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PDI Raven 01+ QPQ Inner Barrel

PDI Raven 01+ QPQ Inner Barrel

The newest inner barrel released by PDI-Japan for your gas blowback pistol that is designed to increase accuracy and durability. For those who into airsoft practical shooting, this is an inner barrel that you might want to consider in your next upgrade. The QPQ is corrosion-resistant, can endure fatigue, and abrasion-resistant that is even better than hard chrome plating. The following airsoft handguns, mainly of the Tokyo Marui brand, are ready to use the inner barrel:

  • HI-CAPA5.1
  • M.E.U.
  • M1911A1
  • GLOCK17
  • GLOCK18C (GBB)
  • SIG SAUER P226

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PDI TM G3 SG-1 Core Barrel

Now the latest upgrade goodie from X-Fire/PDI… "This product is high durabillity parts, and it is a product with which 'PDI G3 outer barrel' and "PDI G3 chamber block' were combined by press-fitting. It was necessary to adjust the inside diameter of the block according to the lot so far. But this product is produced with a best size, and it is possible to set at once.

This is the ‘Core’ of G3

G3 with 469mm inner barrel length has anxiety of durability on joint part of the front and the body. PDI brings the stability by set in mainly this "core" product.

Inner barrel is firmly fixed

Inner diameter is tight, and firmly fixes the inner barrel. It has the same accuracy as Real outer barrel Series. "

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PDI v Trigger for the Marui L96 AWS

Time for the TM L96 AWS users to make another hefty upgrade with this v Trigger from X-Fire/PDI-Japan… "This product is different from VSR-10 NewTrigger about 90%. The concept is same as VSR-10 New Trigger 'reliable handling'. At first, the set balance in the cylinder is not lose, and it does not fail cocking. Second, it can hold setting long time by SUS303 PistonEnd and PistonSear which is given QPQ processing. BOX is made by Duralumin. And Setpin, TriggerSear, Trigger are made by carbon steel.

  • PDI’s HD or VC Piston is necessary to use this product.
  • Safety lock is omitted. If you need it, please use one which bolt has.
  • This product is not for VSR-10"

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