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Viper Technologies Gas Blowbacks: FN Mfg. M16A2, M16A1 VN, XM-177. We Look, We Like

Viper Technologies, a niche Taiwanese manufacturer of higher end full metal Gas Blowback rifles, are1262527203 quickly becoming the darlings of the Vietnam mil-sim community with their XM177 and M16A1 VN replicas which are now production ready and have been getting good reviews from the airsoft fraternity. Thrown into the mix recently was also a FN Mfg. M16A2 replica, which is a refreshing change from the civilian COLT trademarks adorning most airsoft M16A2’s, giving a nod to FN Manufacturing’s long standing commitment to the US Military M16A2.

image image image image image image image image image

Along with the M16A2, Viper Tech has been busy pushing out models from the Vietnam XM177 SMG right up to the M4 and CQB-R. It’s hard to pinpoint any central point of information on their line of airsoft product, they have a website, but it’s sparse and shared with what appears to be their generic CNC milling business. The good news is, that they have an active Youtube channel that has catalogued the chronological evolution of the Viper GBB since Sept 2009, here is a selection of videos starting with the original egregious torture test video.

The Egregious Torture Test of the Viper GBB Out in the field with the Viper CQB GBB 8min endurance test of the Viper M4 GBB Testing the new XM-177 Prototype Colt Model 727 replica with alloy bolt carrier M16A1 Prototype Testing XM-177E2 Prototype Testing Viper conversion kit for WA Production ready XM-177E1


The Viper M16A1 VN, meanwhile, has been getting some special treatment, and by special treatment I mean some carefully crafted abuse and artificial deterioration to give it that used look which is only appropriate for a replica of a Vietnam relic. Check out the finish compared to say the often criticized black glossy appearance of the XM-177 (first image) from the pictures below courtesy of God Armed Blog.

ap_F23_20100418060717350 ap_F23_20100418060739193 ap_F23_20100418060755449 ap_F23_20100418060806506 ap_F23_20100418060817714 ap_F23_20100418060828277 ap_F23_20100418060840852 ap_F23_20100418060854417 ap_F23_20100418061010777


Viper are always thinking and always expanding their product line with a particular affection for Vietnam era rifles but keep an eye out for new additions to the below catalog such as an Mk18 replica which is believed to be in the works.



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WETTI XM-177 Gas Blowback Prototype

Another prototype has risen from the bowels of WE Research and Development via, the Vietnam era XM-177. I can’t tell from the angle if it has a forward assist so it may be the E1 model but certainly not theImage2 E2 as it’s a 10" barrel configuration.

Like the previous WE prototype articles, this XM-177 seems to be fairly accurate in its representation of the Vietnam era AR-15. Like my wishes for the WE M16A1 VN, I hope WE adopts the subtle design differences of the XM-177 by using a slim handguard and a non-tapered delta ring in the finished version. From the angle it’s unclear if WE will be using their new Open Bolt blowback system but it seems to be popping up in all the latest prototypes so I’d expect it. On with the pics.


p1030713 p1030714w p1030715f p1030716o

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