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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: March 30, 2011

  • UFMAC Tournament – Opening Prayer
    Opening prayer at the 1st Annual Unified Filipino Martial Arts Council tournament at Lowell High School.
  • UFMAC Tournament – Group Competition
    Group competition during 1st Annual Unified Filipino Martial Arts Council tournament at Lowell High School.
  • Eskabo Daan Performing
    Eskabo Daan performing during the 1st Annual Unified Filipino Martial Arts Council tournament at Lowell High School.
  • 1st Annual UFMAC Tournament – Opening Ceremonies
    The Lowell High School Junior ROTC presented colors at the 1st Annual Unified Filipino Martial Arts Council Tournament.
  • Euro Pave in Japan!
    1km of uphill pave in Yokohama Japan…..oh Bliss!
  • CQB CITY AIRSOFT ACTION MARCH 27th 2011 (TM Five Seven Golden AK L85 MP5k)

    Gameday: March 27, 2011


    CQB City
    Stockton, California


    Most Notable Weapon of the day was a tie between a TM Five Seven, Golden AK, and an L85.

    Most Notable Loadout of the Day was a player decked out in British uniform complete with a L86.


    Remember to play hard, Fight Hard


    Please visit:
    Please follow:


    Let him know to visit MilSimJunkie @ CQB City

  • SRC Gas AK-74U in Action at the North Atlantic Airsoft Expo 2011
    Thanks to the Sewell Gang from On-Target Airsoft, we got some ‘trigger time’ on the Demo Range at the 2011 North Atlantic Airsoft Expo with SRCs Gas Blowback AK-74U. Impressive build, nice accuracy and tons-o-fun…just watch Darin Sewell and our own "Botasky" Rock-’n Roll at SHOWPLACE in High Point, NC All Thumpy’s NAA and SHOT Show 2011 Coverage is SPONSORED BY BIG BOY TOYS AIRSOFT and their new store in Greensboro, NC
  • Evergreen Airsoft Game March 3rd, 2011: Modified CTF -ASTKilo23-
    Evergreen Airsoft Game March 3rd, 2011: Modified CTF -ASTKilo23-

    this video has been modified by several minutes from its original format due to personal request by people in the video and legal issues.

  • Redwolf Airsoft – IWA 2011 Real Sword Booth
    Arclight swings by the Real Sword booth to find quite the variety of new guns from a manufacturer with a reputation for quality of quantity. We even ran into the son and grandson of Yevgeny Dragunov, designed of the real steel SVD, to see what they thought of the RS SVD.
  • Pistol Series 2 – WE 1911 MEU
    We look at theWE1911 MEU in tan from
  • Airsoft Mid-Cap vs. Hi-Cap 101
    Airsoft 101

    Mid-Cap vs. Hi-Cap Magazine

    "Cap" = Capacity

    Mid= non-winding (generally 80~120 rds.)
    High= winding (generally 200+ rds.)

    For all the intermediate/pro airsofters out there…please feel free to comment below and let all the new airsofters know your opinions and views!

    Thanks for watching EvikeTV!

  • Luisito Espinosa
    Former WBA and WBC boxing champion Luisito Espinosa stopped by Eskabo Daan in San Francisco during a seminar featuring Sifu Leo Fong, GM Michael Giron, GM John R. Malmo, and GM Robert Castro.
  • MadBull Airsoft Licensed SUREFIRE Suppressors …Shhhh
    Introducing the MadBull full licensed quick-detach mock SUREFIRE suppressors.

    Featuring a lightweight aluminum, hard anodized, and quick-detach design. All mock suppressors come with a free compensator and attach to virtually any airsoft gun that has a -14 ccw thread.

    More info at::

    Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for contests and the latest news on our products.

  • "Nation of Riflemen: Why the NRA Rocks" by Nutnfancy
    You can thank the NRA that we continue to be a "Nation of Riflemen." Granted this is an ideal lost on many if not most, but in most states this national and personal security asset is alive and well…and protected by the NRA. Many reasons are given by usually reasonable people why they can’t or won’t join and participate in the organization. I address a few of them here along with my answer to each. The "protectionist" forces arrayed against the American gun owner are legion and very well financed. And yet it usually falls on the relatively small shoulders of the NRA to do all the battling as they have for years, many examples given. It takes commitment, courage, and lots of money to wage and win the battles in preserving and RESTORING the American right to bear arms. It is an individual right, God-given and yet many state and federal laws and statutes trample it every year. Through its NRA/ILA arm, the organization works tirelessly to overturn and prevent draconian laws that serve to limit, register, track, pursue, harass, and ultimately disarm the law abiding gun owner. All freedom lovers, whether here or abroad should be found within the ranks of the NRA. If you are a gun owner help pull your weight, don’t sweat the small disagreements in policy, and stand up an be counted. Being a Nation of Riflemen is costly and it takes patriots to keep it a reality.////////////////////////// NRA YouTube page at:; Join NRA at: for ONLY $25 annually (Regular price is $35)
  • CyberGun/KWC CO2 BlowBack Desert Eagle Airsoft Field Report
    Let us know if you like these videos! Buy it here:–50-ae-co2-airsoft-pistol.html

  • Black Ops Elite Airsoft Rules of Engagement by BoE Captain Rad
    Black Ops Elite’s Captain Rad briefs players on the Rules of Engagement. These are briefed at the beginning of every game day. Three of the biggest points stressed are: RESPECT, INTEGRITY, SAFETY.
  • 2nd April – a Reminder
    Don’t forget that the Daniel Maher day in on the 2nd April (Saturday) at RedBarn in conjunction with MainIrishAirsoft
  • Deepfire + Magpul PTS airsoft AEG collaboration
    Deepfire teams up with Magpul’s PTS dvision to provide branded professional custom AEG’s for the airsoft professional. They will provide deepfire m4’s with custom MOE handguards, cts adjustable stocks, and tactical PMAGS. four different colors will be released in the SIlver and Professional series models for a total of 36 variations
  • Pt 3, Kel-Tec Faces World’s Best .308 Battle Rifles: "Have No Fear" by Nutnfancy
    Pending///////////Music: Licensed to TNP from Jason Shaw
  • Pt 2, Kel-Tec Faces World’s Best .308 Battle Rifles: "Have No Fear" by Nutnfancy
    Can the Kel-Tec RFB catch up? It runs well in this Part 2 of "No Fear" as it continues with little lubrication with the various shooters in the TNP Sledgehammer Drill. Best score so far with the RFB is 32 points with Chad from Kel-Tec. But the FN 17S having thrown down 54 pts in the Nutnfancy Run #1 will be a hard catch (in fact the 9 hits at 200 yds is a course record). We are in for a few surprises though as an optics mount comes loose (good job Chad!), a pistol goes flying, the PMR-30s continue to jam, and even the FN 17S has a failure to feed. Did I say surprises? Actually it’s the norm as the Sledge course as it continues functions as designed, revealing real data that will be useful and entertaining to the viewer. Lunch time ensues with the fellas and we inhale the cajun grilled chicken on french rolls in the high wind. Speaking of wind, I generate a bit of my own as usual for a little more entertainment. As testament to his coolness, we treat Chad as one of our own as we continue working the guns hard and making fun of each other. Welcome to Part 2 ///////////////////////Music: Licensed to TNP from Jason Shaw

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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: March 27, 2011

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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: March 23, 2011

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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: March 20, 2011

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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: March 16, 2011

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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: March 13, 2011

  • New Airsoft Map Feature – Quick Skirmish Event Dates Addition
    This is just a quick video to document a new feature added to the Airbana Airsoft Map allowing you to add multiple events very quickly. In this example I add an entire years worth of events for a particular Skirmish site with full synopsis, description, start and end times, places, prices etc in less than a minute.
    Come out and play @ Pic. PB on March 19th. We are always looking for new players. $20 Admission for all day play. REMEMBER A BARREL SOCK!

  • (Airsoft Tactics) Primary to Secondary
    Watch Ranger as he shows you how to properly pivot turn with a airsoft rifle, and how to properly switch from your airsoft rifle to your airsoft pistol. Remember this is for airsoft only. Be sure to be safe with your airsoft guns and always use eye protection.
  • Solitary Complete trailer
    I’m making a compilation/re-edit of Solitary that will be around 30 minutes long and will contain all ten parts, combined into one story. I found this unfinished "Previously on Solitary…" while going through some old files and thought, hey, why not upload something for once.
  • Lost HVA Combative Airsoft War
    A video from a war i just found and never uploaded so here it is!
  • T-Virus (Resident Evil) Sinnet Preview by TIAT
    The T-Virus Sinnet is a nod to the mythology and imagery of the Resident Evil series. More specifically, the look of the sinnet was inspired by the fictional, man-made virus, created by "Umbrella Corporation". Relatively easy to tie, the sinnet makes a great bracelet or belt.
  • Sig551, PPSh-41, G&G Scar Airsoft Forest War Game Scotland 2011 HD
    I have over 20,000 followers on Facebook at

    1 of almost 300 Airsoft War videos filmed in the UK to see more go to or just Google "Scoutthedoggie"

    Filmed at POW Airsoft which is close to Falkirk, scotland, you will need to register on their website to find out game dates, cost to play etc at

    Filmed on a Canon 550D at 1080p HD, edited on an Apple MacBook pro using iMovie 09. There is no camera crew used to make these videos its all done by one person…ME.

    If you need Airsoft guns in the UK then I usually buy from

  • "Desert Quicksand:" The Definition of Stuck by Nutnfancy
    Now DUDE…that’s is stuck! Murphy’s Law in full effect on another Nutnfancy tactical shoot. This time we’re hosting CEO of Tactical Solutions Keith as comes down to our neck of the woods. Awful weather was in store which made the desert treacherous for travel. What looks to be a firm gravel dirt quickly becomes a mud bog when it’s been soaked like this. No matter the truck or technique, when you’re in, you’re in. Even careful driving with the outstanding Nissan Pro-4X and it’s locking differential can’t bring us out of this Desert Quicksand. Luckily I was by the road as I flipped this brody and dug in…making a quick extraction with my tow strap from another passing vehicle possible. But between here and there is a world of mud and slop as everything conspires against us to get this shoot going! When it rains, it pours. You just gotta’ laugh./////////////// Music: DoKashiteru
  • 2011/03/11 Earthquake, Yokohama
  • "Elevations of Rimfire:" Tactical Solutions and TNP, Pt 1
    Join The Nutnfancy Project up in Boise, Idaho as we touch base with Tactical Solutions and crew. For years they have made some the coolest and most useful modifications to Ruger and Browning .22s: the Pac-Lite and Trail-Lite receiver barrels and the X-Ring .22 barrels for 10/22s. The TacSol barrels transform these guns into super lightweight and good looking guns with perhaps a tactical flavor. The threaded barrels help too, prepping the gun for either the TacSol proprietary compensator or a suppressor (perhaps their own Cascade design), both useful in many POUs. Produced in some wicked colors, PFIDude and myself check out the production and finished products of these and some other newer TacSol products here. Kinda’ like their new full size Glock TSG-22 .22 conversion slide (milled out of 4140 steel), the 2211 .22 1911 conversions, AR-22s, and X-Ring 10/22 receivers. Of course while we kid around along the way, I make sure we hit the key points of the designs and make some honest observations where appropriate. And somewhere along the way a Great Pyrenees finds interest in PFIDude’s crotch…what?! Keith, crew, and their dog were great hosts in this TNP visit. We are motivated to get out and shoot these guns after the visit with Keith and do just that. But windy conditions, a rushed schedule, and some jams conspire against us and we end up down in the TNP desert stomping grounds make the shoot a reality. But things get interesting then. In a driving rain and a blizzard the TacSol shoot finally takes place and in the end we give these guns a real test in these harsh conditions (with enough mud for anyone!). ////////////////Music: Jason Shaw
  • Aftermath AK47 (Cheapsoft Airsoft Gun) -ASTKilo23-
    this is not a real review. do not take it seriously. its just for fun.
  • Redwolf Airsoft – Pantac Baggage
    Pantac makes a vast variety of combat gear, in this video we are looking a selection of bags to give you and idea of what they offer. Many different shapes and styles, all in full 1000D Cordura and milspec build quality.
  • Airsoft GI – Japan Earthquake 3/11/2011 – Our Hearts Go Out to Those Affected
    Earthquakes have riddled the across the globe in the past few years with the most recent, and one of the strongest, to hit Japan yesterday. This is not an airsoft related incident but we would like to take a moment and mourn those who died, and pray for those who have been affected by this terrible disaster.
  • (Airsoft Series) Jugger What?! behind the scenes and bloopers – Here is a peek behind the scenes with the RAINBOW team as they filmed the first episode of their web series titled "Jugger What?!". Hope you enjoy the video.

    We had a blast filming this episode. We try to keep the series as close to an actual game of airsoft as we possibly can. We of course glorify it a little bit because when you boil it down, we’re just grown men playing with toy guns. Hahaha…

    These were filmed in Southern California.

  • AirSplat ON DEMAND: Deep Fire M4 Silver Series 1 Airsoft Gun Review Episode 63
    Jake and Kristen go over the Deep Fire M4 Silver Series 1 Airsoft Electric Rifle. This thing is full metal with high end Deep Fire internals. This m4 airsoft gun can withstand many different battery voltages and comes with advanced parts like Deans connectors. Check it out!

    *All Airsoft Guns Require Orange Tips*

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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: March 9, 2011

  • G&G Armament F2000 for Airsoft with Adjustable Muzzle Velocity (fps)
    Rangemaster Larry of Airsoft Medicine demonstrates how you can safely and easily adjust the muzzle velocity (feet per second) on the G&G Armament F2000 airsoft gun distributed by Cybergun. It can be adjust to fire anywhere from 300 fps up to near 380 fps with the turn of a screw which adjusts the tension of the spring guide. This is a very versatile and ergonomic AEG rifle. Larry also describes the eye relief of the scope included with the Hunter model. The gun demonstrated is the G&G F2000 Hunter-L DST, also called the G2010 Hunter-L DST.
  • Redwolf Airsoft – Airsoft Surgeon
    Airsoft Surgeon pistols are added to our line up in dribs and drabs over time so it can be hard to get a feel for the spread sometimes. This video puts a whole bunch of them on screen as the same time to you can get a good look.
  • – SOCOM Gear PWS Mk1 Series Review
    Villain gives an overview of the new SOCOM Gear PWS Series AEGs and his 2 cents on the matter as well. These are some quality guns and the best part is that they are extremely affordable!
  • Live Airsoft Talk/Web Show!
    March 19th, 8 PM Eastern Time
  • Extremely Random Vid Enjoy!
    Yes, I know it is long. But it takes time to show and discuss these guns. It would have been an hour long if I discussed my Pistol Collection.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I will reply if I see them. Thanks for watching guys.

  • Tru-Spec WeatherShield Rain Pant by U.S. Cavalry

    Gameday: March 6, 2011


    CQB City
    Stockton, California


    SPECIAL REQUEST Leave a comment on FREDDIEW youtube and let him know MilSimJunkie1 sent you!


    Most notable weapon of the day were the many shotguns that appeared on the field this day. Yay! For springers!


    Please visit:
    Please follow:

    Video reportaje del Área de exhibición de producto para los profesionales del sector Airsoft y Wargames.



    Verlac mayorista de réplicas, complementos y equipamientos "low-cost" nos delita con un stand saturado de material. Todo cabe en Verlac, los nuevo uniforme ORIGINAL desert digital, mochilas, chalecos, visores, arma corta y larga. Guentes Machanix hace presencia con ellos, así como munición BB Orbital.


    Como distribuidor mayorista Kerma nos da a conocer el catálogo completo de Cybergun y además nos deleitan con la presentación de colecciones exclusivas de King Arms y Magpul. Este distribuidor destaca por aportar por la gama alta de éstas dos marcas. Infinidad de complementos y accesorios.


    ICS y FLYYE son la marcas que abanderan Iberengine. El mayorista apuesta por ofrecer un catálogo completo con stock permanente. Esta nueva forma de afrontar la distribución nos hace entrever la profesionalidad que está tomando todo el sector profesional.


    Mallanets se incorpora al sector airsoft aportando soluciones vinculadas a los tejidos seguridad, señalización y atrezzo. Sus productos están dirigidos tanto a la competición de recorrido de tiro y a la protección de público en eventos al aire libre. Nos sorprende con sus dianas reutilizables que han demostrado su resistencia y valía en la galería de tiro, de la que es patrocinador.


    Con base en Tarragona, como productora de eventos presenta su catálogo de juegos dirigidos al público general en que se simulan situaciones reales de confrontación armada. Con ellos podemos experimentar sensaciones que nos permiten ponernos en la piel de un cuerpo armado.


    El importado exclusivo para España y Portulgal de linternas Fénix presenta la nueva colección para la campaña 2011. Destacan, modelos de todas la potencias lumínicas y tamaños, todas esperadamente muy bien construidas.


    La Federació Catalana d’Airsoft acude a FICAAR con la intención de contactar con fabricantes y distribuidores con los que poder establecer acuerdos en materia de seguridad y prevención de riesgos en la práctica de juegos de Airsoft. Presenta además los últimos convenios firmados en materia de formación y servicios para sus asociados, y se ofrece a jugadores de toda España para asesorarlos en materia de asociacionismo y legislación relacionada con nuestra afición.


    La conocida revista del mundo militar, presente como expositor y colaborador, fomenta su publicación en nuestros área y colabora aportando su nueva línea de negocio "Soldiers Atrezzo". La revista apuesta por entrar en en el sector airsoft ofreciendo en alquiler su catálogo de atrezzo que hasta ahora sólo se disponía para el cine y eventos de tipo renactment. Soldiers vistió el área de exhibición con una escenografía compuesta por un Jeep Willys y varios elementos representativos de su nueva oferta al sector.

    El distribuidor de réplicas y accesorios para juegos de airsoft JGM DISTRIBUCIONES viste su expositor con una bonita muestra del catálogo SRC, KJ WORKS, JING GONG, STTI, GondenBall, Cybergun.

    020 MAGAZINE

    La prestigiosa revista nos sorprende montando una sala de proyección donde ilustra los juegos de airsoft de nivel internacional de la mano de un videomontaje de G&G Armament.

    Presenta la reedición de temporadas completas para quienes ahora decidan obtener ahora números pasados, así como temporadas completas.


    Odysa presenta la Guía del sector Airsoft en sus nuevos 3 formatos.Ya conocemos la versión web, ahora nos presenta su portal de empresas, la versión electrónica de la Guía, así como su práctico formato descargable como documento PDF. King Hobby, Mágnum y Soldiers Raids patrocinan la versión impresa.

  • 乙夜 南部14年式を撃つ
    乙夜 南部14年式を撃ってもらいました。リコイルがマイルドで撃ちやすかったです。

  • MAGPUL ACR Airsoft Rifle (Water Transfer Military Camo)

    Water Transfer coated MAGPUL PTS Masada ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle), the ultimate modern weapon is finally dress up!!

    Available in Military Camouflage:
    Marpat Digital Woodland
    Marpat Digital Desert
    Marpat ACU

    eHobby Asia exclusive Water Transfer Airsoft Series.

  • Airsoft GI – SRC GBB AK74U Shooting with Bob The Axeman

    The SRC GBB AK is well made from metal and real wood. The realism of the bolt is something that cannot be replicated by an AEG AK, and it’s priced to keep some change in your pocket. Check it out at Airsoft GI

  • Airsoft Outtake 2011 – KWA Raffica, M4, 1911
    This is just a quick little joke-ish round played while everyone else was eating. Next game is March 19th.
    Picasso Lake Paintball
  • (New Member) Introducing Gulk – The RAINBOW team adds another member to the ranks. We will be getting more information on him later, but for now this is just a teaser for who he is and what his mask looks like. Hope you like it!
  • The Skirmish Report G&G FN2000 AEG
    Here is my second entry into the Project. This is on the G&G FN 2000 as stated in the vid. I wont put many details here, most are covered in Video, and I know most of you dont read this section.. The Midcap Mag issue is easily resolved with a little work, but something like this is a fatal flaw in design execution by the manufacturer. Once resolved it is an outstanding gun. Performance if great.

    For more info on the project, and access to previous entries:

    Also Check out the Youtube page of:
    CrazyNCMan the creator and Sponsor of this Project

    To buy this Product, check out this site:

  • Boots and Booga bear
    This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
  • Combative Airsoft War 3-5-11 #2
    A more exciting war from the 5th. Im gunna try something a little different with the next war footage from that day…
  • How to mod your airsoft gun part 8 – The Final Reveal
    Ok so here it is – the final gun after 7 videos showing you the strip down and rebuild of the G&G CQBS
  • Preview of the Ashoka Chakra Knot by TIAT
    The Ashoka Chakra Knot is another fusion knot, created via a combination of techniques shown in my book (Decorative Fusion Knots) and others shown here, on my YouTube channel. Similar in appearance to one of the 33 edicts depicted on the pillars of King Ashoka (an ancient emperor from India); my hope is that this knot will help round out your knowledge of fusion knots and, more generally, symbolic sacred knots. Coming soon to Tying It All Together.

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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: March 6, 2011

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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: March 4, 2011

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Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: March 2, 2011

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