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MadBull – Daniel Defense SA80 (L85) RIS

MadBull Airsoft se diversifie un peu en proposant ce gardemain RIS en aluminium CNC pour SA80 (L85) sous licence Daniel Defense. Le rail supérieur pivote pour offrir un accès au compartiment batterie. Compatible avec les répliques ICS ou G&G. Pas d’infos sur le prix, disponible dans les prochaines semaines.

MadBull fully licensed SA80 (L85) rail system. MadBull SA80 RIS is the only licensed and true 1:1 scale Daniel Defense rail system.

Daniel Defense was awarded the contract for the SA80 RIS by the UK MOD (Ministry of Defense) and is currently the sole producer for the UK MOD.

The MadBull SA80 RIS features full picatinny rails for mounting optics, grips, lights, etc. The SA80 RIS is constructed of CNC machined 6061 aircraft grade aluminum with hard anodized coating. The SA80 RIS also features a swinging top rail for battery access.

Complete your modern UK SA80 load out with our MadBull Daniel Defense SA80 fully licensed rails.

The MadBull Daniel Defense SA80 RIS will be available for: ICS, G&G, and Army Armament SA80 (L85) AEGs.

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MadBull: Daniel Defense MK18RIS II

MadBull Airsoft nous présente une nouvelle production : le guarde main MK18 RIS II sous licence Daniel Defense, qui sortira en noir et flat dark earth. Pas d’informations sur le prix ou la date de sortie.

New production from MADBULL…. Made in Taiwan.

MadBull high quality handguard RIS.
Both Black and Dark Earth are available.

Daniel Defense 9.5 inch MK18 RIS II Handguard Rail

We are very proud to make authorized Airsoft version for Airsoft players. (Airsoft version can’t apply to real firearms. Internal dimension changed and materials are different.)

You can easily mound float M203 toy grenade launcher on your M4 rifles. (check photos)

Black color and limited quantity Flat Dark Earth (FDE) are available at the same time.

Description from DD official website:

Daniel Defense is the Sole Source Provider of the RIS II to the United States Special Operations Command! (SOCOM)

The Daniel Defense MK18 RIS II is designed to work specifically on the MK18 CQBR!

The Daniel Defense Rail Interface System (RIS II) was designed at the request of the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) for the SOPMOD II program. SOCOM had a specific requirement for a free float M203 solution and Daniel Defense responded, designing a revolutionary product to meet the government’s need.

The Daniel Defense RIS II allows the individual operator to free float the M203 grenade launcher without additional parts. As importantly, special tools are not required to mount the M203 grenade launcher. This was accomplished by integrating all of the needed parts to free float the M203 into the rail itself.

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