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HSGI Double Decker "TACO" Magazine Pouch

HSGI Double Decker "TACO" Magazine Pouch

No need to add Tabasco on this, it’s hot enough by the looks alone. You can get this at SKDTac for US$40.00… “Double Decker ‘TACO’, Modular single rifle and pistol magazine pouch. Just like its older brother this unique pouch will hold more types of mags than just the AR series of mags. Not only will it hold AR type mags including P-MAGS, it will also hold Magazines for the AK, FAL, M14, SR25, M1A1, G3, Saiga 12, and more….. even some types of radios. It will also hold the large Flash bangs and the M-18 Smoke grenades.

This mag pouch measures 3 inches in width. Made of Cordura, Kydex and shock-cord, it is silent when stuck against and while extracting the mag. The ‘TACO’ maintains a positive grip of the mag on which is adjustable and does not need use of any other securing systems unless desired upon by user preference. Webbing tabs are sewn in on the top for use of “over the top” bungee retainers if desired (not included). Additional loop Velcro is sewn in the inside of the Rifle pouch if the user wishes to use adhesive backed hook Velcro on his magazine body for added security. But not only will this pouch hold ANY Rifle magazine, it will hold ANY Pistol Magazine. Single Stack or Double Stack. Made in the USA and is covered by the HSGI Lifetime warranty.”

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ITW Nexus Gen 3 Fast Mag

ITW Nexus Gen 3 Fast Mag 01

The reliable ITW product is available at SKDTac… “The FASTMAG Gen III holds most 5.56mm/.223 ammunition magazines. It reduces reloading cycle time for the operator and can be mounted in the up or down direction (operator’s preference). The system eliminates the need for traditional top closures, while providing a secure point of access. The tension system is adjustable to meet the users preference for removal force. The mounting slots on the front allow operators to ‘double-stack’ or attach nylon accessory pouches using MALICE Clips, giving even more options for your kit setup.

  • Holds M4 .223 ammo mag
  • Reduces reload cycle time
  • Mount up or down (based on user preference)
  • Mounts to any MOLLE/P.A.L.S. 1in Web system
  • High-impact resistant polymer case w/ anti- fragmentation (reduces secondary shrapnel)
  • Slight twist draws mag out easily for quick reload
  • M-4 mag stays secure without pouch flap, hooks, cover, or lid
  • Retention strap can be removed for reduced friction”

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VTAC Extreme BattleRail 11"

Lighweight rail system that at SKDTac that you can use for M4 PTWs or Gas Blowbacks… "The VTAC Extreme BattleRail is an one-piece, free floating rail for AR15 systems. The unique lightweight design helps reduce heat transfer and allows for a faster target acquisition. The rail is easy to install and features an uninterrupted top M1913 rail that allows the mounting of optics and backup iron sights. TROY designed a barrel nut specifically for the TRX rail meeting a tighter tolerance which will reduce stripping the barrel nuts altogether.


  • New state of the art rotary locking system
  • Proprietary patent pending one-piece design
  • Free floating design
  • Continuous, uninterrupted top rail
  • Installs in less than two minutes
  • Reduced heat transfer
  • Significant weight reduction
  • True U.S. Military Specification M1913 rails 
  • Increases target acquisition speed
  • Free floating design that enhances accuracy
  • Comes with one 4in and two 2in quick attach rails
  • Weight: .7 lbs."


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