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Cache-flammes « Spetsnaz »

Cache-flammes « Spetsnaz »

Petit coup de pouce à un artisan français, dont l’objectif est au final la production d’accessoires et de répliques d’inspiration russes. La première référence qui sera mise sur le marché fin 2012 est ce cache-flammes « Spetsnaz », annoncé en trois finitions (poli, noir ou bronzé) pour un prix compris entre 30 et 35€ en fonction de la finition. Détails et contact pour la précommande dans la suite de l’article.

Voici le prototype du cache flamme utilisé par les spetsnaz. Les quelques défauts seront corrigés par la suite. Produit par Aposquall, le cache flamme sera en acier et disponible en 3 finitions poli, noir et bronzé. Le prix sera de 30€ pour la version poli et noir et de 35€ pour la bronzé. La sortie est prévu pour fin 2012. Vous pouvez d’ores et déjà le pré-commander en contact Aposquall via son adresse e-mail:

À noter qu’une « version 2″ va aussi voir le jour :


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DeepFire PTW Barrel

DeepFire are well known for their upgraded barrels and are now making barrels for the PTW range:

Deepfire Airsoft guns and inner barrel for PTW series can improve your shooting range

DeepFire precision inner barrels for PTW series make it possible for the Airsofters to install in both AEGs and PTWs. These inner barrels for PTW series have been using the latest technology in precision barrel manufacturing for several years. A barrel spacer is available in the package that allows installing the AEG barrel on PTW series. A chamber sleeve is one of the DeepFire new Hop-Up system components and it is also common for the PTWs.


You have no doubt experienced the performance with our precision barrels. For more information, please visit our official website at Products > Custom Parts – Barrel > [DF-CPB27] to [DF-CPB34] or contact us at (852)2610-2788. (DeepFire)

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Thompson de Oro y Plata

King Arms ha anunciado que pondrá a la venta dos nuevas versiones de la marcadora Thompson M1928 Chicago, con número de serie, marcajes a láser y gearbox con rodamientos de 9mm. Lo más curioso, los colores de los acabados: oro o plata.

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¡¡Ya esta aquí!! El Nº19 ya en la calle

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As many military and tactical training experts will tell you, the biggest flaw with hook and loop fastener (more commonly known by the brand name Velcro) is that it is extremely noisy when used. Maintaining noise discipline in a tactical environment is absolutely critical in order to avoid detection by the enemy. It is very difficult to retain that element of surprise if you create a loud “RIIIIP” sound every time you draw a magazine that can be heard from thousands of meters away.

We here at Zulu Nylon Gear are very excited to announce a solution to this problem, a new type of hook and loop fastener! SILENT RIP provides all the handy features afforded by typical milspec hook and loop without the telltale sounds that give you away! This new material is so silent you need to hear it for yourself to believe it which is why we put together this video to demonstrate:


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New review of rail system from M14 SOCOMs.

Free Float RIS for M14 SOCOMS from Evike.
Here’s the link:

Ok so let's face it – we all like the M14 EBR – it's just a good looking gun. But there are a few issues. If you want to keep the cost down, you buy the KART version and it works, but it's hard to upgrade and it's just not as nice as some of the others out there. The Classic Army – nice but heavy, and not too cheap. G&G's version – lighter but expensive as well. And then you have some very expensive options out there as well that come in kit forms. So what do we do?

Well, here’s one option. Turn your M14 SOCOM into a nice AEG with a SWEET rail system. I got this guy from Evike for review and I’ve got to say I love it!

What do you get? You get a RIS that has a full rail up top, about a 2/3 rail on the bottom, and 1/2 rails on both sides. The left side rail is at 90 degrees to the top, but the right hand side rail is angled at 45 degrees – unique and great for lasers and flash lights.

Installation is simple – it slides right over the top of your gun, so no need to take off a fore grip or make any major modifications. Simple to add on. It’s also light-weight since it’s made of aluminum, so that’s a bonus too.

Here you can see it with a G&P red dot and a Magpul AFG.

I don’t know about you guys, but I love the way this looks. Evike sells a CYMA M14 SOCOM customized with this called the “Devil” – here’s the link:
Overall, I’m giving this guy a 9. The ONLY thing I’d change is to make the rails a little longer on the sides, but other than that – major win.

– Carp

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Navy SEALS Museum

Hey CQB Radio fans,

Over the last week I had a chance to visit the Navy SEALS Museum in Fort Pierce, Florida while visiting some family. The link to the museum is below, but check out some pics from the trip.

A bunch of cool pics of real steel as you scroll down -M249s, M4s, and more.


One of the first UDT loadouts.

A slightly more advanced loadout

Firepower baby.

Classic Walther P38 from WWII.

Nice AK.

ARES didn’t make this one, friends.

40 mm Pump Grenade Launcher. Yes please.

M79 – a classic.

G&P did a nice job matching up to this one.

M60 VN.

M4 all geeked-out.

Some support M249s.

Hello optics.

Interesting to see this after H&K just put out a trade-marked GBB version for airsoft.


NAVSOF – a real sign from the SEALS in Iraq.


Desert Patrol Vehicle.

50 cal. anyone?

A memorial to all who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

Remember Rudy from Survivor? He was a hard-core SEAL.

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Más vídeos del IWA

Terminamos con los vídeos de AATV en el IWA Show, en este caso sobre S-Thunder y SRC:

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Cybergun/G FN F2000 AEG Softair Rifle Tan – The Gun Stallone would be proud of

Reviewer: wrhft
Rank: PVT
Location: Jefferson, MD
read all my reviews

I don’t think there’s much to say about this gun that is not already said in the description except that if chuck norris was a gun he would be this one.


FPS (stings for awhile at 150 feet)

Accuracy ( it should be marked as a sniper)

Awesomeness (…)

Reality (don’t hold around police – you probably will be shot… by a real gun)


Shorty should charge more for this gun it is so awesome.

I bought this a couple weeks ago and i have had 2 battles. So far my kill to death ratio is 30:1 (the one time is when the gun ran out of charge and i went around throwing bbs at people).

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Minigun At nos ofrece la marcadora M134, con 12 Kg. de peso, capacidad de 4000 BBs y un precio de 7200€

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