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Czech SA Vz. 58 P/V AEGs Released

Czech SA vz. 58 P/V Airsoft Version

Petr Perina sent in the news of an airsoft gun based on the Czech SA vz. 58 made by Guru Upgrade CORRECTION from Petr Perina (06 November 2010): Two European companies are making versions of the Czech SA Vz.58. The first is Guru Upgrade which will be released soon with a 5-year warranty. Another which are ready for purchase by interested players are made by Airsoft Pro and you can choose between the Vz 58-P which has the wooden stock, or the the Vz 58-V which has a folding stock and designed for vehicle mounted and airborne units. According to Petr, the Guru version, when released will cost below CZ10,000 (US$571). The Airsoft Pro version uses Version III gearboxes, which of course are gearboxes for the AK AEGs.

While the Vz 58 resembles the AK-47 externally, it’s actually a different gun as it’s a short-stroke gas piston design. But of course the airsoft version is a complete different thing, internally. The Vz 58-P costs CZK12,990.00 (US$752.135 USD) and Vz 58-V is CZK13,300.00 (US$770.16).

Set AS.58-P

Set AS.58-V

“Unique AS.58 set based on the real Czech army weapon vz.58. Complete set include all newly designed and build parts except. gearbox. Almost all parts are metal, made on CNC machines. Some parts such as stock, foregrip,sights…etc are from the real steel vz.58.

Set include:

  • Metal body
  • Metal outer barrel
  • Brass inner barrel
  • SHS CNC HopUp chamber with rubber and adjusting level
  • Wood foregrip
  • Metal folding or wood solid stock
  • Metal receiver
  • Metal receiver cover with spring
  • Plastic grip
  • Selector + parts
  • Body pins and screws
  • 600 rounds AK magazine
  • Original czech army sling

As we mentioned before, set doesn`t include Gearbox. It is required to use version 3 gearbox – for AK. You can buy new one from our e-shop or use your own from your AK. Inserting is simple! Takes around 15 minutes with picture manual. No need andy modification. You need just screw driver, hex bit and small hammer for body pins.

Advantages of our AS.58 tuning set:

  • Lower price – less authenticity with the real vz.58.
  • Allows to insert any AK gearbox (AEG standard).
  • Easy build in a 15 minutes.
  • Solid or folding stock with space for battery inside gun.
  • Allows to insert any common AK magazines.
  • Simple selector.
  • High quality painting with the same colour as a real one.
  • CNC HopUp chamber
  • Real weight as a real one.
  • Allows to use real gun accessories (RIS foregrip, flashhider..etc)
  • Suitable batteries which fit in the stock.”

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