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Airsoftology moves to The Airsoft Channel

Airsoftology is sure growing fast as it has now moved to its new home at The Airsoft Channel. You can watch either their video show in full High Definition, or you can treat yourself to a podcast if you prefer storing the show into your MP3 player to listen to while on the road… "Started as a humble internet radio show in 2008, Airsoftology has since grown into a multi-program franchise with a internationally followed podcast, vidcast and a brand new HD web TV program: 'The Airsoftology Show'.

The secret to their success, it’s simple: Create a high quality program that airsoft players want to see , hosted by avid airsofters (not hired actors), and produced to professional standards.

They answer your questions, comment on the latest news, review new products and provide tech advice that you want to see."

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