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People Airsoft : Review tracer Madbull

Nos collègues de People Airsoft nous présentent une review en vidéo du nouveau module tracer tout juste sorti chez MadBull, qui adopte pour rappel l’apparence d’un silencieux sous licence Gemtech. A visionner ci-dessous.

Thanks for the review of MadBull tracer Device from People Airsoft

Quote: We have been fortunate enough to get this amazing new tracer unit in sooner than expected. It is undeniably the best tracer unit on the market, we used an AEG that is rated at 25 BB’s per second and the tracer performed flawlessly.

The MadBull Airsoft tracer unit is rated to 35 BB’s per second, this product is for sure something to have on your shopping list for any night game or operations.

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Madbull Blackside Tracer Units are AWESOME!

I don’t know if I’ve ever had more fun doing a video review. These things completely changed my perspective of tracer units, you have to see these in action:

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MadBull Airsoft Tracer Device Available

MadBull Tracer Device

Now available from MadBull Airsoft so check with your retailers when they are going to have this in stock and no pricing announced too… “One year, yes. We developed this product for 1 year already. The designer is the same designer of UAV. A twelve-scientist team from Taiwan college. The MadBull tracer is totally different from other tracers in the market. It is designed from scratch.

Our first design was using LED as the light source but we found out LED’s power is far less than flash. Especially when BBs travel through the short distance tunnel, there is not much energy transfer to the tracer BBs.

The final version is using flash light which is the same idea as the Japan-made one about 15 years ago.

However, we are applying new modern technology, such as ‘energy saving’, ‘light up more BBs per second’, ‘USB charger”’, and of course, Gemtech licensing.

Enjoy the MadBull new tracer device! Remember to use MadBull tracer BBs! (Green and Red tracer BBs only).”

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LED Mini-Hakkero Attachment for your M134 Minigun

Nishiyan240 in his spare time loves tinkering with everything airsoft <grin> and has bestowed upon us0w2dx0qk his latest awesome creation, the LED powered Mini-Hakkero attachment for the airsoft M134 Minigun. Take one intimidating, black purveyor of white death and combine it with Japanese Pop-culture and the Magical Energy of the Mini-Hakkero plus a few LEDs, translates to pure awesomeness.

Note that Nishiyan doesn’t use Tracer BBs in this demonstration, the concentrated LED lighting down the stream of BBs gives the illusion of a tracer. Almost looks like a lazer. Pew Pew!

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I believe he is making these to order, quoting around ¥1600 with a three day production time.

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Vidéo du tracer CAW pour M134 Minigun

A voir aujourd’hui sur Youtube un petit test du tracer pour M134 Minigun présenté par CAW en fin d’année dernière. De quoi rendre vos parties nocturnes encore plus folles. Merci à Yo pour l’info.

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