, we’ve heard the jokes about the look of this grenade, but don’t mock it! It’s a perfect partner for the Gamma RPG-26!

Have at it guys!

Let’s pop some tanks!”

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