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Show Notes for Episode 127

Broadcast Date: 2/17/2011
Staff: Radar, Alphawolf
Guests: Haggerty, TJ & Zach
Location: Man Hole 4.0
Size: 99.1Mb
Length: 1h:48m:14s
Direct Download: Save Link As

Table of Contents

OPSEC Airsoft Dictionary


1) A player who fixes an obscene amount of patches to their gear.
2) A player who sports multiple patches, shirts, hats, etc from airsoft companies they have no official association with.

"Take a look at <players name>, could he fit any more patches on that ruck? What a billboard."

Patches are fun and a conversation piece, but when every inch of velcro is covered by a patch, you’ve gone too far and look like a douche. Moreover, you are allowed to love your favorite retailer/site/shop/etc but when you start sporting multiple pieces of company swag you have just become a walking advert. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but be sure you are well aware of what you have become… their free billboard.

Airsoft Items of Interest

Western Arms Punisher 1911 GBB Pistol

The SOCOM Gear Punisher 1911 now has competition with a version released by Western Arms and available at eHobby Asia for US$495.00 which of course is a steeper price to pay. The grip panels sport a black logo rather than a golden one in the SOCOM Gear version. But if you prefer the Western Arms over the SOCOM Gear, then be prepared to pay more.

“The 1911 pistol is considered by many gun collectors and veterans to be the greatest self-loading pistol ever made and the grandfather of the modern handgun, which despite its age is still used alongside modern pistols today. Designed by John Moses Browning in 1910 with patent dates going as far back as 1897, the .45 caliber pistol was adopted into the U.S. military arsenal February 14, 1911. Browning had combined traits of his former pistols and built a prototype around the recently-developed .45 ACP round. The end result was the M1911.

Frank Castle (Thomas Jane) uses a pair of heavily customized M1911A1s as his main sidearms in the film.

* Western Arms Punisher 1911 Airsoft GBB Pistol
* Western Arms SHIBUYA CUSTOM WORKS (Hi-Spec Ver.3 – Fixed Hop-Up) Airsoft Replica
* ‘MAGNA’ Blow Back System
* Gas Blow Back Pistol with Semi-Automatic
* Built with Heavy Weight slide & lower frame with Metal Barrel
* Non-slip Texture grip with Logo Emblem Tag
* Allow 23 Rounds Loading Capacity R-TYPE Magazine
* Come with Tightbore 6.03mm Barrel for precision shooting
* White Dot Rear (Novak night sights) and Front Sight
* Authentic Western Arms Product & MADE IN JAPAN

NOTES: Recommend to use HFC134A Gas (or lower pressure gas) to operate the pistol, Top Gas might harm the gun slide due to heavy recoil.”

GHK AKM GBB Full Steel & Wood

Source: Popular Airsoft

For those who are looking forward to another GHK gas blowback rifle, CWI Airsoft of Taiwan is now taking pre-orders of the GHK AKM GBB. This is made of full steel with real wood furniture. This is expected to arrive in March 2011, so if you want to be one of the first to have this, better place your order. Price is US$421.26.

* “2011 GHK All New Design
* Heavy Recoil Gas Blow Back System
* Full Steel and Real Wood, just Like the real thing
* Full Steel Gas Mag
* Highly Replica appearance and action
* Enhanced airflow air-Nozzle
* Gas Bolt Stop when empty the Mag ( Set up by Switch on top of gas mag)
* Very High Performance
* Adjustible Hop Up”

Madbull: Daniel Defense SA85/L85 Licensed Rail System

Guys from Madbull have released a new accessory for your favorite toy. If your poison is the SA80/L85, than the fully licensed Daniel Defense rail system for it should be just perfect, more bellow:

MadBull fully licensed SA80 (L85) rail system. MadBull SA80 RIS is the only licensed and true 1:1 scale Daniel Defense rail system. Daniel Defense was awarded the contract for the SA80 RIS by the UK MOD (Ministry of Defense) and is currently the sole producer for the UK MOD. The MadBull SA80 RIS features full picatinny rails for mounting optics, grips, lights, etc. The SA80 RIS is constructed of CNC machined 6061 aircraft grade aluminum with hard anodized coating. The SA80 RIS also features a swinging top rail for battery access.
Complete your modern UK SA80 load out with our MadBull Daniel Defense SA80 fully licensed rails. The MadBull Daniel Defense SA80 RIS will be available for: ICS, G&G, and
Army Armament SA80 (L85) AEGs.

Airsoft Infidels: Turning geardo’s into heroes Vol. 2

Feb 14th 2011 London, The second book in the series for all budding Airsoft players, geardos and Milsim enthusiasts AIRSOFT INFIDELS – The Very Best of Airsoft & Milsim Photography: Book Two will be released this month. Published by, 80 pages, full colour, the book is a brand new collection of the very best in Airsoft and Milsim photography from around the world and features teams in action, load outs, scenarios, players and kit.

Aidan Minter, a UK Airsoft player and author of the book describes the book as “ another dose of pure Airsoft and Milsim eye candy for your coffee table”. This time round the book provides an insight into the Vietnam airsoft scene as well as milsim games played at a disused underground Titan missile silo. if you’re into tactical Airsoft and Milsim then this book will provide some great inspiration to players all over the world”

AIRSOFT INFIDELS – The Very Best of Airsoft & Milsim Photography: Book Two is the second book in the Infidel series created from photographs submitted by Airsoft players and professional photographers. The books ultimate goal is to present the best photographs together in one medium and share the passion, expertise and dedication of the photographer and Airsoft / Milsim player via stunning photography.

The book is supported with a website found at and a new range of Airsoft Infidel merchandise is due for Spring. Updates on all things Airsoft Infidel related can be tracked on via the authors signature “alliedagent”.

Airsoft Infidels

GunFire: Zeta Labs Mosin available NOW!

Source: Airsoft
Bartek from GunFire, kindly sent the introduction of the Zet Labs Mosin-Nagant to, the EU market. Mosin is arguably one of the most bad-ass weapons ever made, at least as far as the original goes, think, rude, crude but effective and don’t forget, no safety! More as usual, right bellow:

This time I would like to update airsoftnews readers about unique Zeta Lab Mosin Nagant M1944 used by the armed forces of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and various other nations. The replica is now available in Gunfire shop!

Zeta Lab Mosin Nagant M1944

Replica of Mosin is made of wood and metal components. Body and barrel cover are made of wood while sights, outer barrel, chamber, trigger set, magazine and other elements are made of metal. Sliding bayonet is made of durable ABS and can be disassembled.

Maint Topic: Starting an Airsoft Team

So I have been getting bombarded on the forum and via the contact forms by airsofters asking how to get an airsoft team started. I didn’t really give it much thought initially, but come to think of it, for a new player wanting to get his own team rolling, it is a bit daunting to get a handle on a jumping off point. I, like many team leaders I would imagine, just kind of bumbled our way around getting a team going when we started out. Trial and error is the best learning method, but if I can help fellow ‘softers avoid going through what I did, then rock on.

After all these years, I have learned a thing or two and with the players making all the requests, I took the opportunity to write an article over on my personal website with a few pointers that I think would help players get their new team in the right direction. Here is an excerpt from the article to wet your taste buds with the full article available here.

Points of Interest

OPSEC Airsoft Mailbag

We get alot of emails from our listeners… most are positive, some are correcting errors and the rest are less than cordial to say the least. From time to time we get the rare gold nuggets that we wish to share with the rest of you, enjoy:

From: David R.
I have been listening to alot of the old shows and I’m seeing a pattern of deep hate for the M4 and M16. Why you guys drinking the haterade?

From: Ashley B.
What ever happened to Tak? You guys seriously need female voice on the show!

From: Rob
I just started getting serious about milsim and I’m finally ready to take the plunge and get quality gear. What are a few of your favorite companies and what should I avoid?

From: ‘Sniper’
I’ve honestly tried like 3 times to listen to your show and I don’t get it. My friends love it but it’s all noise to me. Help me out.

OPSEC Station News

Meaningless internal news about this black hole of suck.

KWA KMP9 Raffle Postponed

Unfortunately, we were notified by Paypal this morning that raffles violate their Acceptable Use Policy so we cannot accept funds from the sales of raffle tickets. This policy was completely unknown to us. For the time being, the raffle has been postponed and refunds have been issued. I know, this sucks and we apologize profusely for this error. No ETA on when we’ll fire up the raffle machine again.

Shameless Plugs

Zach Jorrisch

Hey Ospec I was wondering if you would mention my website in your next radio show. You can just take
information on what to say from the about page.
This would be much appreaciated.



Plug Title
Replica Canadian Frag Vest Group Buy

Related Link

Plug Details
Replica Canadian Frag Vest Project
The once in a lifetime opportunity has come around for Milsim players
who enjoy their Canadian Kit. RustySniper of Airsoft Canada is working
to get a group buy together to get replica Canadian Frag Vests made in
your choice of CADPAT TW or Arid. We need your help to get the
required numbers to make this project a go.

Price will be $140 CAD
More info directly from RustySniper can be found here.

On going discussion is taking place here.

To directly contact RustySniper with questions or concerns he can be
reached via pm on Airsoft Canada
Or at this address

Prototype without TW or Arid Fabric

Issue CADPAT TW Frag Vest

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Show Notes for Episode 126

Broadcast Date: 2/3/2011
Staff: Radar, Alphawolf
Location: Man Hole 4.0
Size: 84.3Mb
Length: 1h:27m:43s
Direct Download: Save Link As

Table of Contents

Airsoft Items of Interest


ICS Revolver Grenade Launcher – Modular Configuration
– Can take 6 x 40mm Cartridge (<110mm)
– works like a revolver (self-winding chamber)
– Made from industrial high strength plastic material

ICS Revolver Grenade Launcher (Multiple Rounds) Multiple shot, area target grenade launcher. Suitable for offense and defense suppressive fire purpose. Made from industrial high strength plastic material. Light weight, high portability & maneuverability, Suitable for airsoft war game. A unique wind-up feature allows you to pretension the 6 round loader, which then automatically turns by one notch every time you pull the trigger. This allows you to fire off six consequence shots single-handed (if you have strong arms since it's over 5kg, woo~). Utilize standard 40mm BB Shower such as Pro-Arms, King Arms, Mosquito, Classic Army, G&P Cartridge. Insert 40mm Cartridge (<110mm) inside and fun to shoot

ICS GLM equips a M1913 quad rails handguard. It is compatible with accessories compatible with M1913 military standard. The stock can adjust 6 lengths and 3 angles. It is compatible with AR MOD retractable stock. comes with a quick slide on grip. Push one button to adjust the position or slide on/off. It’s compatible with M1913 Picatinny rail. There is a removable panel that you can slide out of the way to install pressure switches.

Hyde Definition: PenCott-Snowdrift

Lawrence sent in the details on Hyde Definition’s latest camo pattern. It’s very much appropriate for this time of year, especially if you have snowfall and winter is not just a season on the calendar. The patterns is called Snowdrift and by the looks of ti, it could as well be very effective. More bellow…

Further showcasing the multi-environment versatility of the PenCott™ camouflage pattern, Hyde Definition announces the PenCott-Snowdrift™ colourway for snow-covered mountain, woodland and other broken- or mixed-terrain environments.

The traditional approach to “snow camouflage” has been to use a plain, solid white coloured over-garment; however, this does not take in to account the extent of shadows and other textures that actually exist in a snow-covered environment. Some historical patterns, such as the famous German “pine needles” pattern, have attempted to incorporate a disruptive element, and more recently the Finnish M/05 and USMC patterns used digital pattern geometry to improve disruption and concealment. However, by adapting the naturalistic, complex, multi-scalar, hybrid, fractal geometry of PenCott, we believe we’ve developed a superior camouflage for a wider range of snow-covered terrain than any other pattern currently available.

Tokyo Marui Storm

— PX-4 .45 Custom Airsoft GBB Pistol replica
— Rotating Barrel Lockup System
— Large Piston design same as FN5-7 to provide higher air-flow & recoil energy
— Ambidextrous safety lever (also work as decocking lever)
— New Hop-Up Unit can be adjusted without disassembling the gun

Airsoft International: First issue in 2011 is out…

Echo 1 M240B

Echo 1 has knocked it out of the park with their M240 Bravo, before this you would have to pay top dollar for a high quality 240B and you will still have to upgrade to make the gun ready to skirmish. Based upon the real steel M240 Bravo, the Echo 1 M240B weights nearly 22 pounds fully loaded with a battery and BBs. The Echo 1 240B features a full metal design with only plastic at the carrying handle and full stock. The detail of the M240B is spot on, the finish of the stock and metal body nearly mirrors that of the real steel. The carry handle is extremely durable and can easily take the weight of the gun without creaking or flexing. The gun features a very sturdy bipod that is barrel mounted and can fold up and tuck up beneath the hand guard. The M240B features a folding leaf sight with aperture and notch for adjustment of elevation and windage, with a standard blade style front sight. The charging handle of the M240B functions just like the real steel charging handle in that it does not return to the forward position by spring force alone, the charging handle must be manually pulled to the rear and then seated to the front again.

The Echo 1 M240B fires at 400 FPS and per second, making the M240B one of the best airsoft light machine guns on the market. The box magazine of the M240B holds around 4000 BBs so you can easily cover your teams advance in any situation. The M240B is not a gun that is made to be used as a assault carbine, the Bi-pod and large magazine makes it perfect for fortifying a position or covering a advancement. With the Echo 1 M240B at your side, there is very few things that can get in you and your teams way.

WE Airsoft: G39 Open Bolt Complete Lineup

WE is proud to announce our complete series of the G39 GBB “Open Bolt” airsoft rifles. All FOUR models are immediate available for worldwide orders. Here attached our poster in large scale for your readers to download.

G&P Stoner 63

The real steel Stoner 63, also known as the XM22/E1, was an American modular weapons system designed by Eugene Stoner in the early 1960s. It was put to use in very limited numbers in Vietnam by members of the United States Navy SEALs and several law enforcement agencies at the time. A revolutionary modular design, it could be configured in lighter assault rifle, light machine gun, lighter or heavier barrel, short commando and other variants. It was ultimately deemed too complex and phased out by the 1980s (in favor of the M16 / M4 / M249 combo).

Weight     4,620 g
Length     930 mm
Capacity     1200 rds
Power     360 fps
Battery Size     Large 9.6v
Shooting Mode     Semi, Full Auto

Made of a blend of metals and polymer, the weapon has excellent heft and balance without being too unwieldy. It uses a version 2 type gearbox with 8mm bearings and a G&P M120 high speed motor. It uses a 440mm long inner barrel putting it about midway between an M4A1 and M16.

The included box magazine holds 1200 BBs which is less than most MG boxes in airsoft (typically 2500-4000 ) but is still more than enough ammo for support use and is significatly easier to use unlike the much bulkier larger boxes found on M249s or M60s.

Main Topic: Changing Scenery

So be it for work, school or to escape the law, you’re moving. Airsoft is such a community-centered game that moving can really throw you off your game in a big way. From new playing styles, game types, retailers, fields, personalities and drama/politics, the stress of moving for the airsofter can be a little overwhelming. Tonight, through the wisdom of 1st hand experience, we’re going to do our best to guide you through your airsoft move and hopefully take some of the stress out the mess you just stepped in!
Points of interest:

  • Let go but don’t forget
  • Research, research, research
  • Retailers have the inside scoop
  • Seek out the local communities
  • Don’t be too quick to hitch your wagon
  • Local politics & drama
  • The trick to finding fields & games
  • Get out & play!
  • When and how to find a new team

OPSEC Airsoft News

Episode: 127

How rare is it that we’re on the ball enough to plan shows in advance? Nothing is built and we really don’t have a location yet, but we do have a few ideas up our collective sleeve.

Date: Thursday, Feb 17th, 2011
Time: 6p PDT / 9p EDT
Discussion: Forum Thread

Check the forum thread for details and updates as progress is made or if you have any content suggestions, etc.

Shameless Plugs

Tyler Stanfield hit us up on Facebook about plugging a game in Ohio that has a pretty great cause. Tyler was diagnosed with and is currently battling Ewing Sardona. His local community is stepping up and putting on a game in his honor to assist with the cost in his fight with cancer. Tyler’s story with Ewing Sardona can be found here:

Date: 3/12/11Location: MAM Paintball in Wilksville Ohio
Cost: 25.00
Age Requirements: 13 – 15 must be vouched for, have played at MAM previously or be supervised by a parent or guardian during play.
0800 – Check in and Chrono Begins
0945 – Safety Briefing
1000 – 1300 Morning Operations
1300 – 1430 Lunch
1430 – 1730 Afternoon Operations


In the volatile and unstable region of Crapstakistan, a new threat has emerged. The Democratically elected government of Crapstakistan has been toppled and a Russian backed dictator has taken power. This represents a grave threat to US security interests in the region and US Rangers and Special Operations have been mobilized to answer this threat.

Backed by Russian commandos, the Crapstakistani President has vowed to spill “rivers of blood” to any westerner who dares tread on what he refers to as “sacred soil.” The stage is set, the pieces are in motion who will prevail…..

US Rangers – 3 color desert, despat, multi-cam, acu, choco-chip, digital desert.

Insurgent/Soviets– Woodland, tiger stripe, marpat, od, flektarn, digital woodland, civilian or green civilian mix.


While this is not a full on milsim event, this is not an open play either. The day will comprise of multiple scenarios ranging from an hour to two hours in length all linked to the central theme. We are not limiting magazines for this one to encourage as many players as possible to attend.

We hope to see you there as this promises to be a day of airsoft that we all can be proud of!

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Show Notes for Episode 124

Broadcast Date: 10/14/2010
Staff: Radar
Location: Frontier Airsoft
Size: 56.3Mb
Length: 1h:56m:53s
Direct Download: Save Link As

Table of Contents

OPSEC Airsoft News

Every year we look forward to one show in particular, the zombie show. Not because we get to talk about our undead fetish, but because we get to argue and almost get into fights over fictional ghouls. This year is no different. Details are as follows:

Episode: 125
Date: Friday, October 29th, 2010
Time: 6p PDT / 9p EDT
Discussion: Forum Thread

We may make this our first Zombie “remote” show, but that remains to be seen. Check the forum thread for details and updates as progress is made or if you have any content suggestions, etc.

Airsoft Items of Interest

G&G Armament New Releases


From Wikipedia

The Rk 95 Tp, Finnish: Rynnäkkökivääri 95 Taittoperä or “assault rifle 95 folding stock”, (known commercially as the M95) is a 7.62mm Finnish assault rifle adopted by the Finnish Defence Forces in the 1990s in relatively small numbers.

From Wikipedia:

The Ak 5 (sometimes AK5) is the Swedish version of the FN FNC assault rifle with certain modifications, mostly to adapt the weapon to the Swedish climate. The Ak 5 is the service rifle of the Swedish Armed Forces. Ak 5 is an abbreviation of automatkarbin 5 (literal translation “automatic carbine 5”, “automatic carbine” is the Swedish term for assault rifle).[1] The rifle is also known as the CGA5, Bofors Carl Gustav Automatic carbine 5. The Ak 5 replaced the Ak 4 (licensed G3 copy) in Swedish service

MadBull: The only licensed M200

Simon sent a reminder that they will be releasing the M200 shortly and he’s not holding back on words of greatness:

The only CheyTac licensed M200 with 1:1 external scale. Bolt action with bullet shell 8 MM bbs…

ICS: New L85 Carbine AEG

Daniel from ICS sent the announcement for their latest new addition to the AEG line of products. The new L85 Carbine or SA80 as it is known in some circles, is a completely new design with some excellent features. Detailed pictures can be found in the gallery and accessed by clicking on the link HERE. Stay tuned for more ICS new products!

ICS L85 Carbine AEG

The features of ICS L85 Carbine are
1. Instant upper and lower receiver assembly/disassembly
2. Advanced electric current break system
3. To plug a battery is never so easy
4. Two stages trigger
5. Charging handle catch
6. Reproduce stamp steel gun body
7. The adjustable spring tension
8. HOP-UP adjustment

Tiger111hk: Aimpoint Micro T-1 replica

Or so the good folks ad Tiger111hk would like us to believe. The T-1 from Aimpoint is one of the smallest and lightest and certainly one of the best red dot sights out there. The main reason behind it is the no non sense approach, which means keep it simple and reliable. But ACM manufacturers would not be what they are if the did not try to “improve” a few things they copy. So Tiger111hk now offers sort of a copy of the T-1 but with different reticules, as if you actually need them in such a small package at such small ranges… They also have a range of “USMC Radio Pouches” MOLLE pouches in all assorted colors and camo patterns…

eAiming Aimpoint T-1 Micro Red / Green Dot Sight

The smallest package provide the same performance for every aiming purpose, Small Enough to be used on Any Rifles, Carbines, Shotguns, Submachine guns and Handguns, Also be backup sight on top of magnifying scopes, night vision, or thermal imaging optics, different of Brightness Control for each Illuminated Red / Green Dot, Anti Reflex Optical Coating, built-in mount for All 20mm Rail, Power By 3V CR2032 Battery (not include).

Length : 65mm
Magnification : 1x
Built Material : Aluminum

eHobby Asia: Spring Loaded Pistol Magazine Carrier


Just as these kind of magazine holders became available and known to the general public in real firearms circles, the ACM copy/paste machine strikes again and eHobby Asia are one of the first to offer it to the airsoft community:

TMC Kydex MOLLE Spring Loaded Pistol Magazine Carrier

Spring Loaded Mag Pouch
– Able to store Double Stack Type Magazine (e.g. GLOCK / USP / P226) or Single Type Magazine (e.g. M1911)
– Attach on MOLLE Platform / Belt
– Mounting plate can be unscrewed and repositioned for horizontal or vertical carry

Jedianten: Lonex HiCap magazine


edianten is a small Taiwanese shop that seems to offer things for the avid airsofter, that are somewhat more different, or just plain harder to get… Hui sent in a short introduction of their latest new product in the shop, it’s the Lonex HiCap magazine that winds a bit differently to say the least. They asked we post their Facebook acc link instead of their official website, which is in Chinese only. Find out more about it bellow:

…it is a quick pull magazine, not traditional magazine. All you need is to pull the wire about 10 times to load instead of spending too much time turning the gear.

Marushin Super Blackhawk Revolvers

Source: Popular Airsoft

“My! My! What a long one you’ve got there!” Would be the reaction of others when they see you fondling, errr, handling the Marushin Super Blackhawk Revolvers with the 8mm X-Cartridge. I can only imagine that it would also be a cap gun so that it’ll be even more impressive with smoke rising outside of the muzzle when you fire it. BUt then the length is impressive enough as you get 10.5 or 7.5inches depending on how manly you want to be. Colour is the same as the Red Hawk, you either select silver or black.

HSGI Double Decker “TACO” Magazine Pouch

Source: Popular Airsoft

No need to add Tabasco on this, it’s hot enough by the looks alone. You can get this at SKDTac for US$40.00… “Double Decker ‘TACO’, Modular single rifle and pistol magazine pouch. Just like its older brother this unique pouch will hold more types of mags than just the AR series of mags. Not only will it hold AR type mags including P-MAGS, it will also hold Magazines for the AK, FAL, M14, SR25, M1A1, G3, Saiga 12, and more….. even some types of radios. It will also hold the large Flash bangs and the M-18 Smoke grenades.

This mag pouch measures 3 inches in width. Made of Cordura, Kydex and shock-cord, it is silent when stuck against and while extracting the mag. The ‘TACO’ maintains a positive grip of the mag on which is adjustable and does not need use of any other securing systems unless desired upon by user preference. Webbing tabs are sewn in on the top for use of “over the top” bungee retainers if desired (not included). Additional loop Velcro is sewn in the inside of the Rifle pouch if the user wishes to use adhesive backed hook Velcro on his magazine body for added security. But not only will this pouch hold ANY Rifle magazine, it will hold ANY Pistol Magazine. Single Stack or Double Stack. Made in the USA and is covered by the HSGI Lifetime warranty.”

OPSEC Airsoft Dictionary


Definition: Derived from the insult ‘Douche Canoe’, A person, persons or group who understands that they are considered a douche in they eyes of others and relish in that fact.

Example: An airsoft elitist who has no problem continuing his douchey behavior after several talks from teammates and multiple forum confrontations.

Main Topic: Obsolescence

Airsoft Jeopardy!

Shameless Plugs

The Firefight! Battle Deck

Julie (BirdofPrey)

Plug Title
The Firefight! Battle Deck

Related Link

Plug Details

Want to add an extra element of surprise and unpredictability to your
airsoft scenario games? The Firefight! Battle Deck is a drop-in
medic/wound system for any airsoft game, usable from small skirmishes
up to mil-sim scenarios. The Battle Deck consists of 32 printable
cards with effects ranging from “Just a Scratch” to “Through the Boot”
to “Lights Out”. Outfit each medic with a deck, then when a player
falls victim to enemy fire, a medic will draw a card for the downed
player to determine their fate.

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Show Notes for Ep.123

Broadcast Date: 9/16/2010
Staff: Radar, Alphawolf
Size: 41.0Mb
Length: 1h:29m:35s
Direct Download: Save Link As

Table of Contents

OPSEC Airsoft News

East Coast Shuffle

Well, after 10 months hiatus and a few very big changes, we’re officially back. As you may or may not know, Radar is now based out on the East Coast while Alphawolf and the rest of the OPSEC crew remain on the West Coast. Through the wonders of modern technology, we strive to make this transition as seamless as possible, which tonight we will test.

Forums Re-Relaunch

Our forums are like a yo-yo… up and down, up and down. We’ve finally moved to our very own forum that should sustain us for years to come. The best part of this move is that we transitioned most of the old data over as well as the user accounts. If you had an account way back when, chances are you still do. There are plenty of swanky new features, social media logins and content sharing functions. A little too nice for the likes of us! Head on over and check it out:

Airsoft Items of Interest


Source: Airsoft Extreme

NEW!  From KWA are the MP9 and the MP9R.  These are constructed with a Fiber Reinforced Polymer body to handle the most extreme conditions with a steel outer barrel. Each has a side folding stock to allow a more stable long distance shooting and a flat top weaver style rail on top for just about any optic of your choice.  The two models slightly vary as the MP9 version has a built in vertical grip, while  the MP9R has a under rail to attach whatever grip or accessories you may wish.

KSC X Magpul FPG Complete Gun
Source: Popular Airsoft

We saw a “Ready to Fight” Magpul FPG with holster package, sans the KSC Glock pistol and now here’s another “complete” one from WGC, though this would be a better package since it has the KSC glock already installed, you just need to purchase the Beta Project FPG holster from somewhere else. This costs US$403.00 shipping costs not included.

Echo1 Blowback AK74 Airsoft AEG

This amazing new release by Echo1 has all the features and performance you’d expect on an AK AEG and more. Full metal body, real wood furniture, folding stock, great performance and blowback are the features you want to take note. Heard rumors about shortage of Airsoft guns? Echo1 and has your back covered!

Package Includes: Wolverine AEG, Battery, Charger.
AK / Version 3 (Tokyo Marui compatible)
Muzzle Velocity:
380~420 FPS
Magazine Capacity:
600 rounds high capacity magazine. (6mm airsoft BBs)
Effective Range:
100~120 feet
Short Type, High Torque

– Full Metal Stamped Steel Receiver and Receiver Cover.
– Full metal Upgraded AK V.3 Reinforced Gearbox (TM-compatible)
– AK74 Muzzle Brake / Flash Hider
– Blowback Action.
– Laminated Wood Foregrip
– Steel Skeleton Side Folding AK Stock.
– High Torque Motor
– AK Side Rail Mount
– Adjustable Sight and sling hook.
– Full Metal outer barrel assembly

Guay & Guay: Femme Fatale AEG

Silvia from G&G Armament sent in their news about their latest creation:

G&G is proud to announce the newest limited edition Femme Fatale 16!

This limited edition is based on G&G GR16 with a feminine touch, pink color and special design logo on the lower receiver. Every Femme Fatale 16 has her own unique serial numbers and exclusive designed sale-box. Since G&G only produced 1, 000 PCs for this product, we have to put a quota on each region. The pre-order begins now, contact your local dealer for more information!

A&K: Shotgun Series
Source: sent in some interesting news for all the fans of cheaper but quality replicas out there:

The new A&K Shotgun Series in pre-order on a big wholesaler in HK. They're Full Metal Spring operated. The two signed with a red triangle are gas operated.

Guay Guay: 2010 Photo Contest

How'd you like to win sweet & free G&G gear AND maybe make it into next year's G&G product catalog? Send in your photos to the G&G photo contest and make it happen, cap'n! Deadline is Oct 8th, so don't delay!

Dear G&G’s valuable customers, the G&G annual photo contest “Show Yourself “ is back again! This year G&G has included one more video contest, so why don’t you bring your camera and shoot for your favorite G&G product. The chosen winners of the contest would not be only winning the exciting prizes, but also the works may be showed up for next year’s G&G product catalogues and any Airsoft events!

OPSEC Airsoft Dictionary

Pouch Mule

Definition: A player who prepares for every possible on or off field situation by unnecessarily overloading their primary rig with pouches and equipment.

Example: “Check out Doug, he must have every inch of MOLLE covered with a pouch on that CIRAS!”

Main Topic: The Gear Sweet Spot

Gearing up for a game or event is an intensely personal and almost "zen-like' moment for the dedicated milsim player. That fact alone nearly nullifies this entire main topic as it's OPSEC's official stance that you make your own game (guns & gear included), but we have come across quite a few milsimers when hitting the field that either put too much thought into their gear (Pouch Mules) or just didn't do enough (SOCOMers).  In this episode, we want to cover both sides of the coin and do our part in helping players find that gear-sweet-spot… light enough to maneuver but equipped enough to handle most field situations.

Points of Interest:

  • Airsoft is a fashion show
  • Ops vs pickup games
  • How long are you in the field?
  • How close are you to the vehicles/staging area?
  • Weather
  • Chest rig vs Plate carrier
  • Weaponry
  • Hydration
  • Mission Set
  • Your role?
  • Secondary/Backup setup.

Shameless Plugs

Ferdinand from S-Thunder sent in news about their new line of stand alone grenade launchers:


S-Thunder ( is pleased to announce the launch the
first in a new series of grenade launchers.

S-Thunder's "short barrel" Pistol Grip Composite Grenade Launcher
(Item ref # ASG-SB01) is first entry level release in this new product
line. Highlights of the new grenade launcher are as follows,
- Entry level unit (Item ref # ASG-SB01) of a new line of single
barrel grenade launchers from S-Thunder
- Pistol type grip grenade launcher
- Easy to use and comfortable to hold
- Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of US$69.99 (*) -
making S-Thunder's grenade launcher one of the world's most affordable
grenade launchers
- Body is made of a durable engineered composite material allowing
the grenade launcher to be durable, light weight and easy to carry
- Trigger pull and hammer force are ideal for use with CO2 powered
grenades as well as grenades charged with HPA/Top Gas/Green Gas/Red
Gas/R134A etc. Trigger is not excessively "tight" and the lighter
trigger force will significantly "reduce" a player's reaction time
when firing at stationary or moving targets
- Accommodates all 40mm diameter paintball / airsoft grenade shells
including S-Thunder's 40mm Shocker M203 style grenade shells and CO2
powered foam ball grenades
- Breech loading allows for fast reloading
- Safety and release switch is included in unit as an added safety
- Interchangeable pistol AR grip - users can customize the grenade
launcher grip by changing the standard M4 / M16 style pistol grip with
other AR grips available in the marketplace

S-Thunder is also launching its Pistol Grip Composite Grenade
Launcher Kits. These are affordable grenade launcher kits for players
and S-Thunder will offer two (2) styles of kits as follows,

Grenade Launcher Kit #1 - Item ref # AGL-SB21 includes,
"short barrel" Composite Grenade Launcher (Item ref # ASG-SB01)
- one (1) Gas Powered Foam Ball Grenade Shell
- one (1) Single Cartridge CO2 Cylinder
- one (1) CO2 Cylinder Adaptor nozzle
- Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of US$149.99 (*)

Grenade Launcher Kit #2 - Item ref # AGL-SB21-A includes,
- "short barrel" Composite Grenade Launcher (Item ref # ASG-SB01)
- one (1) Gas Powered Grenade Shell (short M203 style)
- one (1) Single Cartridge CO2 Cylinder
- one (1) CO2 Cylinder Adaptor nozzle
- Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of US$149.99 (*)

Demonstration videos and media reviews of the Composite Grenade
Launcher can be seen here,

Airsoft Retreat, USA (

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