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S.O.Tech Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

Those jokers at S.O.Tech Staff took the team room humor that pervades a gear sewing shop and combined it with their access to local Hollywood resources to create a video where they can laugh at themselves. Figuring that their customers like the same things they do, they thought they would share. We know that when we asked S.O.Tech’s owner, “Why did you put the holster on the vest like that?” Jim smiled and answered, “Because it looks cool and chicks dig it.” So, Get Some of That and Enjoy.

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Tactical Bacon

You read that right, Tactical Bacon. Think about it. It’s sheer genius. I can’t think of much better than bacon, except maybe tactical bacon. Mmmmmm.

Tactical Bacon

It comes already cooked in a can from the masterminds at CMMG and boasts a 10 year shelf life. Get yours today before it’s all gone.

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