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YHM Specter Modular Weapon System

YHM Specter Modular Weapon System 01

Latest release from Action Sports Games, with newly licensed system from Yankee Hill Machine Co. Inc., which is expected to be available by the 1st of October 2010. I was expecting the Diamond Specter, but this will do as it allows you to convert the airsoft weapon depending on the environment you are operating in. According to the product brochure… “The Specter Modular Weapon Systems is the first truly flexible modular system for Airsoft rifles. The Yankee Hill Machine Co., Inc. (YHM) licensed system is made and distributed by ActionSportGames®, Denmark.

The Specter Modular Weapon Systems gives Airsoft players the flexibility to customize their AEG’s to fit any type of game – be it CQB, Speedball or long-range sniper games. By simply changing the upper receiver, players can customize their AEG’s enabling them to play with their preferred type of AEG in every game – taking the game to a whole new level.”

You can download the full product brochures by clicking on the images below:

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