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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: May 15, 2011

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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: May 11, 2011

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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: May 4, 2011

  • WA M4 GBB Shooting
    WA M4 GBB Shooting, With Original Plastic Receiver.
    Shooting Test
  • Redwolf Airsoft – Cybergun Dragon Sniper Rifle
    The Soviet styled Dragon sniper rifle from Cybergun. A good looking, good quality, skirmish performer that is incredibly affordable; a nice starter Sniper rifle.

    Product Link:

  • STOP California Senate Bill 798!!! -ASTKilo23-
    STOP California Senate Bill 798!!! -ASTKilo23-

    STOP the California senate bill bill 798. it forces all airsoft guns being imported to CA to a a neon color. print out, sign, and mail or fax it in to California senator Kevin de Leon. if he receives thousands of these letter, with luck it will put an end to this insane bill:


    below is a link to Crazyncman’s video that also pertains to the issue:

  • Airsoft Echo 1 Appreciation Day 2011
  • Ajax with Tactical Airsoft Supply reviews Ian’s New Custom Javelin Airsoft M16A3
    Ajax reviews Ian’s new Ajax Customs Javelin M16A3 Rifle. It is a mean machine shooting at 450FPS with .20g BB’s. Full Quad Rails all the way up for anything Ian wants to put on later. Want an airsoft rifle that will get you the kills you want? *AJAX CUSTOMS*
  • KS P90 ST Airsoft Gun Review
  • Stop California State Senate Bill 798! (SB 798) DO YOUR PART NOW!
    California is trying to pass another law(SB 798) to make airsoft gun a bright neon color in their state. If this bill passes it will affect ALL of us here in the United States and not just California.

    Click this link, print the picture, sign it and mail to the address to the State Senator!

    Please do you part and "like" this video, favorite this video and post it everywhere you can.

    We made it to page #1! Check it out here.

  • 16:9 video test (CAW M134 1000 rounds burst)
  • Ruger LCR: "Fast, Fun, Deadly" by Nutnfancy
    At 13.6 oz, the Model 5401 LCR is another favorite snub nosed .38 for me. I was surprised in this on some levels as I generally eschew hype on newly introduced guns, relaying more on long term track records to impress me. The LCR arrived on scene with a fair amount of hype. However in TNP the LCR did indeed establish an excellent track record and it forms the foundation of this TNP tabletop review. The gun was ran through multiple tactical shooting drills that were actually set up for full sized handguns, not this little snubbie. But with careful attention to the fundamentals I was able to make the LCR come alive in these drills and it posted truly amazing results: nearly every round connecting at 27 yds on an 8 inch steel plate (as well as the others). And that was with the heart rate and stress levels elevated after many runs in the course. It’s easy to fall in love with a gun that can do this, especially when it’s being asked to perform beyond its normal engagement ranges. So indeed accuracy seemed to be stellar. Reliabiltiy with various loads was 100% as well. A brief review of the ground breaking polymer and modular construction is undertaken here but the viewer should come away with the appreciation that it results in a very lighweight and yet durable revolver. The sights are excellent when painted or swapped out as discussed; the black on black left something to be desired. This LCR shot point of aim as well with most loads. The DAO trigger is another high point: one of the smoothest out of box triggers on any revolver yet tested. The Hogue Tamer grips are another win and I highly recommend them despite their rubbery exterior that can grab clothing. The "synergestic" polymer anodizing is tough but not impervious as the gun developed chips in it. Firepower like all snubbies is very limited and reloads are fraught with much opportunity for failures. Training in this and overall marksmanship is key (proven tips given). Being commercially successful results in more accessories and some of the best are found righ at where fit is guaranteed and several have the added specialness of the Ruger emblazoned logo. Value is high and the LCR’s pricing has provided stiff competition to the other .38 Specials out there. Other manufacturers are copying the LCR formula but I think they will be hard pressed to do it better (if they do, I will tell you). Variations of the LCR include the 3.7 oz heavier .357 Mag version (not preferred b. of this; it wears a steel-reinforced top strap) and a Crimson Trace outfitted version. For me the #5401 stoked with a +P .38 Special load, with a few speed loaders at the ready, will provide adequate security. POUs are as discussed by the LCR surprisingly emerges as a recreational gun as well. Great fun was had in its testing with standard pressure loads. Light, fast, and deadly. The LCR cries out only for a good marksman to complete this formula for excellence. ////////// Music licensed to TNP from Jason Shaw
  • "Why Big Knives Don’t Suck" by Nutnfancy
    Often misunderstood and untested by their armchair critics, large fixed blade knives serve impressively in certain roles. In this Nutnfancy Philosophy of Use video, the use of large fixed blades knives is explored. The focus is on wilderness use and how such tools excel in high altitude alpine environments when size and carry weight issues (SAWC) are considered. Contrasted against axe use, the large survival knife is usually safer and is more forgiving in stability bases (deep snow) when splitting wood. Several proven blades like the Ontario RTAK II, Cold Steel Trailmaster, the KaBar Heavy Bowie, the Ontario SP10 Marine Raider, and Ontario SP50 are referenced and shown. These knives are much proven in many hours of video form here in TNP as they tackle these woodscrafting tasks to include fire and shelter making. The axe possess certain disadvantages that dissuaded their use in my wilderness "stage:" usually has to be more specialized in its constructions for these jobs, it gets stuck in logs, and the large ones needed for effective large log are much heavier to pack in. A big blade can cut a 10" log in two with effective batoning. As such it can be a time saver when you are already tired from the steep hike in and succumbing to the effects of fatigue (less dexterity). Is this the time to have a specialized woods tool requiring special technique and skill? Hardly. Instead in most wilderness POUs the large blades minimize work and get your fires started faster, your shelters constructed quicker, and traps built easier. Also discussed are the POUs of edged weapon combat with large blades (unlikely), and their advantages of reach and mass. As in the days of old, they remain formidable weapons that deserve respect. And of course their possession soley as collectible and enjoyable 2nd Kind of Cool objects is validated. But I remain focused on the mountains here and drive home the point with much video and links to their originations. These large fixed blades are not however appropriate in every climate and environment and lighter weight options like the machete might be better. They should also be paired with lighter weight blades for more capabilities as well. In some day outings where the propensity for needing them is low, it is reasonable to leave them at home and go with a lighter mid-sized survival knife. For vehicular, cabin, backyard, RV, and campground camping where food and rest is plentiful, the axe is still a good choice. But if I’m packing steel up big mountains where things can get serious fast, usually a large woods blade is coming along to make my life easier up there.///////////Music licensed to TNP from Jason Shaw
  • Airsoft This IS Airsoft! Trailer
    Stay tuned for more weekly action footages coutesy of, it’s affiliates, and the Southern California Airsoft fields. This video is shot at Airsoft playground CQB. Please note that each field is different in FPS regulation, game play, surrender rules, magazine type allowed and more. Stay tuned for more!
  • KJW M700 Gas Airsoft Sniper Rifle Review
  • Major Update From crazyNCman!
    One of the biggest announcements I have made in a long time. The #1 airsoft review channel just got a lot bigger!

    Please visit all my websites below.

  • Desert Eagle Rapid Fire – JaceyMG42 HD
    Watch in HD!
    Jacey shooting his new Israel MK 1 Desert Eagle .357 mag.
  • Geardos for Jeff
    Filipino geardos put together a video for Jeff Figueroa who is presently battling cancer.

    Full story at:

  • (Airsoft War) Echo1 Appreciation Day at Desert Fox: MOUT
  • TSD – HFC M190 Full/Semi Auto Airsoft Pistol – RFR Episode 22
    Talk about a GREAT pistol for close quarter battle (cqb). When you spray your opponents with this intimidating full-metal blowback airsoft pistol, they won’t know what hit ‘em! Nick and Barry review the take down, special features, and accuracy of this pistol while showing viewers how to fill the airsoft gun with propane.
  • 東京マルイ ストライクウォーリア
  • 東京マルイ フォリッジウォーリア
  • Epic Knife Killing Spree!
    If you are quiet, sneaky and keep your cool you can pull off an epic knife kill like this! All in a good days fun at Cane Creek Airsoft. For field info please visit

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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: April 20, 2011

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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: April 17, 2011

  • Sonim XP 1
  • True story.
    oh you guise.
  • 田村トレーニングセンター 戦術訓練
  • 田村トレーニングセンター 初級射撃訓練
  • Menace Airsoft’s Jedi Answers Questions On Open Bolt Airsoft Guns and Tactical Equipment
    This is a short video to answer some questions posted to my videos and a short statement to a pain in the rear end that just won’t go away. Sorry tried to be classy coulda been allot worse. I’m just tired of this person and their childishness.
  • Airsoft Action 2011 – FAMAS, Masada, WE G39C, M4
    A little bit of some airsoft speedball filmed on multiple days at Picasso Lake Paintball, 2011.
  • Menace Airsoft’s Resources For Players And Where To Find Them
    Just a quick video to inform some of ya on the best places I’ve found for all things airsoft.
  • Combat City CQB Arena
    It is finally open guys. And it was worth the wait. I had fun. A bit crowded, but that is expected for the Grand Opening. Games were short and to the point, allowing for more opportunities to play with different groups. And also giving more players the chance to play at a much faster pace.. If you are in the Central Fl area, you have to check this place out.. 10000sq ft of Airsoft fun.
  • Menace Airsoft’s Proper Care For Your Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistols
    This video shows that proper care of your investment is benifical to it’s life span, and your ability to keep your gun for years to come. Allot of players will tell you to stay away from regular gun oils when cleaning this is because they don’t trust you to do it right so therefore they don’t take the time to show you how. OR they just plain don’t know themselves to show you how. 3 in 1 oil is one of the best gun oils on the market I’ve used it for years in real steel applications. As long as you slow down and pay close attenton to what you do, You too can benifit from it’s protective qualities.
  • Menace Airsoft’s WE Scar MK16 MOD 0 Maintenance
    This video show the Maintenace of the WE SCar MK16 MOD 0. Also it covers some common bugs found in this gun as well as the use of oils other than silicone in designated areas. where I know that the video is long, It covers allot of information. The first video "proper care of the gbb pistol" should’ve been first I’m having trouble uploading it it will be available soon.
  • GBB M4 + 1911 – Stoppages, Reloads and Transitions
    Up to my usual hi-jinx again in the garden, getting some practice in (lord knows I need it) with the G&P WOC and a TM 1911 on backup.

    Get a few stoppages on the rifle which need to be sorted, as well as some rifle and pistol reloads and switching between the 2 weapons.

  • RA TECH Socom Gear M200
    we took a video about socom gear M200.we show you how to operate this big gun,and use different green gas to compare the FPS difference.we also took a slow motion clip when the shell eject.
    One of almost 300 Airsoft War videos filmed in the UK you can see more at or Google "Scoutthedoggie"


    Filmed near Falkirk in central Scotland, if you wish to play here the game dates and directions etc are on the POW website at

    The guns seen in this video are supplied and maintained by

    Filmed using a Canon 550d Rebel DSLR type camera, recorded at 720p PAL HD at 50 frames per second, edited using Apple iMovie 09 on an Apple MacBook Pro

  • Magpul (& others) Unboxing – 14 APR 11
    A small shipment from the states this time, taking a look at:
    -Magpul’s 2011/2012 tactical girls calendar
    -The 3 gun gear shotgun side saddle
    -Blackhawk SERPA QD system components
    -Some other fun magpul dynamics stuff
  • Nutnfancy SHOT Show 2011: "The Leatherman Way"
    Leatherman breaks ground with two new, super high value multi-tools for 2011: the Sidekick and the Wingman. Each has a useful and impressive tool loadout, small size, light weight, and amazingly affordable price for a US made MT. Well done! With Leatherman host Brad, we take some close looks at these MTs and many others in the Leatherman line up. My enthusiasm remains high as it ever has been for the outstanding Juice S2, the Wave, the Charge, the SuperTool 300, the Surge, Blast, Fuse, and Kick multi-tools and they remain standard setting in many ways. The newly re-designed Squirt ES4 integrates scissors AND mini-pliers, a design feature I campaigned for years ago. The PFIDude/PFIFDAD team come along for the fun as we discuss the ins and outs of these excellent pocket tools. Along the way we discuss features we like and even have Brad do a mini-review on the Leatherman MUT. Including a 25 year warranty, these are some of the best MTs on the planet and well worth the money.///////////////////////////////Music:
  • Discover Columbus – Part 1
    On a mission to discover Columbus.
    Filmed in Columbus County North Carolina.
  • Airsoft Echo 1 XCR Review

    Echo1 Fully Licensed Robinson Armory XCR Airsoft AEG Rifle

    The Echo1 Fully Licensed Robinson Armory XCR is yet another great release from Echo1’s already impressive list of AEG’s. Based on the Robinson Armory XCR, this rifle combines some of the great features on an AR-15/M4 platform with an extremely modular design. The Echo1 XCR features a Full CNC Aluminum Receiver, a Tactical Folding Stock, and a Full Length Rail System for all your tactical accessories! The Echo1 XCR also comes with a mock PEQ box to house your battery.

    Muzzle Velocity: 370-400 FPS (Measured with 0.20g BB’s)
    Materials: Steel, CNC Aluminum, High Impact Polymer
    Length: 29"/ 20.25" (Total/Folded)
    Barrel Length: 9.00" Outer Barrel / 9.75" (247MM) Inner Barrel
    Magazine: 120rd Mid-Capacity
    Motor: Medium Type
    Battery: 9.6v 1600 mAh PEQ Box Type Recommended. 7.4v Lipo also recommended for better performance. Battery can either be housed in upper receiver (7.4v Stick Lipo) or in the included Mock PEQ box (9.6v Custom Type NiMH or 7.4v Nunchuck Lipo). Battery not included.
    Custom 9.6v PEQ Battery can be purchased here.

    Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Mock PEQ battery box, Manual

    – Full length Rail System
    – Authentic Engraved Trademarks
    – Unique Serial Number
    – Side Folding Stock
    – Ambidextrous Bolt Release
    – 45 Degree Fire Control Selector
    – Working Bolt Assembly
    – Full CNC Aluminum Receiver

    Information on the Real Steel Robinson Armory XCR:
    The XCR Modular Weapon System offers ergonomics, accuracy, reliability, durability, and modularity found on no other weapon system. The XCR’s "Kalashnikov Theory" operating system uses a super reliable piston driven, heavy-duty, three-lug bolt which incorporates a heavy duty extractor and a fixed ejector. The XCR in any configuration can be converted to fire multiple calibers with a simple change of the barrel, bolt, magazine, and brass deflector. Not only is the XCR super reliable and durable, its maintenance is extremely simple and straightforward lowering the total cost of ownership.

  • Inside the Mechbox: A&K airsoft M4 D1 Internal Upgrade Pt.1
    ASTKilo23 along with AirSplat present the first in a series of internal Upgrades for the A&K M4 D1 AEG rifle. This outstanding airsoft cqb rifle presents a solid base to upgrade or modify. In this first video he uses a high torque motor, along with an m100 spring to increase the rate of fire and trigger response time
  • Skirmish Time
    pictures by NUTz shot @ Area51 Shotton on 10th April 2011.
    Check out: for MORE! – created at

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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: April 13, 2011

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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: April 10, 2011

  • Airsoft Scare Prank
    We had their parent’s permission to do this, there were three adults in the room and they all knew this was going to happen. They just never told their kids thats all. This was a JOKE! Its not like these kids were traumatized from us doing this prank. I came up with the idea haha

    I was the one with the tan helmet, tan iron face, and smoked goggles.

  • (Gear) Painting your Airsoft Gear
    Watch Ranger as he shows you how to paint your Airsoft mask.
    nothing sums us up like this vid and the song chosen. Welcome to the jungle we got fun and games. If you got the money hony we got what you need
    this is a song written and performed by my best friend and adopted brother scapegoat
  • "Snowblind" Pt 3 of 4, Tactical Solutions Testing
    When the going gets tough…well you know the rest. And it does get tough as the night wears on in this TNP RunNGun hosting Keith, CEO of Tactical Solutions. I’ll call it a blizzard: high winds, plummeting temps, and heavy snow made the runs a challenge. Runs show more Pac-Lite and Trail-Lite receiver uppers, the TSG-22, AR-22 LT, and even a Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 (for comparison in condition) in action. In the high winds just hearing the steel hits was tough. But it was an ideal testing ground if you ask me and I relished it. Cr0cket20 was the TNP Crew Member on this outing and he manned up for several runs in the snow. We lost "Roxanne" along the way and she’s probably still out there frozen solid. The TSG-22 Glock .22 conversion ran well at first and then developed some issues on my (3rd Gen Glock 17) frame; jams were frequent. The Pac-Lite and Trail-Lite Rugers and the 10/22s ran impressively. The AR-22 is mostly reliable. Again these are rimfires and ammo consistency comes into play too (several light primer strikes caused us problems and I interrupted the runs to investigate them a bit). Keep those hands warms fellas…we got more testing to do!////////////////Music: Licensed to TNP from Jason Shaw.
    lol i’ll prolly catch hell for this one but this is why Goats such a great guy he’s always doin stupid shit like this. It’s hard to play when you’re laughin on the ground!
  • OP Bad Karma 2009
  • Rama Game Part 2
    goat at F. Rama Game 2010
  • Ft Rama game part 1
    Goat at Ft. Rama Game 2010

  • Menace Airsoft Tech room in Pa. Office with Scapegoat
    a video from goat at the Pa. Office in the Airsoft Tech room notice OCC on TV gets him in the fabrication mood lol.
  • AEG Burst Wizard Review/Shooting
    All new airsoft innovation for those of you who want a burst option on your AEG!—inline-mosfet-conversion.html

  • Ajax with Tactical Airsoft Supply demonstrates his Custom M4 Javelin in the Field
    Ajax with Tactical Airsoft Supply demonstrates his Custom M4 Javelin in the Field. precision, power, accuracy and range. This is what Ajax is all about. From years of actual hands on field experience he has developed a near perfect competitive level and ultra reliable platform. You wont see any manufacture or big box retailer running their products through such harsh conditions on a constant basis.
  • La Ropa Universal by Liam9595
  • Menace Airsoft’s Tactical Loadout Series
    Gear up and let us see whatca got!
    This video series is set up to show
    All airsofters and real steel operators kit loadout rig whatever you call it. This is a way to show off your stuff and gain views as well as make new
    Cyber friends and basically share your knowledge
  • Menace Airsofts Tactical Loadout Series Operator Chris Taylor’s Rig
    This is an addition sent to us by operator chris Taylor one of our field testers for Menace Airsoft.
    Send us your load out vids be it real steel or airsoft runnings We’ll add it to our channel! this is the best way I know of to show the vast array of gear applications and diversity that is Tactical weapons.
  • Gerald Celente -The First Great War of the 21st Century – MIRROR
    Everyone should mirror this.
  • BackPack, Backpack, Yeah!
    No, this is not a vid for Dora the Explorer… Prob should be, have you seen how much she puts in that backpack of hers?

    here is a link to more info:

    Great gear for camping, backpacking and hiking. This unit is roomy and comfortable to tote. A Close-Out lightens the usual price by a lot!

    Lightweight aluminum frame provides support and torso movement
    Breathable foam back ventilates and cushions loads
    Tough 600-denier polyester fabric resists abrasions
    Zip side pockets
    Tool loops, cargo straps and side compression straps
    Fully adjustable torso length
    Fully padded, adjustable hip belt for a custom fit
    Extendable top
    Adjustable shoulder straps
    Daisy chain webbing. Measures 12 x 8 x 26"h. when not expanded. 6 1/4 lbs.

  • Airsoft: TSS is Back! in Orlando
    Info for this place can be found:

    Or you can call them at the number I mention in the video.

  • New Lens Testing on the Flip
    Recorded on April 9, 2011 using a Flip Video camera.

    This is just a random Test for vid with adaptor I installed on the Flip HD..

  • Airsoft: Combat City Indoor Arena! Exciting!
    Information can be found here:

    The indoor arena’s first game is set for April 16.
    The arena is being opened at 522 S Econ Dr, Oviedo 32765 in the Southpark Business Center. This is off of Alafaya Trail / Econ River Place – approximately 1 mile from UCF. (yes about 1000 feet away from HardKnocks Laser Tag)

    The facility is 10,000 sq ft. The new airsoft store will be located here as well. The entire arena is airconditioned.

    ALL GUNS WILL BE BROUGHT IN AND OUT IN A CASE. This is a must and stated in the lease. This area is a mixture of gymnastic places, indoor training facilities, indoor soccer field, and a very small church. The landlord does not want guns in the parking lots or any shooting out there. Parking is not the greatest and we have to be considerate of the other businesses.

    Actual power, water, and restrooms will be a shocking addition to airsoft

    If you are curious about the layout i can tell you this. Scott, Hula, Bill, John, & Auto have spent their time designed the interior from a players standpoint. There will be elevated catwalks and hallways / obstacles. It is not the largest arena by any means, but we are trying to incorporate ideas to make it alot of fun. Low light, black lights, fog machines, sound effects, etc. (i want to rapell inside but ?????)

    April 16 should be the official opening date as if everything goes well.
    The pricing will be right in line with the current pricing at the outdoor, possible just in a different format which will be explained on the new indoor website.
    The hours are slated to be
    Mon, Tues, Wed 1600-2200
    Fri 1200 – 2300
    Sat 1200 – 2300
    Sun 1200 – 2200

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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: April 6, 2011

  • RedBarn Rolling Assault March 2011
    This footage has been filmed on my Canon Elph SD4500 and Canon 550d in 1080p and edited on my MacBook Pro using iMovie 11 and FCE.
    Recorded in Ireland at one of the many up and coming Irish sites you can find more vids at my channel
  • 4.9 Strikeforce Kawajiri/Aoki/Takaya Fight!! – PV
    2011年4月9日(現地時間)、アメリカ・カリフォルニア州サンディエゴにて開催される『Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Daley』に、日本から川尻達也、青木真也、高谷裕之の参戦が決定。スペシャルプロモーションビデオ(ロングバージョン)をお届けする。
  • What’s next?
    A quick look at a couple of reviews in the pipeline with products supplied by or
  • Airsoft GI – GITV Team Share Experiences from Operation Irene, Red Storm, and Iron Angel
    There’s a lot of MILSIM experience on the Airsoft GI TV team. In this video Aaron, Bob, and Tim share some of their most memorable MILSIM game experiences. If you want to create your own awesome airsoft memories sign up for Operation Mojave Thunder by calling Airsoft GI at (909) 869-0671 today!
  • CZ75 duty
    CZ75 P-07 Duty CO2 Airsoft Pistol. For full review please goto
    firing test & chrono results.
    Note the foresight goes flying off!
  • Pistol Laser
    Another inexpensive accessory for you Pistol lovers out there. comes through yet again with a cheap alternative to those hi end Lasers on the market.
  • Airsoft GI – OPLCMSS Presents Operation Red Storm 2 Part 1
    Operation Red Storm is a military simulation airsoft game that took place on March 19-20 at what was once the Whittier Juvenile Detention Facility. This is an epic airsoft game at a unique location, see the action here!
  • Airsoft GI – Bob Interviews Igor Dobroff at Operation Red Storm 2
    Igor Dobroff is a terrific character, and Bob has a very candid conversation with him at Operation Red Storm 2.
  • Airsoft GI – Employee AEGs & Accessories Picks – KWA SR12 – G&G MP5 – ICS SIG
    Chris goes over the guns and accessories that make up our 3rd round employee picked guns and accessories. Edited by Tim!
  • Skirmish Report – Tokyo Marui Five-Seven (MilSimJunkie)

    Follow this gun:
    Check out MilSpec Airsoft:
    Thanks to CrazyNCMan for the opportunity to review:


    CQB City
    Stockton, California


    Please visit:
    Please follow:

  • Skirmish Report: CA LWRC M6
    Yet another edition of "The Skirmish Report". Presented by in conjunction with

    Classic Army LWRC M6
    Classsic Army brings us yet another "Affordable" entry into the AEG lineup. This latest entry is quite a good one. It is skirmish ready right out of the box, able to perform as needed without any modification to the gearbox.

    Light weight
    Good ROF on 9.6v
    Decent Range for a CQB length AEG
    Cost Effective
    Ease of use (Battery, BB’s, Play)
    Usable FPS in most areas (330FSP)
    Fire Select is very Stiff (Crisp selection)

    Limited Battery Space
    Hop Up adjustment can be a pain to get to
    Hop up does not hold adjustment for long(Mentioned fix in VId)
    Only 2 Sling mounting points
    Price point is still slightly high for entry level (But gone is worth it)
    Ejection Port Door is a Pain to access for hop adjustment

    For their intended Customer Base, this CA gun is a good alternative to the other "Entry Level" guns on the market. It does not do anything with extreme results, but it definately does everything good enough to get the job done. I put roughly 4000 BB’s through this gun at a blistering rate. Basically testing its ability to keep up wth the use of a "Spray and Pray" styled player. I feel the "S&P" style of play is the hardest on GB’s and can help get a good idea of how well put together an AEG is. The LWRC M6 performed well, and showed no signs of failure the entire weekend. Minus 1 battery failure, I never had any need to stop playing. It kept up with my demands, and performed really well. This gun must be added to the list of guns to check out for someone looking to get into the sport on a budget.

    *The Chrono Numbers. I tested this gun before I used it at the field and it was chronoing 360 FPS with no Hop Up applied. When shot in this state at the field, the BB’s traveled about 20 feet before nose diving to the ground. With Hop Up adjust (As in VId), the FPS was at a consistant 330 range. This makes this gun usable at every field here in Florida, and most fields across the nation.

    * is running a special on this gun. Gun, battery and Charger in the $250 range. So for around $250 you have a complete Skirmish Package. Check them out, and have fun with Airsoft

  • Daniel Maher Charity Day at RedBarn with MIA
    Daniel Maher Charity RedBarn with MIA.

    If you feel you could help out with this charity or donate any money please feel free to call or email or go to their youtube page

    Thanks again to all who turned out to support the event and raise €3500 for Daniel.

  • Assimilate the Defenders – X-Site April 2011
    Gunning with my A&K SAW, kindly filmed by my brother jonathan on my Samsung HMX-R10 at X-Site airsoft skirmish site near to High Wycombe on the 3rd of April 2011.

    In this scenario, most of the players attending start off defending the building with just a small attacking force, but every time a defender takes a hit they switch to the attacking side, so it’s all about seeing how long the defence team can hang in there.

  • STALKER – People Soup – Forgotten Forest
    oh god help
  • GoMilsim Evolution 9 – A&K M60VN
  • (Airsoft War) RAINBOW at Warped Ops – First encounter – Our airsoft team goes to visit Warped Ops airsoft in Castaic, California. This was a great airsoft field and we encourage airsoft players in the southern California area to check it out.

    This video is a compilation of different games and some highlights of our day at Warped Ops airsoft park. Enjoy!

  • 70th anniversary Red Ryder BB gun
    Daisy model 10 carbine
    400-rd BB reservoir
    Fixed front & rear sights
    Wood forearm and buttstock
    Steel barrel & barrel band
    Leather thong and saddle ring
    Trigger block safety
    193 yds max shooting distance
  • Crosman pumpmaster classic
    Model Number 1377C
    Power SourcePump
    Caliber.177 pellet
    Velocity Up to 600 fps
    Weight (oz) 32oz
    Length (in) 13.625in
    Barrel Material Rifled steel
  • Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun First Shots: "Eat Lead" Pt 1 by Nutnfancy
    The KelTec KSG shotgun rocks the desert in the new Nutnfancy "Eat Lead" Drill. Combining combat-style of shotgunning with some challenging pistol targets, Eat Lead is a fast-paced course that starts in a trench and winds through sage brush and juniper. Many opportunities emerge for both system and shooter failure, always providing excellent and real systems data for the viewer. This will be the world video premier of the KSG being ran like this. With its 7+7+1 mag tube systems, short bullpup configuration, double pistol grips, and lightweight, the KSG is a cutting edge design. We come up with a few solid ideas however to make it better. With crew PFIDude, PFIDad, and Chad from Kel-Tec, this Nutnfancy Crew steps up and locks in to find out how it stacks against the proven speed and reliability of a Winchester 1300 in the course. Add in the handgunning, the joking, the workout, the gear surprises (oh yeah, there’s lots), and you have yourself another fun and exhausting Nutnfancy RunNGun course…Eat Lead.///////////////////////Note: Downloading the KSG in the initial runs is imperative for a good test. Running full tubes would not have explored the complicated reload/switchover process unless the course was lengthened to an expensive, tiring, and time consuming 30 rds! And keep in mind, I ran several runs with full power 00 Buckshot as well…try that with 30 rds… I dare you. ☺ As I show and discuss, the KSG is different than any other gun and requires understanding and practice. In later runs we run it full to demonstrate capabilities and gather data. I suggest any critics to this decision look to other sources for the standard armchair group think and non-critical assessment on this new product. TNP has never been this. You will learn much more about the KSG here and how you the viewer could be expected to run the gun under some stress as a represented by different skill levels within the crew. /////////////////////Music: Licensed to TNP from

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