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MadBull – Silencieux Gemtech Halo

Petite nouveauté du côté de MadBull Airsoft qui nous présente un nouveau silencieux : le Gemtech Halo édition 2011 – profitant ainsi des accords de licence négociés avec la firme américaine. Au programme, construction en aluminium, fixation rapide, marquages conformes au RS. Communiqué dans la suite de l’article.

MadBull Airsoft fully licensed 2011 GEMTECH HALO mock suppressor. 

The HALO is rock solid, easy to use, and requires no modification to the host weapon. It utilizes a simple, patented, no-tools mounting system that slips over most 5.56mm style flash hiders. There is no need for proprietary mounts or modifications to the barrel. It may be swapped between many different weapons easily, including but not limited to M16, M4, HK416, and M249 weapon platforms.

Give your rifle a more aggressive and « quiet look ». Make it flush with your rail system or handguard and get that flush SD look. Want a longer inner barrel without extending your outer barrel? Simply add a MadBull mock suppressor and gain those inches with a can!


  • Quick-detach design, attach and remove in under 15-seconds ;
  • Super matte Matte Black Oxide finish ;
  • Made of durable-rugged aluminum, durable yet nimble ;
  • Authentic GEMTECH laser engravings ;
  • Only true external 1:1 GEMTECH HALO replica, 7.2″ length x 1.5″ diameter ;
  • Super lightweight weighing in at only 7.5 ounces ;
  • New 2011 version features enhanced more-aggressive closer ;
  • Fully licensed product by GEMTECH.

Madbull Marketing

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People Airsoft : Review tracer Madbull

Nos collègues de People Airsoft nous présentent une review en vidéo du nouveau module tracer tout juste sorti chez MadBull, qui adopte pour rappel l’apparence d’un silencieux sous licence Gemtech. A visionner ci-dessous.

Thanks for the review of MadBull tracer Device from People Airsoft

Quote: We have been fortunate enough to get this amazing new tracer unit in sooner than expected. It is undeniably the best tracer unit on the market, we used an AEG that is rated at 25 BB’s per second and the tracer performed flawlessly.

The MadBull Airsoft tracer unit is rated to 35 BB’s per second, this product is for sure something to have on your shopping list for any night game or operations.

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