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Italian Tactical News Magazine to Launch

Spotted at Facebook, though their website is not yet working… "Tactical News is the first Italian national circulation magazine devoted entirely to the world of Mil Sim (Military Simulation) and ASF (Advance Soft Air) disclipline which are rapidly growing to the point to be get the attention enthusiasts. These new disciplines, which get their roots of the now-established and increasingly popular 'soft air', allowing highly realistic simulations with a military approach equal to the real enthusiasm of the 'operationally' more experienced and to the casual soft-air enthusiasts who experience such new techniques and rules of the game.

From the choice of the replicas and equipment, the tactical styles until you get to the various techniques used by real professionals… There is also TACTICAL NEWS through continuous collaboration with: military, former military, security operations, instructors for Survival and above regular players, will offer a detailed and comprehensive overview on all aspects of Mill Sim ‘s ASF accompanying the reader to’ ‘deep understanding of this new way of interpreting soft air. With a publishing project highly technical and professional, always in search of new ideas, TACTICAL NEWS will be able to satisfy even the most discerning reader.

Prepare your backpack and take your up softair arms … TACTICAL NEWS is coming!"

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