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Inokatsu Announces ‘Super Version’ M16VN and XM-177 GBB’s for 2010

Inokatsu has announced that for 2010 it will be adding to it’s ‘Super Version’ line a couple of Vietnam era gas blowback rifles. More specifically, they will be recreating the always popular XM-177 SMG Commando and the Vietnam era M16A1 rifle.

Judging from the promotional posters, attention has been paid to detail such as the non-tapered delta ring and the teardrop shaped forward assist on both models. The finish also appears to be artificially worn including the plastic furniture which adds to the look in spades. My only criticism is the designation of XM-177, the presence of the forward assist on the pics means it’s a XM-177E1.

Everybody seems to be jumping on the Vietnam era bandwagon at the moment with models coming from Viper, WETTI and G&P’s Bomber line but if the posters are any indication, I’d say Inokatsu has hit this one out of the park. 

Inokatsu M16A1 Vietnam GBB Inokatsu XM-177 SMG Commando

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