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First Photos of the C4Grip from Silynx

We’ve already told you where to see Silynx at SHOT Show (booth #5100) and yes, it looks to be tucked back in a corner so be vigilant and make sure you find it because once you are there you will be able to see the new C4Grip.

Silynx kept telling us that they had something unexpected coming and this is certainly it. This thing really took us by surprise. They have not only integrated a wireless push-to-talk as well controls for an ATPIAL and weapons light into the grip but have also made it somewhat modular, promising the ability to swap out grips for color and shape. Additionally, they are offering some pimpage in the form of laser engraving on the grip. Last but certainly not least, the grip is hollow and features a removable folding knife.

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Magpul Releases AFG2

While the Angled Fore-Grip (AFG) proved quite popular despite essentially changing the way many shooters hold their weapon, there were some changes that Magpul realized they wanted to make once it saw wide spread use. Rather than forcing the hand to assume a vertical grip, the AFG positions the hand in a more natural manner.

So what are those changes you might ask? As you can see from this photo provided by Magpul, almost everything has been improved. Essentially, it works in the same way as its predecessor but it is slimmed down. Additionally, the angle is shallower and it is sleeker to accommodate items mounted on side rails such as lights. Finally, this aspect of the design will allow it to fit additional rails that the original AFG had issues with. The AFG2 should be considered an enhanced design and the original pattern which is now referred to as the AFG1, will no longer be produced.

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Finally, the Magpul Folding Pocket Gun

Two years ago, Magpul unveiled the FMG9, a modified Glock subgun. A video took on a viral life of its own. Now, Magpul is going to release the design as the Folding Pocket Gun. The only catch? It is being released through Magpul PTS as an airsoft gun. Same cool styling, just no real bullets.

Magpul Folding Pocket Gun

I am using one of Mil Spec Monkey’s pics since mine were too dark to make out.

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Kitted Out Brit Sharpshooter Rifle

Late last year we wrote an article about the new 7.62 NATO L129A1. During a visit to the Lewis Machine & Tool booth at SHOT Show I was able to examine a production example of the new L129A1 recently adopted by the UK Army for their small unit designated marksmen. This photo was recently published by Strike Hold!.


The large Trijicon sight is designed to offer a wide field of view and gather lots of ambient light and features a mini red dot back up as well as a simple reticle pattern. Pictured is a folding fore-grip from Cadex Defence (pictured is the old style) but was not on the rifle displayed in the LMT booth at SHOT Show. The weapon also features KAC BUIS, Magpul PRS stock, and Harris bipod.

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